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Why OpenDaylight


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OpenDaylight is the most widely deployed open source SDN controller. Discover why providers are choosing open source and OpenDaylight and where you can use OpenDaylight in your network.

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Why OpenDaylight

  1. 1. Why OpenDaylight? © 2017 LUMINA NETWORKS, INC.
  2. 2. Why Open Source for Networks? © 2017 LUMINA NETWORKS, INC. 2 Be in control of your roadmap Eliminate the lock-in of proprietary Inspire vendors to work hard with you Move quickly from concept to testing Innovate at the industry-level
  3. 3. What Is OpenDaylight? © 2017 LUMINA NETWORKS, INC. 3Source: OpenDaylight (ODL) is a modular open platform for customizing and automating network functions at any size and scale. The OpenDaylight Project arose out of the SDN movement, with a clear focus on network programmability. It was designed from the outset as a foundation for commercial solutions that address a variety of use cases in existing network environments. OpenDaylight is the most widely deployed open source SDN controller.
  4. 4. Why OpenDaylight? © 2017 LUMINA NETWORKS, INC. 4 SDN Controllers provide a layer of abstraction to control network devices to deliver … Common, open platform Developers can invent new services without custom programming to each device type Network-wide applications Architects can establish new ways to traffic engineer, secure, and control the network Agile automation Developer and operations teams can work together to quickly enable new services and resolve issues
  5. 5. Where Can We Use OpenDaylight? © 2017 LUMINA NETWORKS, INC. 5 SD-Core Traffic sharing between the switched and routed domains Switched Domain Routed Domain Routing Application Brownfield Adaption Integrates legacy systems and new SDN equipment in one network with plug-ins Zero Touch Installation Automated set up of the software profile and services configuration Greenfield Network Brownfield Network SDN Application Consistent Service Call Home Server Service Database Target CPE Device ZTI App Branch Office Software Config Lumina SDN Controller Powered by OpenDaylight™ Lumina SDN Controller Powered by OpenDaylight™ Lumina SDN Controller Powered by OpenDaylight™
  6. 6. Where Can We Use OpenDaylight? © 2017 LUMINA NETWORKS, INC. 6 Network Configuration and Management Manage network devices with a single, consistent interface Alarming and Notification Maps underlying device/EMS data to normalized models Network Analytics and Policy Control Automates analysis and action for pre-defined policies Alarm and Notification Platform Alarm Notification Application ActionssFlow Switch Analytics Policy NOC NETCONF Devices Templates Commit Rollback Policy App Lumina SDN Controller Powered by OpenDaylight™
  7. 7. OpenDaylight Community OpenDaylight is the preferred open source controller platform • Supports >1 Billion subscribers • Founded 2013 - most mature open networking project • Broadest range of SDN use cases • Largest commercial ecosystem • 1k+ contributors, 5k+ members in community • 7 platinum, 3 gold and 39 silver vendors • Contributing service providers add innovations to code base to increase run time and inhibit lock-in © 2017 LUMINA NETWORKS, INC. 7 SDx Central online survey of end-user preferred controllers – Sept. 2016
  8. 8. Release Name # Release Date Hydrogen 1 February 2014 Helium 2 October 2014 Lithium 3 June 2015 Beryllium 4 February 2016 Boron 5 November 2016 Carbon 6 June 2017 Nitrogen 7 Projected September 2017 (Tentatively Planned to be a Quick Release) OpenDaylight Release History © 2017 LUMINA NETWORKS, INC.
  9. 9. Introduction to Lumina Networks Who: Acquired Brocade SDN Controller portfolio, joined by its development & services engineers What: Open source (OpenDaylight) + controller-based applications + NetDev Services For: Service providers and large enterprises Promise: Get out of the lab, into the live network © 2017 LUMINA NETWORKS, INC. 9 The catalyst to open software networks
  10. 10. 10© 2017 LUMINA NETWORKS, INC.
  11. 11. Thank you © 2017 LUMINA NETWORKS, INC