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CSR Online Awards UK at the Media CSR Forum


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CSR Online Awards UK at the Media CSR Forum

  1. 1. Communicating to sceptical but engaged audiences London, Monday 6 December 2010
  2. 2. About Lundquist• International consultancy in Milan specialised in online communications Strategic• Focused on strategic corporate web online consulting consulting, media relations, CSR, and copy editing Media H&H• Our client list includes over 60 listed Relations Webranking companies in the UK, Italy, Switzerland and Austria in a range of sectors• We are a growing team of well Research Our experience Our experience CSR connected, multilingual mix of series professionals with a European presence and global outlook. Copy editing• Specialists in the field of online Employer & communications, our practice is branding messaging analytical and research-driven• Represents Hallvarsson & Halvarsson in Italy, Austria and Switzerland for the H&H Webranking survey and works with Financial Dynamics in UK
  3. 3. The evolution of internet use in five years…The world’s top websites 2005 The world’s top websites 20101. Yahoo! 1. Google2. Microsoft Network 2. Facebook3. Google 3. YouTube4. Yahoo! Japan 4. Yahoo!5. 5. Windows Live6. 6. Baidu.com7. EBay 7. Wikipedia8. 8. Blogger.com9. 9. QQ.com10. 10. Twitter Source: Alexa What about 2015?
  4. 4. Search-based navigation
  5. 5. Role of social networks
  6. 6. The response of the CSR Online Awards
  7. 7. The evolution of the research 2008 2009 2010• Italy ranking only • International • 2nd intl. edition • 40 companies ranking (global (plus new assessed plus 4 countries) country rankings) • 66 criteria 170 companies 200+ companies assessed 77 criteria • 2 macro areas • 76 criteria • 3 macro areas• 80 respondents to survey • 184 respondents • 256 respondents • 1st seminar & • Zurich,Vienna awards London Next edition to kick off in January 2011…
  8. 8. Recognition in the media• The relevance and authority of the findings are validated by coverage in the international press: • Il Sole 24 Ore, Handelsblatt, The Guardian, PR Week, Dow Jones Newswires, CorpComms magazine, Ethical Corporation magazine, IR Magazine
  9. 9. A user-based approach• The CSR Online Awards is different because it takes audience’s point of view • Over three years, more than 500 responses have been received from a wide range of CSR professionals and sector experts globally• We set a high standard because audiences are critical, sceptical and exacting• We detect a tendency for disclosure of non-financial information to be auto-referential and self-serving
  10. 10. What are most influential channels?• There is little difference between report and website• Companies over-estimate importance of CSR report 3-12-2010 | Page 10
  11. 11. Focus on engagementSource: Lundquist CSRsurvey 2010.
  12. 12. Focus on ongoing communicationsSource: Lundquist CSRsurvey 2010.
  13. 13. Focus on social mediaSource: Lundquist CSRsurvey 2010. Based on 138non-corporate responses.
  14. 14. Comments from survey respondents“Generally transparent sharing of relevant data” “Regular updates as opposed to “The key thing online communication can give static reporting” is up-to-date transparent information” “Accessibility. Usability. “Information has to be clear, concise Sustainable communication” and comparable for end-users” “The most important element of CSR communications “Keep it simple” online is stakeholder engagement using Web 2.0 tools”“Websites are more updated but it’s “Credible stakeholder engagement and more difficult to find one’s way” verification of documents”
  15. 15. CSR Online Awards process Feedback & monitoring of trends Annual survey of experts Definition and weighting of criteria Evaluations & publication of results
  16. 16. Focus on online stakeholder engagement • The study this year has focused in particular on the role of the internet as part of wider stakeholder engagement activities • The evaluation protocol has been organised into three macro areas ONGOING CONTENT USER EXPERIENCE ENGAGEMENTOverview Navigability & usability InteractivityReporting Visual communications News, events & resourcesEnvironment Accessibility Dialogue & contactsSocialEthics & governanceSRIConventions,associations & awards
  17. 17. CSR Online Awards U.K. 2010• Second edition of U.K. ranking, taking into consideration 30 biggest companies by market value in the FTSE 100 as of late October• CSR (or equivalent) section of the corporate website evaluated twice by Lundquist analysts• Average score of 46.4 is down 4.5 points from last year but still higher than • Germany (44.6 for DAX 30 – research to be published this week) • Switzerland (37.5 for SMI 20) • Italy (35.5 for top 50) and • U.S. (44.8 for 20 companies in DJSI Global 80 Index)
  18. 18. CSR Online Awards UK 2010 – top 10 Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards UK 2010.
  19. 19. Breakdown of UK performance by macro area Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards UK 2010.
  20. 20. Breakdown of UK performance by section Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards UK 2010.
  21. 21. Responses to practical test Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards UK 2010
  22. 22. CSR Online Awards U.K. - conclusions• A problem with transparency online and lack of attention to the broader responsibility agenda. Of the 30 companies studied… • 67% do not offer any CSR targets • 57% publish no information or data on their workforce • 43% lack extensive data on environmental performance • 70% do not publish any information on scores obtained in sustainability ratings • 63% give no information on risk management in relation to CSR • only 13% describe their CSR governance process • only 33% of the companies properly explain their dialogue process and provide feedback from stakeholders or reports on engagement • only 10% have a blog, chat or forum on CSR • 57% of the websites do not provide social tagging functionality to allow users to share CSR information
  23. 23. Performance based on six pillars • U.K. trend is in line with international situation • Websites sections tend to have a narrow focus, missing connection to wider themes • Websites lack integration with rest of corporate agenda, both on- and off-site • Report-derived content tends to be less engaging • Openness to comment and feedback remains an issue for most companies Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards UK 2010
  24. 24. We welcome your feedback Email: Comment: Connect: Follow: and View: Like: > CSR Online Awards fan page Follow: > Lundquist Srl Share: Have your say! Sign up for the 2011 CSR Online Awards survey: Thank you!