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  • Dragă Luminiţa, mă bucur că îţi plac prezentările despre artiştii chinezi contemporani. Te-am rugat frumos să corectezi numele lor pentru ca să nu apară ca un cod de bare pe produsele din supermarket. Nu e greu: sub imaginea prezentării apare un link 'edit', faci click pe el şi se deschide o fereastră unde primul rând este titlul; acolo corectezi ca să apară titlul aşa cum l-am scris în prezentarea originală şi salvezi. (Scuzele mele dar nu pot fi de acord ca cineva să pocească astfel titlurile lucrărilor semnate de mine. Te rog corectează-le)
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  • Dear Luminita,
    I am writing to inform you of my dissatisfaction about your attitude. Not only you republished my original content without permission, but when I gently asked you to not modify the titles of my works and respect the form established by author you didn’t answer. Because you don’t agree receive personal messages I must continue here. This large number of errors is unacceptable. I don’t agree to see my name on works where the name of painters is not correct ant presented like as a barcode on a product in supermarket. I'm afraid that if these conditions are not met, we may be forced to take legal action and like other users I will ask to Slideshare to delete from your page the works modified by you (violation of copyright). I also gently asked you to change the presentation about Elena Kukanova who asked me to change the music of the show about her works. PLEASE respect her wishes, she is the artist not you and not me.
    I am glad that you enjoy my work! I feel honored and thank you, but I ask you again: don’t modify it!
    I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
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  • The background is inspired from two great Chinese masters from two dynasties. He has constructed his painting melding the styles of Song artist Emperor Ji, Zhao (1082-1135) and Ming Dynasty artist Bohu, Tang (1470-1135 A.D.). Art historians consider Song Emperor Ji Zhao among China 's most important and accomplished artists. Ji Zhao's work is noted for depicting the expression of the ruling class's refined lifestyles as seen in Kailin's composition of colorful Song elite enjoying the fruits of wealth and stability. Ji Zhao's works hang in the National Museum of Taipei, Taiwan.         The second artist Kailin draws inspiration from is Ming artist Bohu, Tang (1470-1523 A.D.). Bohu, Tang's work stands out in Chinese art history for his ability to paint landscapes and beautiful women. Bohu Tang's work can be seen in the Palace Museum of Beijing, China.         The title,"Beautiful Memory of Qiuxiang ", pays homage to an opera based on a legend about Tang Bohu .......During a trip to the West Lake, gifted scholar Tang Bohu falls in love at first sight with Qiuxiang, a maid in the residence of Hua Hongshan, a ranking official. For Qiuxiang's sake, Tang forgoes his noble status to serve as an attendant in Hua's residence. There he unfortunately meets his cousin sister and ex-lover Feng Yulan. An emotional entanglement among Tang, Qiuxiang and Yulan evolves. Eventually, however, Yulan gives way to enable her cousin brother to marry his true love, Qiuxiang.  Zhao Kailin's choice to place this portrait of a sitting beauty in the foreground among the great painting styles of Song Dynasty Emperor/Painter Ji, Zhao and the great Ming painter Bohu, Tang is evidence of Kailin's admiration for his pedigree, for his cultural roots and for his rich heritage. The beautiful young women in Kailin's composition is a direct descendent and a symbol of the lineage that is the Great history of China.  
  • Zhaokailin 110907072127-phpapp02

    1. 1. http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/michaelasanda-1177539-zhao-kailin/
    2. 2. Zhao Kailin was born in 1961, inBengbu, China. He graduated fromCentral Art Academy in Beijing in 1991.He lived in Stockholm, Sweden from1992-1994, where he started creating oilpaintings. Mr. Zhao immigrated to LosAngeles, California in 2003 and becamea member of the Portrait Society ofAmerica.Zhao Kailin’s aesthetic vision is a fusionof realist technique and his owninterpretation of Neoclassicism. Zhaointends to express young girl in a silenceatmosphere that suggests thetranscendent purity of spirit but depictsthe inner sensibility of the modernwoman.
    3. 3. Zhao Kailins work has been shown innumerous solo and group exhibitionsthroughout Asia, Europe and the U.S.and is a part of notable public andprivate art collections. Winner of anumber of awards for his work, andhas been an influential mentor to anumber of other painters currentlyrepresented exclusively byContemporary Chinese Fine Art inLaguna Beach, California.
    4. 4. Text and pictures: Internet Arangement: Sanda Foişoreanu www.slideshare.net/michaelasandaSound: Traditional Chinese Music - The Misty Rain of Jiangnan in China