Mental health proposal


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Mental health proposal

  1. 1. SUNGBA MENTAL HEALTH ORGANISATION Reaching out to the mental health Of the Upper East Region Complied by: Roger Mwin Organisation Representative
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION People in their lives that have families with mental health problems or affected by depression know the frustration of wanting to help but do not know what to do about it and where the lifeless attitude of people is considered a menace in the civilization process then issues to remedy the canker situation with the views of public end up proving futile. Mental ailment, in itself pursues a psycho-traumatic nudity in our societies. More so, the numbers are weighing in sober; and the greatest number of people with mental health problems is within the 18-54 age groups. Unfortunately, amongst the young people with the most severe mental health problems, only 8% receive professional help. Thus, Sungba (save them) mental health organization came up with a team , set out to provide basic needs for the mentally disabled found loitering in the streets. This proposal sets out briefly the primary objective of the organization, the current mental situation (Bolga Township) and the organization care plan.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES The primary objective of this organization is to provide drop-in center and overnight shelter for the mentally disabled.  Sungba mental health care will meet the basic human needs of mental ailments and offer advocacy and care management to facilitate social interaction The organization will create a model for developing informal helping resources and as well develop partnership for support with other mental health institutions. Under the direction of an experienced mental health professional, the organization will pilot a training program and learning process involving mentoring skill transfer and consultation.
  4. 4. CURRENT MENTAL SITUATION (BOLGA TOWNSHIP) A recent needs assessment by the organization recorded about 44 male mental health ailments and 21 female mental health ailments both resident and in the streets. Better still, found that, out of 65 mental ailments; MALE  23 ailments exhibited co-morbid substance misuse.  6 have serious mobility issues.  4 have learning disabilities.  4 ailments have autism and schizophrenia.  3 are associated with ageing problems.  4 are considerably superstitions FEMALE  3 ailments exhibited co-morbid substance misuse  4 have serious mobility issues.  3 have learning disabilities.  2 ailments have autism and schizophrenia.  2 are associated with ageing problems  7 are considerably superstitions
  5. 5. ORGANISATION OVERVIEW Sungba mental health organization, embodied with a diligent team proves versatile intentions to house mental ailments in other to keep them off the streets and to provide them with overnight shelter in other to satisfy mental ailments with the basic human need such as food and as well clothe them to facilitate social interaction. The organization will also engage mental ailments into social practices with the help of mental health officials or peer counselors so as to achieve desired goals where mental patients could again fit into society. With the support of mental health professionals, the organization will promote the mental health of patients, through public education, advocacy and service research by mobilizing informal resources where peer helpers will expand the knowledge and skill base within the community; to increase the sense of community responsibility and participation in health issues and also enhance the community’s ability to identify and advocate for its needs. The organization will build partnerships between formal and informal sectors in the areas of mental services; via mentoring and skill transfer process to increase knowledge, skills and involvement of community members in
  6. 6. supporting their peers and addressing the health needs of the communities. The organization will set up a project with mental health professionals for skill training and counseling to the volunteer mentors of the patients where at the end of the project completion, the organization will be satisfied with 5 mental trainers and 7 peer counselors. There will be provision for protective uniforms and gadgets to be able to shave and wash down patients with severe mental ailments for housing in other to prevent diseases. BUDGET ALLOCATION The present source of funding is merely inadequate to meet the requirements of the organization and to successfully run the services of this establishment; funds are needed to help manage the cost of running the organisation. As though the organization is currently funded by the team and has insufficient financial fonts to meet up with set standards, the organization will require a fully fenced structure where mental patients could be housed for their upkeep and be provided with the basic human needs to escort the virtues in fulfilling primary objectives. With the premonition in finding it disheartening to convince mental patients to the housing unit, the organization will need a van to move around in quest for mental ailments and also transport them from where they are been spotted to the housing unit.
  7. 7. The organization will in its own capacity appeal for funds to be able to clothe and feed mental patients three times daily to keep them strong and healthy and never make them fall victims to starvation. As though listed above but in a few, below is a tabular representation of the budget allocation for the organization: ALLOTED BUDGET AMOUNT (GHc) Housing facility 54,000 Van 20,000 Feeding and Clothing 5,000 Project training 4,000 Transportation( fuel) 4,000 TOTAL 87,000 The salaries of employees and advancement of dues will be funded by the organization. The acquisition for communication airtime in the various radio stations to introduce and enlighten the public and also educate them on drug abusive effects will also be funded by the organization. The organization will also set aside funds to satisfy the mental needs such as drugs and health care of patients.
  8. 8. ISSUES TO BE ADDRESSED Sungba mental health organization wishes to appeal for airtime in the various radio stations to introduce the organization to the public and as well enlighten them on some of the services we render in our establishment. The organization will meet up with the chief and his subjects to formally introduce and educate them on the services we render in our set up and the support we will need from his people as well. The organization will build partnerships with foreign mental health organizations to extol expansion within the reach for support and needy services where the organization might fall short of accuracy and mental health skills. The organization will again render appeals to the public for people to serve as peer volunteers to support in counseling mental patients and again give advice to the youth in our various communities, the effects of drug abuse. CONCLUSION This proposal responds directly to information gathered from the need assessment recorded by the current team of the organization based on the research of the current mental situation in Bolgatanga Township and the willingness to support and promote mental health services in the Upper East Region and the nation at large.