CSR Online Awards Italy 2011 Executive Summary


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CSR Online Awards Italy 2011 Executive Summary

  1. 1. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 1Lundquist CSR AssessingOnline Awards online CSR communicationsItaly 2011 based on stakeholders’ needs24 October 2011CSR communications in Italy remains staticand inadequate: a third of companies don’t offeran account of their social and environmental CSR Online Awards Italy 2011:impact.The gap with the rest of Europe increases Italy’s first study of online CSR communications 4th edition in ItalyTelecom Italia, Fiat SpA, Eni and Hera recognisedfor their detailed, open and engaging CSR 50 Italian companies evaluatedcommunications 220+ companies evaluated in Europe 79 evaluation criteriaThe CSR Online Awards, now in its fourth edition, 100 points maximumhighlights how only a very limited number of Italiancompanies have made corporate social responsibility 35,4 points average score (-0,1 vs. 2010)(CSR) an integral part of their communications strategy. 312 responses to survey from CSR experts in 37 countriesThe study, conducted by communications consultancyLundquist and published by Il Sole 24 Ore, carried out adetailed assessment of the online CSR communicationsof the 50 largest Italian listed companies. A protocolof 79 criteria, developed in part with the responsesobtained from a questionnaire answered by more than300 international CSR experts, was used to evaluate thecompany websites.Telecom Italia scored 82 out of 100 points (13 more thanin 2010) to take the top spot in the 2011 Italian ranking.Fiat SpA took second place (79.5 points) with Eni andHera (79 points) tying for the last spot on the podium.The rest of the top 10: Terna, UniCredit, Enel, SnamRete Gas, Intesa Sanpaolo and Banca MPS. IntesaSanpaolo (+29.5 punti) and Edison (+14,5) showedparticularly noteworthy improvements compared withlast year. 3rd Lundquist CSR Online AwardsDespite some best practice examples, the average Seminar – Venicescore of 35.4 points remained almost unchanged The 3rd Lundquist CSR Online Awardsfrom last year’s 35.5 and the 34.3 in 2009. This lack of Seminar will be held in Venice on 27-28improvement is not only linked to the low importance October. The seminar will bring togethergiven to online communications by Italy’s largest representatives from more than 50 Europeancompanies, but above all to the lack on the part of 30% companies and internationally renowned speakers,of companies evaluated of a structured process for all focused on a discussion of the future of corporatecollecting, managing and communicating non-financial responsibility on the internet.information. Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it 1
  2. 2. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 1The CSR Online Awards 2011The CSR Online Awards research, carried out by with 50 points for Europe’s 100 biggest companies.communications consultancy Lundquist for a fourth The median score in Italy was 27, indicating the largerconsecutive year, evaluated how the 50 largest listed number of companies with low scores. The main reasonsItalian companies use the web to communicate their for this are the lack of importance given by Italianenvironmental and social commitment and performance companies to the web as a valid channel of corporateas well as ethics, governance and the level of dialogue communications and the low awareness of the growingwith stakeholders. demands of stakeholders for non-financial information (environmental, social and governance).The Italian ranking is part of a larger research projectthat evaluated more than 220 companies in Europe that The CSR Online Awards showed that 30% of the largestwere grouped into seven different rankings (Europe, Italian companies don’t present any CSR information onAustria, Germany, Italy, Nordic countries, Switzerland their website or in a report. By comparison, there areand United Kingdom). none among Europe’s top 100 firms.The CSR Online Awards has a dual objective: first to “High-ranking Italian companies recognise theassess how companies communicate CSR to a wide benefits of social and environmental reporting thatrange of stakeholders through the corporate website, is accompanied by proactive web communicationsand second to promote a wider and more efficient use that engages all stakeholders,” said James Osborne,of the Internet for sustainable development. head of the research. “Unfortunately, many companies in Italy have yet to develop an approach to corporateEach website was assessed using a set of 79 evaluation responsibility.”criteria (two more than in 2010), drawn up using theresults of a survey of more than 300 CSR professionals,sustainability experts and stakeholder representativesfrom 37 countries. CSR Online Awards Italy: winners 2011: Telecom Italia CSR Online Awards 2011: facts & figures 2010: Hera 2009: Eni 220+ European companies evaluated 2008: Banca MPS (7 rankings) Each site evaluated twice (top finishers a third Performance in the three macro areas time) Each site evaluated for an average of 6 hours The 2011 protocol is divided into three areas: Content, 1,320 hours of evaluations what information is offered (maximum score 58); User Experience, the level of navigability and usability 34,800 judgements made (18.5); and Ongoing Engagement, which measures the Hundreds of best practice examples identified level of dialogue and interactivity (22.5). An extra point Team of 7 people dedicated to the research was available to reward useful information or interesting features of websites not covered in the criteria. A penalty point was subtracted in the event of negative aspectsItaly: a few running, most crawling not adequately penalised in the criteria (such as out- of-date information, links to old reports and contortedThe Italian ranking showed that only a limited number navigation).of companies have made CSR an integral part of theircommunications strategy. Only 19 companies improved Companies scored on average 33% of the maximumtheir score from 2010 with 15 of those placing in the for contents (no change from 2010), indicating muchtop 20. This confirms for a third year a trend that has scope for improvement, especially when comparedseen only a limited circle of Italian companies invest in with the European average (51%). Of the 50 companiescorporate communications of sustainability. analysed:The average score of the companies analysed remained >> 52% don’t have a declaration of commitment tovirtually unchanged at 35.4 points out of 100, compared CSR from senior management Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it 2
  3. 3. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 1 >> 58% don’t communicate their sustainability ob- Chart 1. European, Italian and maximum scores by macro area jectives (qualitative or quantitative) 29.8 Contents 19.2 58 >> The weakest section (20% of maximum score achieved) is Socially Responsible Investment 12 (SRI), which is dedicated to sustainability indi- User 9.8 ces and presentations for ethical investors experience 18.5The best score came in User Experience (53% of 8 Europe scorethe maximum scored compared with 57% in 2010), Ongoing 6.2 Italy score engagementwhich indicates that Italian corporate sites offer users 22.5 Maximum scorea good level of navigability and usability, though visualcommunications (use of tables, graphics and images to 0 10 20 30 40 50 60support text) is often neglected. Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards 2011 Top performers in… The challenges of communicating CSR in Reporting (12 points maximum): Enel, Eni (10), Italy: reporting and social media Hera, Snam Rete Gas, Telecom Italia, UniCredit (9.5) The most striking figures reveal that 18 companies don’t Environment (8.5): Intesa Sanpaolo, Snam, Telecom publish a sustainability report online, 15 of them because Italia (8.5) they don’t have a sustainability report; 17 companies Social (12.5): Telecom Italia (12.5), Fiat SpA, Pirelli offer their sustainability report only as a PDF and 15 (11.5) offer their report in an interactive online version; none Ethics & Governance (6,5): Enel, Fiat SpA (6,5), of the 50 companies opted for a web-based report that Terna (6) is integrated with the corporate site’s CSR section, an SRI (6): Hera (5.5), Enel (5) increasingly common trend among foreign companies. Contents (58): Telecom Italia (51.5), Enel, Hera (47), Fiat SpA, Terna (46) Chart 2. Breakdown of non-financial report by format Visual communications (6): Fiat SpA (5.5), Hera (5) Interactivity (8): Fiat SpA (7), Edison (6.5), Hera (6), Pirelli (5.5) Interactive version No report Ongoing engagement (22,5): Edison, Telecom Italia, (HTML) on website Fiat SpA (18.5), Eni, UniCredit (17.5) (30%) (36%) PDF onlyThe macro area where Italian companies performed (34%)worst was Ongoing Engagement, where the averagewas 28% (23% in 2010). This slight increase in scorewas accompanied by a significant improvement in the Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards 2011availability of contact information for CSR staff (25% forthe section on dialogue and contacts). A considerable number of companies focus theirAnother important factor to note is the readiness with online CSR communications on interactive reports,which companies respond to users. The protocol reducing to a minimum the information offered onincludes an e-mail test in which a request for information dedicated sections of the corporate site. This decisionon CSR online communication strategies is sent. Of may be a conscience choice, but it clashes with thethe 31 companies that provide contact information for suppositions of the CSR Online Awards researchCSR staff, 13 gave feedback within 48 hours of receipt and the message received in the responses to theof the e-mail while 10 never responded. The quickest questionnaire. The latter, in fact, showed that usersresponders were Assicurazioni Generali, UniCredit consider an interactive report, prepared on an annualand ERG. basis, an ineffective channel for communicating CSR online to a wide audience of stakeholders.“There must be greater awareness about the importanceof non-financial information for building the credibility of a Among the new criteria in 2011, more importance wasbusiness and a relationship of trust with all stakeholders placed on the presence of corporate social media“ said Joakim Lundquist, the founder of Lundquist. Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it 3
  4. 4. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 1accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) Italy’s Top10 in online CSR communicationsthat deal with sustainability. About 70% of companiesanalysed do not indicate any presence on thesechannels, compared with 80% in 2010. Only 12% use CSR Online Awards Italy 2011: the Top10their corporate website to publicise their accountsdedicated to CSR (up from 2% a year ago). 1 Telecom Italia 82 points 2 Fiat Spa 79.5“The research clearly shows - says Karim Bruneo, a 3= Eni 79CSR consultant at Lundquist - how Italian companies failto fully exploit the potential offered by the web engender 3= Hera 79an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders about social and 5= Terna 74.5environmental performance.” 5= UniCredit 74.5 7 Enel 74 8 Snam Rete Gas 72 CSR Online Awards Italy 2011: What works… 9 Intesa Sanpaolo 71.5 10 Banca MPS 71 68% of companies offer a clear commitment to corporate responsibility Half publish past sustainability reports Telecom Italia, with 82 points out of a maximum 68% present a code of ethics 100, took first place on the back of the rich content 62% of the sites analysed present the CSR section as a in its sustainability section. In addition to providing first-level menu item stakeholders with exhaustive information about its sustainability performance and objectives, the ...and what doesn’t telecommunications company offers a high level of interactivity – through its avoicomunicare blog – and a 68% of companies don’t present quantitative environmental objectives noteworthy offering of news and sustainability resources. 56% don’t present corporate governance in the context Index page of Telecom Italia’s sustainability section of social responsibility 64% don’t use video to present social or environmental initiatives, commitments or projects 70% don’t communicate their social media presence Source: www.telecomitalia.com Fiat SpA, with 79.5 points, moved up a position compared with Fiat Group in 2010 and took second place in the Italian ranking. The Turin-based car manufacturer emphasises the relationship between CSR and technological innovation without neglecting the visual communication aspect and the ongoing engagement of stakeholders. Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it 4
  5. 5. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 1Index page of Fiat SpA’s sustainability section Hera has boosted its offering of sustainability content and presents concrete case studies linked to its local territory. It stood out for undertaking Italy’s first CSR web-chat following the publication of its sustainability report. Index page della sezione Sostenibilità del sito di HeraSource: www.fiatspa.comWith 79 points, Eni finished in third position, tied withHera and falling one place from last year. Eni hasfocused on the development of online reporting andthe integration of sustainability content throughout the Fonte: www.gruppohera.itcorporate website. Its Eni for Development mini-sitecollects accounts of experiences from Eni employees Terna and UniCredit (74.5 points) moved up 1 and 5and partners around the world. positions respectively to tie for fifth place. The top 10 was rounded out by: Enel (74 points), Snam Rete Gas (72 points), Intesa Sanpaolo (71.5 points) – the bestIndex page of Eni’s sustainability section improver - and Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (71 points). Intesa Sanpaolo increased its score by 29.5 points and jumped to 9th place from 20th last year. Other companies that showed a substantial improvement over last year include: Edison (69.5 points, +14.5 compared with 2009), UniCredit (+12.5 points), and UBI Banca and Terna (+8.5 points). Index page of Intesa Sanpaolo’s sustainability sectionSource: www.eni.com Source: www.group.intesasanpaolo.com Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it 5
  6. 6. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 1CSR Online Awards Survey 2011: Key findingsBuilding trust in online audiences >> Half of respondents check corporate websites for CSR-related information at least several times a week, more than one in six doing so on a dailyThe Lundquist CSR Online Awards Survey 2011 was basisconducted to understand how CSR professionals –people who work regularly on corporate responsibility >> The most important aspects for establishing trustand sustainability issues – use the internet to get and confidence in website users is adoptioninformation and exchange views. Following last year’s of international guidelines and frameworks,focus on stakeholder engagement and social media, the performance data and information about2011 questionnaire examined what elements of online external assurancecommunications help build trust and confidence inusers. >> Although the survey shows how online audiences are diverse with differing preferences, usersA total of 312 people answered the survey, an increase repeatedly indicated the importance of data,of 22% from 2010 and bringing to more than 800 targets, case studies, governance and policies,the number of responses received over four years of as well as information about the environmentalsurveys. The questionnaire launched on 23 May 2011 impact of a company’s products or servicesdrew responses from 37 countries with 58% comingfrom continental Europe, 14% from the US and Canada,10% from the UK and Ireland, 7.4% from the Nordic >> Almost half of respondents are very keen to haveregion, and 10% from the rest of the world. A full 71% an ongoing flow of information from companiesof respondents worked outside of major corporations, about their non-financial performance: they arebeing journalists, sustainability consultants and looking for companies to respond to issues insustainability rating analysts as well as people working the media or public debate and publish updatedin academia, think tanks, industry associations and environmental data, press releases and caseNGOs. studies and be active in social mediaWhile previous surveys have captured the scepticism >> There is widespread interest in stakeholderand mistrust with which many people treat companies’ dialogue, how it influences the decision-makingsocial and environmental claims, this year’s study process and in hearing stakeholder points ofsought to identify aspects that make online content viewmore authoritative, credible and reliable in the eyes ofits users. >> YouTube is emerging to become one of the most used social media channels for CSR – secondChart 3: What gives greatest confidence when assessing online CSR after LinkedIn – although Twitter is widely usedinformation? (%age of 166 non-corporate responses, two choicesallowed) by the most intense social media users; use of Facebook for CSR is growing tooAdherence to international 43principles/guidelines Performance data 38 A summary of the survey results will be sent to all External assurance 32 respondents who requested a copy and published on Partnership with NGO’s 25 the Lundquist website (www.lundquist.it/research). External experts 24 perspectives Quantitative targets 22 Membership of 13 sustainability index Other 4 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards Survey 2011 Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it 6
  7. 7. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 1Methodology and approach Developing the evaluation protocol The evaluation criteria are based on a survey sent to CSR professionals, sector experts, stakeholderAssumptions behind the research representatives as well as CSR managers of companies included in the study.The CSR Online Awards are underpinned by a seriesof assumptions about the essential ingredients for The aim of the annual survey is to identify the essentialcommunicating on the internet. These “pillars” of online information these users look for online and monitorCSR communications are the result of many years’ work trends in the use of website content and social media.with leading European companies on their web strategyand our annual surveys of CSR professionals, experts Answers to the 2011 survey (excluding CSR staff andand stakeholders. other corporate ‘insiders’) were analysed to revise existing criteria, create new ones and to calibrate theSix pillars of online CSR communications allocation of points so as to reward sites that best respond to user needs. Feedback from the previous editions of the CSR Online Comprehensive: Awards was also taken into consideration when revising