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Implementing 360 feedback


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Implementing 360 feedback

  1. 1. Senior Team Briefing Implementing 360 Degree Feedback
  2. 2. External Colleagues’/ Customers’ Perception Internal Colleagues’ / Peers’ Perception Direct Reports’ Perception Manager’s Perception Strengths and development opportunities How leadership behaviour impacts on others Performance against business competencies Comparison of self perceptions against those of others Feedback Input & Report Outputs
  3. 3. Benefits For the organisation: • Promotes constructive feedback and open communication • Develops a culture of continuous performance improvement • Builds leadership/ managerial capability • Embeds values and expected working competencies • Can be a powerful trigger for change • Provides feedback about leadership and management ‘strength’ For the individual: • Increased self-awareness • Discovering the blind spots • Understanding the strengths and opportunities for development • Taking ownership and control of own development • Helps managers to know how to get it ‘right’
  4. 4. What does it measure? • Self Development • Communication Skills • Emotional Intelligence • Personal Effectiveness • Creative/ Innovative Thinking • Leader People • Managing Teams • Presenting Information • Influencing Others The skills and behaviours we expect of our Leaders/ managers. These could include: • Managing and Leading Change • Commercial Awareness • Coaching and Developing Others • Building Relationships • Strategic Thinking • Developing the Organisation • Managing Performance • Business Skills • Personal Brand
  5. 5. Tailoring to our needs We decide: • The factors and actual questions asked • How open/ free text feedback is used • How responders are identified • Number of populations/ individuals providing feedback • Branding and look of questionnaires and reports • How and when participants receive their feedback (individually or via a group facilitated session) • When we implement for maximum effect (e.g. to support the strategy or performance management cycle)
  6. 6. How does it work? Step 1 – Participant: • Identifies who they want feedback from • Completes a Self Report Step 3 – Participant: • Receives report 4 weeks later • Reviews Feedback, draws conclusions and produces a Development Plan Step 2 – Lumus™: • Invites responders • Collates feedback • Chases poor responders • Produces report
  7. 7. Why Lumus? 1. Fully Customisable - you decide the questions / rating scale and how the survey tool should look, feel and function. 2. User Friendliness – the whole process is simple and intuitive including our easily understood 360 feedback reports. 3. Technical Excellence - our own fully automated, secure web based platform, with built-in quality control mechanisms ensure we get things right first time. 4. Services included in costs: – Fully managed end-to-end service – Dedicated client manager – Consultancy advice on how to make your 360 initiative a great success – Access to our comprehensive database of questions – PowerPoint presentations for launching your project – Development guide with every report – A range of useful feedback coaching tools and development planners – Briefing packs, internal communication plans and other resources designed to ensure your project's success
  8. 8. Checklist for Success  X Led and driven from the top? Questionnaire based on the business strategy and expectations of leaders/ managers now and in the future? Provision of appropriate support to enable participants to get the most out of their report and to develop a meaningful Development Plan? Involvement of the participants manager throughout the process? Feedback used for develop not appraise? Provision of ‘follow up’ support to monitor individual progress against development plans?
  9. 9. What does it cost? Lumus™ do not use minimum fees, charge for planning meetings, use open ended hourly design rates or charge per completed questionnaire or rater! The Lumus™ pricing structure is simple: – 360 Degree Feedback Report - £90 + VAT per report (in PDF format) – Administrative set up charge - £250 + VAT - only charged if we customise the 360 tool to meet your specific needs, i.e. use your branding, questions etc.
  10. 10. Tel: +44 (0)1291 637380 Email: