Best Practices for Complex Patch Management


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These days aren't easy for enterprise patch management. Keeping the wide variety of desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other end user devices up-to-date with the latest operating system software, drivers, and security updates has gotten more complex. And the rise of mobile computing devices and applications is keeping everything in flux.

This presentation explores best practices for patch management and tips to help enterprises gain full control over all their endpoints. You will learn:

* The growing need to patch multi-platforms and applications, including middleware and databases
* How a security management framework is essential to maintain the integrity of your entire endpoint population
* How to perform an accurate assessment of your overall desktop assets and the importance of discovery in the virtual world
* How to test an update before deploying enterprise-wide
* The cost of relying on “free” tools for patch management

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  • Problem
  • Problem
  • Problem
  • Proof points
  • Proof points
  • Proof points
  • Proof points
  • Proof points
  • Symantec has a here are some typical resultsProof points
  • Solution
  • Solution
  • Tip 1
  • Tip 2
  • Tip 3
  • Tip 3
  • Tip 4
  • Vritualizaiton sidebar
  • If we need a screen shot of WSUS, here it is.
  • Conclusion
  • Best Practices for Complex Patch Management

    1. 1. How to Deal with TodaysMulti-Platform, Multi-Vendor Patch Management Mess David Strom, Redmond Magazine Webinar March 8, 2012
    2. 2. Agenda• The problem• Patching proof-points• How to be successful at patching• 4 issues to address• Sidebar: virtualization• What Lumension brings to the party
    3. 3. Speaking today• David Strom, David Strom Inc.• Russ Ernst, Group Product Manager
    4. 4. Common culprits
    5. 5. Patch Management Usage
    6. 6. Patching the Typical Endpoint (comprising the top-50 software portfolio) Vulnerabilities Patching Type count pct Tools Microsoft OS 100 11.5% 1(28 programs) Apps 84 9.7% Third Party(22 programs) Apps 685 78.9% 11 total 869 100% 12
    7. 7. Gartner’s 4 Segments of Tools• The PC configuration life cycle management• Server provisioning and configuration management• Virtual server patching tools• General patching-focused vendor.
    8. 8. 4 Issues to Address• Do you know what needs patching?• How many solutions do you need?• Should you test first?• How do you measure performance?
    9. 9. How many solutions do you need?
    10. 10. How do you measure performance?
    11. 11. Special issueswith virtualmachineinstallationsand patching
    12. 12. Time to stop putting temporary measures in place!Yourquestions?
    13. 13. More Information • Access the Presentation Slides, On-Demand Webcast and Whitepaper, following the webcast at: » • Discover all OS and application vulnerabilities on your network » • Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite » Demo: » Evaluation: Headquarters8660 East Hartford Drive 1.888.725.7828Suite 300 info@lumension.comScottsdale, AZ 85255 http://blog.lumension.com26