Health Datapalooza 2014: 10 Takeaways


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Two days of health 'paloozing and a flurry of tweets later, Luminary Labs provides 10 Takeaways from the 2014 Health Datapalooza conference.

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  • Now in its 5th year, Health Datapalooza boasts 2000+ attendees and national attention. Its beginnings, however, were much more humble beginnings. Aman Bhandari (@ghideas) shared a deck from 2011 detailing how Health Datapalooza was launched under the leadership of Todd Park (@todd_park) and Aneesh Chopra (@aneeshchopra). The team made use of the open data and open gov mandates to release data as a means to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation in healthcare.

    Access the full slide deck cited above:

  • Announced at Health Datapalooza, OpenFDA offers easy access to FDA public data and highlight projects using these data in both the public and private sector to further regulatory or scientific missions, educate the public, and save lives.

    OpenFDA provides API and raw download access to a number of high-value structured datasets. The platform is currently in public beta with one featured dataset, FDA’s publically available drug adverse event reports.

    In the future, openFDA will provide a platform for public challenges issued by the FDA and a place for the community to interact with each other and FDA domain experts with the goal of spurring innovation around FDA data.

    We’re currently focused on working on datasets in the following areas:

    Adverse Events: FDA’s publically available drug adverse event reports, a database that contains millions of adverse event and medication error reports submitted to FDA covering all regulated drugs.
    Recalls (coming soon): Enforcement Report and Product Recalls Data, containing information gathered from public notices about certain recalls of FDA-regulated products
    Documentation (coming soon): Structured Product Labeling Data, containing detailed product label information on many FDA-regulated product
  • My first open data seflie,with Dr Taha (@DRTaha_FDA), nonetheless
  • Whitney Zatzkin (@MsWZ) shares the exuberant optimism felt by Health Datapalooza attendees at the opening reception with Anjelika Deogirikar
    (@anjelikadeo), Wen Dombroski (@HealthcareWen), Gregg Masters (@2healthguru), Claudia Williams (@claudiawilliams), and Jess Jacobs (@jess_jacobs)
  • Bryan Sivak (@bryansivak) takes a selfie, along with 2000+ attendees.
  • A working visit to the White House, where more than 60+ Startup Health (@startuphealth) Transformers met with senior health policy officials to focus on transforming healthcare.

  • Hallway conversations and twitter streams were alive on both coasts discussing the opportunities (an installed user base) and concerns (a walled garden) presented by Apple’s HealthKit announcement at WWDC. John Wilbanks (@wilbanks) started the conversation online, which sparked intense debate.
  • Secretary Sebelius gave a moving keynote, reminding attendees that progress has been made. “The paint is mixed and ready to go, and the canvas is open and ready for use.” She receives a standing ovation.
  • Health Datapalooza is a national conference focused on liberating health data, bringing together the companies, startups, academics, government agencies, and individuals with the newest and most innovative and effective uses of health data to improve patient outcomes. RowdMap (@Rowdmap) announced its arrival by displaying custom badges.
  • Open is no longer for the underdog, as giants fostered Open with a capital O. As evidence:

    All code used by OpenFDA is opensource
    Docgraph added three founding members: athenahealth, CareSet, and Merck
    Government leaders, includuing Niall Brennan and Secretary Kathleen Sebelius receive shout outs for liberating data
    The Human Genome Project receives props as a foundation for open access
    Open innovation was alive at Health Dataplaooza, which featured a Code-a-Palooza and a Health Data Challenges room
  • The panel brought forth the news that RWJF issued a grant of $1.9 million to the Health Data Exploration Project to launch a network to accelerate research using personal health data. The network will bring together partners in personal health data to lead research and develop best practices.

  • Health Datapalooza 2014: 10 Takeaways

    2. 2. Paying homage to where it all began. 01
    3. 3. We are reaping the fruits of that labor as more data placed in the public domain. 02
    4. 4. Announcement during Todd Park’s keynote
    5. 5. 02a Gratuitous Selfie with Dr. Taha
    6. 6. Optimism: this WILL happen. 03
    7. 7. Q: Who are all these people at Health Datapalooza? A: Isn’t it great? 04
    8. 8. The movement starts with people. Like you. 05
    9. 9. We are all obsessing about the Apple Healthkit – Epic integration. 06
    10. 10. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News
    11. 11. Sebelius is badass. 07
    12. 12. “Lincoln once said although he walked slowly, he never walked backward. I want to make clear these reforms are here to stay.” Full keynote
    13. 13. Diversity of attendance – from private, public, non- profit, and academia – impresses. 08
    14. 14. Open with a capital O: data, code, innovation… 09
    15. 15. We’re putting our money where our mouth is. 10
    16. 16. A Recap, In Real Time