A website must satisfy all the requirements of its key criteria. users, eliminating their need to go elsewhere for infor- mation A total of 79 criteria were used (77 in 2010), divided Integrated: into 12 sections and giving a total of 100 points. The A website must work as a whole and communicate evaluation protocol was divided into three macro areas: a coherent, interconnected story across its different sections (About us, CSR, corporate governance, IR, >> Content (seven sections totalling 46 criteria and careers, etc.) and in related off-site channels (in social 58 points) media in particular) Open: Website content must be open to feedback, discussion >> User Experience (two sections of 13 criteria for and debate, including via social media, with companies 18.5 points) demonstrating that outside opinions are heard and taken into consideration >> Ongoing Engagement (three sections with 18 User friendly: criteria totalling 22.5 points) Users must be able to find what they are looking for through intuitive and jargon-free navigation, and This split reflects the fact that the most important content must be organised in an optimal way for on- aspect of online communication is content, but also screen reading that success involves using the internet effectively to Engaging: make CSR information easily available and to facilitate A website should employ a range of multimedia tools – interaction between website owner and user. including video, animation, images, (info)graphics – to draw the audience in, tell a dynamic story An extra point was available to reward useful information Concrete: or interesting features of websites that were not covered Users want fact, relevant evidence as well as pertinent in the criteria. and credible data, not self-promotion, empty commit- ments and marketing messages A penalty point was subtracted in the event of negative aspects that were not adequately penalised in the criteria, including out-of-date information, links to old reports and contorted navigation. The evaluation protocol used in the CSR Online Awards is the same for all country and regional rankings, meaning that all results are directly comparable. Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it 6
  8. 8. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 1 Website assessments Macro area/Section Criteria Points The CSR Online Awards judges the quality of Contents online corporate communications of publicly traded Overview 7 9.5 companies, organised into a series of national and Reporting 6 12 regional rankings. Lundquist draws on recognised Environment 7 8.5 stock indexes to draw up its rankings and no company Social 12 12.5 can opt in or out of its own accord. Ethics & governance 6 6.5 In 2011, the focus has been concentrated on Europe SRI 5 6 with the creation of a new flagship ranking of the 100 Conventions & associations 3 3 biggest companies in the region. After two stimulating TOTAL 46 58 and eventful editions, we have discontinued the “Global Leaders” ranking, which included a selection of companies from the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. User experience Navigability & usability 8 12.5 This is because we believe that with the mainstreaming Visual communications 5 6 of environmental, social and governance disclosure, TOTAL 13 18.5 CSR information should be provided by all large companies and not be the preserve of a few “leaders”. Ongoing engagement To maintain a global outlook and capture wider trends, we will also undertake a ranking of top U.S. companies Interactivity 7 8 later in the year. News & resources 6 5 Dialogue & contacts 5 9.5 The rankings were defined as follows: TOTAL 18 22.5 >> In Europe, all members of the FTSE Eurotop 100 Commendable information 1 1 Index as of 27 May 2011 (the index contained 106 securities and 100 companies, although Unilever Penalty point 1 -1 was counted as two separate entities: for the purpose of our research, Unilever was counted GRAND TOTAL 79 100 as a single company having a single website)Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards 2011 >> In Austria, the 20 members of the benchmarkChanges to the criteria in 2011 ATX index as of September 2011, according to the Vienna Stock Exchange websiteAs in past years, substantial changes were made tothe evaluation protocol to make it better reflect user >> In Germany, the 30 components of the benchmarkpreferences and to keep pace with trends in online DAX index as of June 2011, according to thecommunications. Deutsche Börse websiteAbove all, an effort was made to reward those companies >> In Italy, the 50 largest companies by marketproviding the most critical information and reduce the capitalisation in the FTSE Italia All-Share Index asweighting of criteria that add less value or have become of the close of trading on 9 June 2011more common practice. >> For the Nordic region, the 40 members ofEight criteria were deleted from the protocol in 2011 and the OMX Nordic 40 Index as of June 2011, as10 new criteria were introduced, adding a net two new published on the NASDAQ OMX websitecriteria.The definition was revised for another 13 criteria while >> In Switzerland, the 20 members of the benchmarkthe scoring of a number of others was amended in light SMI index as of June 2011, as published by theof responses to the survey. SIX Swiss Exchange website >> In the U.K., the 30 largest companies by market capitalisation in the benchmark FTSE 100 Index as of the close of trading on 9 June 2011 Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it 7
  9. 9. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 1In total, about 220 websites were evaluated (+22% from online source of non-financial information (hence no2010). The criteria were used to evaluate the English conflict between report content and website content andlanguage version of the corporate websites of these generally no change in the menu structure and pagecompanies with the exception of the Italian ranking, layout, no change in the basic URL of the corporate site,which evaluated the Italian version of the sites. The no need to open another window or tab in the browser).seven Italian companies included in the Europe rankingwere evaluated in English only. By contrast, some companies are focusing their online strategy almost entirely on the HTML version of theirThe assessments were carried out over a period report. In many cases, the content of the website sectionstretching from late June to September 2011, with is reduced to a minimum as a result. In line with ourthe official closing date of August 1 communicated to methodology, companies adopting this approach tendedall companies in the research (October 7 for Austria). to receive low scores in our evaluations: we recogniseEach company’s website was evaluated twice by two that that they may have otherwise commendable onlinedifferent Lundquist analysts. Top-ranking companies CSR reports.were evaluated a third time.The assessment was restricted to the CSR (orequivalent) section of the website to reflect the factthat this is a point of reference for users interested inthese issues. Content outside of this area (for example,in corporate governance, investor relations or careersections) was evaluated only if there was a directlink from the CSR section to the relevant page ordocument.Although this rule may seem restrictive, it aims toreward those websites that fully integrate CSR-relatedinformation, for example with cross-links. Given thesize of many corporate websites, users should findthe necessary “signposts” to find the information theyare looking for. In the same way, the content of mini-sites was evaluated only in cases where users wereclearly directed there in association with CSR-relatedinformation.Where companies had more than one section of thewebsite (at the same menu level) dealing with CSR-related issues, all of these sections were evaluated.For example, some companies split their informationbetween Citizenship and Environment sections.The contents of CSR reports (interactive or in PDF) wereexcluded from the assessments because the researchaims to understand how corporate websites are usedto communicate CSR to a broad audience and not toassess reporting per se.As above, content was evaluated whenever a direct,specific link was provided to the relevant page orpages in the report as a way to guide users to furtherinformation (generic links to the report homepage or toentire sections were not considered). PDF documentsnow allow links to specific pages.Report contents were evaluated directly only in the caseof web-based reporting, when the report was fullyintegrated within the CSR section of the corporatewebsite: this reporting format involves offering only one Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it 8
  10. 10. