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Why spark?


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Spark Recruitment™ is a specialist IT recruitment agency. We’ve honed our skills over many years, so that no matter what area of Information Communication Technologies (ICT), we truly get it. Spark Recruitment™ services a wide variety of industries, recruiting for a range of IT infrastructure, application development and business technology professionals. We are based in Sydney

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Why spark?

  1. 1. Why Spark Recruitment? IT ALL STARTS WITH A SPARK Like all great light bulb moments, a sudden spark of But can you afford to wait for that elusive applicant to walk through the door and rock your world? We didn’t think so! inspiration is all that’s needed to transform the ordinary into Let’s face it; we’re living in cutthroat times. With a growing extraordinary. shortage of skilled IT professionals and one of the world’s When it comes to ICT recruitment, a single spark can set in motion a chain of events that not only transforms a candidate’s life but also your business. Place the right person in the right job and you have a successful formula that goes beyond skill sets and vocational training. highest annual employment growth rates, the Treasury and Reserve Bank of Australia both predict our labour market will continue to tighten. Savvy employers need a recruiter who delivers on demand, each and every time. Welcome to Spark Recruitment
  2. 2. Our Expertise We’ve honed our skills over many years, so that no matter what area of ICT, we truly get it. We are knowledgeable, passionate and able to speak ‘geek’ with the best of them. Spark services a wide variety of industries, recruiting for a range of specialist infrastructure, application development and business technology professionals. INDUSTRY SECTORS ▪▪ ICT industry SPECIALIST ICT ROLES ▪▪ Infrastructure -- Storage, security, backup, networking, systems admin, helpdesk/desktop support -- Software vendors -- Systems integrators -- Professional services ▪▪ Financial services ▪▪ Application development -- Software engineers, developers, analyst programmers: J2EE/Java, .Net or C#, testers ▪▪ Commercial enterprises ▪▪ Business technology -- Business analysts, project management, middle management positions Cream of the ICT Crop Spark has a rigorous internal selection process that filters out unsuitable applicants, leaving you with the cream of the crop. Constant candidate referrals and an extensive database of high calibre ICT professionals ensure a job fit that’s second to none. “Spark’s no-nonsense approach to recruitment always results in candidates that meet our requirements. Their pre-selection screening process appears unparalleled within the ICT recruitment industry.” Stephen Rogers, Development Manager, Milestone Group
  3. 3. Smart, Streamlined Recruitment Gone are the days when recruitment was as simple as uploading an ad onto ‘Seek’. In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced labour market, businesses don’t have time to trawl through candidates who are often incompatible. To save precious time and serve you better, Spark has developed seven streamlined steps, ensuring we deliver the right employee for your business. Here’s how it goes: STEP 1: NAILING THE BRIEF STEP 5: MANAGING THE INTERVIEW • Understand the nuances of the business and the role, including technical requirements and organisational fit • Gather all the relevant information we need from you to fill a position successfully • Consult on position-specific market trends, conditions and drivers • Oversee the entire interview process • Facilitate communication channels between all parties • Explore candidates’ motivations and set expectations to negotiate a successful outcome • Protect your employment brand with tact and sensitivity STEP 2: SOURCING THE CANDIDATES STEP 6: VERIFYING & SECURING YOUR NEXT EMPLOYEE • Conduct a targeted search of our comprehensive ICT professional database • Manage and filter advertising responses • Source referrals and leverage our specialist ICT networks • Provide two reference checks from previous line managers • Sensitively offer and manage negotiations to secure your preferred candidate • Provide insight into handling both competitive offers and counter-offers STEP 3: UNCOVERING THAT UNDEFINABLE SPARK • Interview potential candidates to establish role fit and role motivation • Employ our Hybrid Interview Technique that combines technical skill questions and behaviouralbased interviewing that best gauges a candidate’s personality and experience STEP 7: POST PLACEMENT FOLLOW-UP • Conduct regular, ongoing contact with all parties to ensure a smooth transition into the new role “Spark has never tried to merely ‘fit’ a STEP 4: PROVIDING A QUALITY SHORTLIST candidate in order to get a placement fee – • Send you a select number of great candidates • Ensure quality (interviews you request), not quantity (resumes we send you) they have nailed it each and every time” Chris Starsmeare, CEO, Diversus Group
  4. 4. So what makes Spark different? Spark Recruitment has a simple goal; to become the best ICT recruitment consultancy in Sydney. This doesn’t mean being the biggest or the loudest, or having the most aggressive growth plans. Instead, we’re focussed on setting new recruitment benchmarks that deliver tangible results to businesses just like yours. SPARK’S FOUR CORE VALUES Professionalism, respect, integrity and empathy; four core values that underpin who we are and what we do. Our consultants understand that recruitment has a real impact on your time, budget and team’s wellbeing. We take this responsibility very seriously. There’s no need to resort to tricks like overselling a candidate’s abilities when you’re open, honest and accountable. It’s that simple. JOB FIT AND MOTIVATION At Spark, we understand that a candidate’s professional skills are only one part of the recruitment equation. Successful staffing is also determined by a range of factors like motivation, personality and life skills, so our research goes above and beyond Q&A’s. Quality and long-term placements are our speciality so expect to work with employees that will help grow your business now and for years to come. HIGH-CALIBRE CANDIDATES Spark’s team of professional recruiters is constantly identifying the best candidates before they even appear on the market. In fact, our centralised database is updated daily to track the skills, availability and changing status of ICT candidates. This is how we’re able to place the right people in the right jobs. ICT EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE We live and breathe ICT and routinely work across a broad spectrum of niche areas. If we don’t know your area of speciality, we make sure we find out so that we have an end-to-end understanding of your business needs. As a respected voice in Australia’s ICT recruitment, Spark is frequently approached by the media to quote on topical issues and industry trends. From the latest virtualised infrastructure solutions to the intricacies of Java, we have our fingers on the pulse. WE VALUE RELATIONSHIPS Spearheaded by director, Luke Singleton, who has over ten years’ experience providing ICT recruitment services in Australasia, the Spark team works hard to forge close ties with leading organisations. Eighty per cent of our clients have been with us since inception, reinforcing the value and commitment we place on long-term relationships. The more we work with you, the deeper the insight we gain into your corporate culture and business needs. BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY We unashamedly love working in recruitment and that shines through in everything we do. As experienced career recruiters, we understand what makes this industry tick. However, our training isn’t restricted to recruitment – we facilitate regular information sessions with leading information technology experts. Not only does this keep us one step ahead of the pack but also gives you direct access to the industry’s most sought after candidates. GOT A NEW POSITION OR PROJECT COMING UP? CONTACT US TODAY! Recruitment and Consulting Services Association of Australia (RCSA). Phone: (02) 8090 7788 Email: