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Self-Publishing Authors: How to market your book


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Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology
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Self-Publishing Authors: How to market your book

  1. 1. How to Market Your Self-Published Book
  2. 2. Agenda •  Know your audience •  Know your book •  Know your plan •  Key resources All data in this webinar is distilled from a survey conducted by where we asked 4,000 of our most successful authors how they achieved success with marketing their self-published books.
  3. 3. Know your audience
  4. 4. Why do you think your book has been successful?
  5. 5. How did you find the audience for your book?
  6. 6. Where do you sell your books?
  7. 7. Know your book
  8. 8. What’s most important about your book overall?
  9. 9. How many books have you published?
  10. 10. A personality test for your book Helix Review What is it? •  A 20-page quantitative analysis of your writing compared to more than 100,000 published titles •  “Ultimate unbiased perspective of your book” •  Powered by The Book Genome Project What it is not: A value judgment of your work
  11. 11. Helix Review – Data Worth Knowing
  12. 12. Helix Review – Comparable Titles
  13. 13. Know your plan
  14. 14. What works best for reaching your audience and getting them to buy?
  15. 15. How many hours per week do you spend marketing your books?
  16. 16. How much money did you spend to market your books?
  17. 17. How did you spend your marketing budget?
  18. 18. How did you spend your marketing budget?
  19. 19. Did you have help with promoting your book?
  20. 20. Key Resources
  21. 21. Want Your Own Helix Review? Visit:
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  23. 23.
  24. 24.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Thank You