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 1Classification CSR Online Awards Italy 20112011 2010 Company 2011 2010 DifferencePosition Position Score Score (2011-2010)1 4 Telecom Italia* 82 69 + 132 3 Fiat SpA** 79.5 n.a. n.a.3= 2 Eni* 79 75.5 + 3.53= 1 Hera 79 77 +25= 6= Terna 74.5 66 + 8.55= 10 UniCredit* 74.5 62 + 12.57 5 Enel* 74 68 +68 9 Snam Rete Gas 72 65 +79 20 Intesa Sanpaolo* 71.5 42 + 29.510 8 Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena 71 65.5 + 5.511 6= Pirelli & C. 70 66 +412 12 Edison 69.5 55 + 14.513 15 Ubi Banca 62 53 +914 16 = Erg 53 46.5 + 6.515 18 = Assicurazioni Generali* 50 45.5 + 4.516 13 = Italcementi 47.5 54 - 6.517 13 = Autogrill 45 54 - 918 18 = Saipem 40.5 45.5 - 519 16 = A2A 38 46.5 - 8.520 11 STMicroelectronics* 37.5 56.5 - 1921 n.a. CIR 36 n.a. n.a.22 23 Finmeccanica 34.5 36 - 1.523 22 Unipol GF 34 38 - 424 24 Luxottica Group 27.5 34 - 6.525 26 Mediolanum 26.5 31 - 4.526 25 Saras 26 31.5 - 5.527 27 Lottomatica 23 30.5 - 7.528 29 ACEA 21.5 27.5 - 629 28 Buzzi Unicem 21 29 - 830 31 Tenaris* 20 21 - 131 n.a. Fiat Industrial** 19.5 n.a. n.a.32 30 Prysmian 16.5 23 - 6.533 36 Mediaset 16 17.5 - 1.534 = 33 = Iren 15 19.5 - 4.534 = 38 Banco Popolare 15 16 - 136 37 Campari Group 14.5 16.5 - 237 n.a. Enel Green Power 14 n.a. n.a.38 = 35 Banca Popolare di Sondrio 13.5 18.5 - 538 = 44 = Atlantia 13.5 9 + 4.540 33 = Banca Carige 12.5 19.5 - 741 43 Banca Popolare dell’Emilia 12 10 +2 Romagna42 41 = Exor 11.5 11 + 0.5 Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it 10
  11. 11. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 12011 2010 Company 2011 2010 DifferencePosition Position Score Score (2011-2010)43 48 Diasorin 9 8 +144 n.a. Recordati 8.5 n.a. n.a.45 41 = Parmalat 8 11 - 346 = 44 = Mediobanca 7.5 9 - 1.546 = 47 Tod’s 7.5 8.5 - 148 n.a. Beni Stabili 6 n.a. n.a.49 = 50 Credito Emiliano 5.5 7 - 1.549 = 44 = Sias 5.5 9 - 3.5* The English language site was evaluated since the company is in the CSR Online Awards 2011 Europe. STMicroelectronics was evaluated inEnglish as the Italian version is not available** Fiat scored 73.5 points in 2010, finishing in third place. As a result of the division of Fiat Group (which took place on 1/1/2011), two institutionalsites were created - Fiat SpA and Fiat Industrial. The sustainability section of the Fiat Industrial site got a major makeover in September 2011, afterthe close of the CSR Online Awards 2011 rankings. The score after the changes was 65.5.Full disclosure - Lundquist has provided CSR services or reports in the past two years to the following companies included in the CSR Online Awards2011 Italy ranking: Assicurazioni Generali, Autogrill, Banca MPS, Edison, Enel, Eni, Gruppo CIR, Gruppo Fiat, Hera, Intesa Sanpaolo, Pirelli & C.,Snam Rete Gas, Telecom Italia, Terna, UBI Banca, UniCredit. Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it 11
  12. 12. lundquist.CSRONLINEAWARDS lundquist. measure . manage . change2 0 1 1CSR reports & consulting services Developing your online CSR communications strategyLundquist has supported leading European companies Stakeholder perception auditsin a variety of industries on their corporate responsibilitycommunications, providing services ranging from CSR- Orientation in CSR communications and online reportingspecific benchmarking and action plans to websitearchitecture and content strategy. Page-by-page analysis of CSR site & architecture proposals Message and content developmentCSR Online Awards Report Web-based reportingThe complete findings of the CSR Online Awards 2011 Copy & corporate voice analysisare presented in a report (150+ pages) analysing Online content creationthe latest trends in online CSR communications, Social media strategyillustrated with more than 250 best practice examples.The report explains the evaluation protocol’s 79 criteria Extracts from CSR Online Awards Report and assessmentand provides the results of the 2011 rankings pluscomplete answers to our survey of 312 CSR experts.Developing your CSR websiteIn order to develop your online CSR communicationstowards international best practice, a tailored analysisdraws on the 79 criteria to provide concrete suggestionsfor improvement, even for companies not included inour 2011 rankings.In-depth focus reports are available on critical aspectssuch as online reporting, ongoing engagement andsocial media. The wealth of data generated by theresearch allows for detailed benchmarking by industryor country. About Lundquist Contact Lundquist is a strategic communications consultancy James Osborne specialising in online corporate communications. Our Head of CSR communications extensive research programmes provide intimate knowledge james.osborne@lundquist.it of international best practice and user requirements, Tel: (39) 02 4547 7681 / 2 underpinning consulting services covering financial and non-financial content strategy, the corporate website and social media. To order a copy of the full CSR Online Awards Report 2011 Drawing on our expertise in corporate responsibility, or for information about a website assessment, write to: investor relations and employer branding, we assist you csr@lundquist.it in managing communications challenges. Ultimately, we support your endeavours to promote transparency and www.lundquist.it accountability through effective use of the web. www.lundquist.it/blog Measure, Manage, Change. www.twitter.com/Lundquist Lundquist - www.lundquist.it - csr@lundquist.it