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  • If students have more than 4 group mates, challenge: precedent, analogies, degreehttp://www.myfreshplans.com/2010-07/logic-lesson-plans/
  • Eaa logos and visuals

    1. 1. What is Logic? • Using reliable information and inference • Which of these is logical, then? A.1. If Jane has a cat, then Jane has a pet 2. Jane has a cat 3. Therefore, Jane has a pet A. Valid B. Invalid B.1. If Jane has a cat, then Jane has a pet 2. Jane has a pet 3. Therefore, Jane has a cat This argument form is commonly mistaken as being valid. Notice that even if the premises are true, the conclusion could still be false: Jane could have a dog. C.1. If Jane has a cat, then Jane has a pet 2. It is not the case that Jane has a pet C.Valid 3. Therefore, it is not the case that Jane has a cat D. 1. If Jane has a cat, then Jane has a pet
    2. 2. What is Evidence? #1, pg 100 Which of these is Hard Evidence? Which is Rational appeal? 1. The bigger they are, the 6. Honey – rational harder the fall. Rational. 7. Cutting taxes – both hard 2. Drunk drivers are involved evidence and rational in more than 50% of traffic 8. Fear – rational deaths. Hard evidence. 9. Air bags – hard evidence “involved” is the key word 3. DNA… Hard evidence. 4. Flag burn…rational 5. Psychologist..Hard evidence
    3. 3. • Believing a point vs proving/providing evidence • Premise: Students shouldn’t be allowed to own cars. • “Students have more accidents than older drivers.” – search for evidence of this claim • “The costs of owning a car make students work more, giving them less time to study.” – Search for facts and figures to back this up. • “Not having cars encourages students to spend more time on campus or with other students, increasing their involvement with and commitment to school life.” – Create poll, poll class members, and discuss when we can rely on our own experience or that of people we know, and when we need a larger sample size. Logic/Reasoning Evidence
    4. 4. Using Logic Choose one of these claims (or use a claim agreed upon by your group and approved by me) • Standardized tests do not demonstrate student knowledge • Parents of bullies should be fined. • America needs more holidays. • MP3s should be free. • Higher education should be free. Support the claim using: • Facts Online : polls, statistics, testimonials, etc. On your poster: • Use the data to draw a visual image, similar to an advertisement. Make it visually appealing and persuasive.