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What Depression really is


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A radically different perspective than the classical mainstream one. A very short, concise, comprehensive and essential informative presentation

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What Depression really is

  1. 1. by Luke Pranay WHAT DEPRESSION REALLY IS A perspective quite different than the classical mainstream one
  2. 2. AVERYSHORT,ESSENTIAL, CONCISEANDCOMPREHENSIVE INFORMATIVEMATERIAL being one of the epitomes of approximately 15 years of very deep, broad and quite continuous research – revealing a perspective that very few psychologists, psychiatrists or any specialists today are currently aware of, or have any good clarity about it
  3. 3. Having two main ‘root’ factors 1. Psychological 2. Physical both factors can reciprocally amplify each other, or attenuate each other Depression:
  4. 4. fearful / negative / limitive: Beliefs and Definitions caused by: conscious, or unconscious/subconscious: that subsequently generate: Emotions / Actions / Thoughts / Behaviors and sometimes: self-fulfilling prophecies ( ) 1. THE PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTOR:
  5. 5. ▷ low oxygenation and low hydration levels; ▷ high toxicity in the body; ▷ imbalance/lack in the mineralogical content; ▷ hormonal imbalance in the brain and body; ▷ low intra-cellular electrical conductivity; ▷ low energy levels, low energy/vitality; ▷ high acidity, inflammation and disease, etc. mainly caused by: 2. THE PHYSICAL FACTOR: Help Someone, Share on:
  6. 6. Psychological depression is actually a form of meditation. When individuals cannot find the answers outside themselves, they go where the answers can actually be found: within… THE PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTOR IN-DEPTH: Help Humanity, Share on:
  7. 7. ...within the conscious or the unconscious / subconscious mind, to ideally discover and ‘bring to surface’: those limitive or unfruitful beliefs and definitions* holding them back. *not in alignment with who they prefer to be Help Someone, Share on: THE PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTOR IN-DEPTH:
  8. 8. If depression is being judged as being something negative, then it is much less likely that positive results may result from it. Help Humanity, Share on: THE PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTOR IN-DEPTH:
  9. 9. About how to optimally deal with depression, numerous modalities and tools will be exposed in a future presentation named: “Dealing with Depression - Numerous Tools, Rituals, Ideas and Methodologies” see on the next page how to be notified about it COMING SOON.
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  14. 14. Thank You for the Entire Co-Creation of the Universe! The Highest Blessings and Love! End of the Presentation