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Assure plan1

  1. 1. Laurel Peace CI 350-101 9/5/13 ASSURE Lesson Plan Analyzing the students: Class of twenty fourth graders, eleven girls and nine boys. Two are Muslims, three Jewish children, and two African American children. Stating the objective: Students in this fourth grade class are expected to know the facts about the origins of Thanksgiving as a national holiday, and they are required to be able to compare and contrast the original traditions, including food and celebration, with the student’s own traditions in a presentation that must be two minutes long for each student, with a cushion of thirty seconds. The presentation must include a two page essay to be handed in before that was assigned the previous week, a poster with at least four pictures and five lines of large print text that must include historical and personal facts. Students will be given class time in the previous two weeks to work on essays and posters. Sources must be correctly cited for the poster and the essay. Selection of Method: The first two weeks of November will be given to this project. The students will learn about the First Thanksgiving by watching a historical documentary that is school appropriate while filling out a work sheet. Then a PowerPoint on the original cuisine of the first Thanksgiving will be presented by the teacher, and pictures and information will be projected on a projector. Then the students will be given maps of New England, and they will be expected to color, date, and label Plymouth Rock and the Native American tribe in which the Pilgrims shared
  2. 2. Thanksgiving. Class time for research for the compare and contrast poster and essay will be given the three days before presentation day. Media:  The projector will be used to project pictures and information  A printer to print the worksheets and maps  Five computers to rotate groups of four students at one time  A PowerPoint presentation to convey information on the diet of the first Thanksgiving  A television and VCR to play History channel documentaries recorded from the History channel on the first Thanksgiving Materials:  Twenty-five sheets of 20inch by 20inch poster board  Assorted markers and pens  Five rulers  Ten glue sticks  Handouts detailing the project  Work sheets corresponding with videos  Blank maps of New England Utilizing the materials: Previewing/Preparing the materials Making sure the projector is functioning and the outlets work  Making sure computers are functional and have reliable educational search engines  Watch all videos to check for inappropriate content
  3. 3.  Check VCR/ rewind to appropriate time frame on video  Lay out all craft supplies in obvious manner on counter in the room Prepare environment-  Lay out all poster-making supplies  Move desks in a circle so students can relate to each other  Leave computers free of clutter Prepare learners- Have one whole class time devoted to introducing the project, with a story of a personal Thanksgiving, comparing and contrasting to the first Thanksgiving in an example of the presentation the students would give at the end of the two weeks. Then a handout will be distributed detailing the instructions, due dates, and the grading key the instructor will use to grade the poster and the essay. The students will take turns reading the handout out loud. Require learner participation: All the desks will be arranged in a circle to promote conversation between students and instructor, who will be sitting in the circle as well. Students will be allowed to help each other in creating the posters and in research. All progress will be checked after each day in order to make sure students are not wasting time. Evaluations of method and media: Time will be provided for students to write an in class essay to describe their thoughts on the assignment and what could be improved at on the Monday after the presentations are complete. There will also be an added survey that will rate the components of the assignment from one to ten.