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CILIP Membership 2018: fit for the future


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Summary slide deck of the proposed model for 2018

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CILIP Membership 2018: fit for the future

  1. 1. CILIP membership 2018 fit for the future...
  2. 2. The information, knowledge and library sector continues to change as people experience more varied and diverse careers. Shape the Future, our open collaborative project to develop CILIP’s 2016-2020 strategic plan showed that CILIP membership needs to change to meet your needs. If agreed by members a new approach to membership will start in January 2018. Proposal
  3. 3. The new proposal Better value for money More affordable Open & inclusive Tailored benefits More ways to support our cause
  4. 4. Better value for money More tailored benefits according to career stage, continually improving services, more advocacy and lower subscription rates More affordable Lower subscription rates for the majority of members and discounted concessionary rates Open and inclusive Everyone is welcome to join and support our cause
  5. 5. Tailored benefits For different career stages and special interests, including a new Leaders’ Network News ways to support our cause Members and non-members can make an annual donation as a Supporter, make a one-off donation and remember CILIP in your will
  6. 6. Benefits Student Member Registered Professional CPD and Training Update magazine    Online journals    News email    Online Learning    Career Support Career mentoring & coaching TBC TBC TBC Professional Registration *   Postnominals *  Revalidation *  Professional Knowledge & Skills Base    Professional Network, Community and Specialist Support Membership of Special Interest Groups    Membership of your local Member Network    Specialist Events    * Only a benefit if you have passed a level of Professional Registration Leaders’ Network Optional enhancement All benefits of Member/Registered Professional, plus: CPD and Training Online resources for skills and knowledge development (in partnership with Chartered Management Institute) Topical/policy discussion webinars Regular eNews and publications Policy eUpdate Career Support Career mentoring Professional Network Employer engagement events Discussion forums
  7. 7. The key comments you gave included: Student Member Registered Professional Leaders’ Network How does it work? Can it be more affordable for aspiring leaders and part-time workers Can membership be more affordable for low earners? Why do I pay more to hold a level of Professional Registration? Where do we all fit into the new model, especially international and retired? What makes it unique?
  8. 8. How your points will be addressed: Student Member Registered Professional Leaders’ Network We’ve made the information on the Network and its benefits clearer We have introduced a concession banding We have adjusted the concessionary rates to make it more affordable Professional Registration provides increased status and improves earnings potential We’ve made the information clearer; including retired and international members options The benefits are tailored to the library, information and knowledge sector
  9. 9. Revised Membership 2018 Model Paying in 10 instalments Student £4 Member £10 Concession* £5 Registered Professional £13 Concession* £8 Leaders’ Network £22 Concession** £18 * Concession for members earning less than £12,000 a year, unwaged or retired ** Concession for members earning less than £20,000 a year, unwaged or retired Supporter £20pa Donor £Pay what you can Non-members Members
  10. 10. Key dates • Final model publicised December 2016 • Members vote on new model • Results announced March 2017 • New membership model launches 1 January 2018
  11. 11. Have your say... You have just looked at the final model. Please take the time to read through the detailed information on the Membership 2018 webpage. There will be a member vote on 23rd March 2017 to decide whether to introduce the new model from 2018. Remember: only current members are able to have the final say