Arctic logistics seminar june 19,20


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Arctic logistics seminar june 19,20

  1. 1. Brian Currie 877 927 0718x7370rb.currie@canadianinstitute.comIIndustry Partners:CI Energy Group’s Forum onArctic Logistics & InfrastructureInnovative Solutions for Canada’s NorthFrom transportation to labour – discover how to operate successfullyin a demanding and remote environment.• Get up to speed on infrastructure improvements and current initiativesin the Arctic impacting project development• Explore the key elements of a logistics program and how to preventoverspending and ineffective planning• Examine strategies to source and retain high-calibre workersand to develop strong partnerships with Aboriginal organizations• Assess tools to deliver supply shipments on time and ways toovercome limited communications in order to execute your projects• Learn about progressive technologies to manage transportationproblems in the NorthEnhance your expertise in developing Northern mining and energyprojects by attending our practical, in-depth workshops:A Work with contractors or create your own logistics supply chain? Howto decide. Gain crucial knowledge that will help crystallize this decision.B Project Approvals North of 60°: Learn to maneuver and complete keyrequirements to ensure timely approval.Keynotes from:David RamsayMinister of TransportationMinister of Industry, Tourism and InvestmentGovernment of Northwest TerritoriesJackson LaffertyMinister of Education, Culture and EmploymentGovernment of Northwest TerritoriesHear from and network withleading industry experts including:Bill ShepardManager, Aboriginal & Community Relations,Supply Chain ManagementFortune MineralsWilbert AntoineManager, Northern DevelopmentCanadian Zinc CorporationRoy Erasmus Jr.President and CEO, Det’on Cho CorporationWillard HagenFounder, Aklak AirJune 19 – 20, 2013 | The Yellowknife Inn | YellowknifeFrom the organizers of theARCTIC OIL& GASSYMPOSIUMMarch 12 & 13, 2013 ∙ Calgar yentU T EPurchasing ManagementAssociation of CanadaNORTHWEST TERRITORIES INSTITUTETMent Purchasing ManagementAssociation of CanadaN O VA S C O T I A I N S T I T U T ETMITUTE
  2. 2. Register at 1-877-927-7936 or innovative solutions to transportation, logistics and labourchallenges of mining and energy companies in Canada’s North.Canada’s northern frontier is awash with mineral resources and oil and gasreserves, but the tough climate, high costs, remote landscape and limited ports,roads and highways can influence your operation’s efficiency. As the internationalspotlight brightens on these territories, the CI Energy Group’s Forum on ArcticLogistics and Infrastructure will offer essential guidance and informative casestudies about how to carry out your project under difficult conditions, controlspending and find reliable staff and partners.Embark on your mining or energy project equipped with a solid understanding of:• Progress on road and bridge construction in the Northwest Territorieswhich will improve the logistics capabilities of mining and oil and gascompanies• Current discussions to boost infrastructure in the Arctic: Unique ideasand next steps• The impact of strong alliances with Aboriginal organizations andresponsible suppliers on the development of a prosperous, competitivebusiness• Careful budgeting and planning techniques needed to roll out a top-notch logistics program and key strategies to recruit and train top talent• The tools to monitor and deliver freight shipments and communicatewith key staff anywhere• Leading-edge transportation solutions for the NorthStay informed of major efforts and proposals to lay the groundwork for Northerndevelopment and to network with key contacts managing Arctic logistics andtransportation issues. Register today by calling 1-877-927-7936 or book online FacultyDavid RamsayMinister of TransportationMinister of Industry, Tourism and InvestmentGovernment of Northwest TerritoriesJackson LaffertyMinister of Education, Culture and EmploymentGovernment of Northwest TerritoriesBill ShepardManager, Aboriginal & Community Relations,Supply Chain ManagementFortune MineralsWilbert AntoineManager, Northern DevelopmentCanadian Zinc CorporationGrant StewartManager, Sustaining Capital ProjectsDiavik Diamond MinesRoy Erasmus Jr.President and CEO, Det’on Cho CorporationWillard HagenFounder, Aklak AirSteve HankirkPresidentCanadian NorthMichael OlsonDirector of Sales and Marketing, Western CanadaFirst AirJenny HawesLogistics Manager, Nuna Group of CompaniesMatt MossmanPresident, Det’on Cho LogisticsRob EskensSales Director, Western CanadaManitoulin TransportJohn MorrisPresident, Heliplane, LLCMartin KnutsonPrincipal and Founder, MatrixJustin de VliegPresident and CEO, Infosat CommunicationsMorris ShawnPresident and CEO, Roadpost Inc.Phil Moon SonExecutive DirectorNWT & Nunavut Construction AssociationAlan HandleyChairman and CEO, Varialift Airships PLCBrad ArmstrongPartner, Lawson Lundell LLPWilliam SmithVice President, Logistics and BusinessDevelopment, NTCLPeter ArychukSpecial Projects, Discovery AirHenry ZoeSenior Community Director, Tlicho GovernmentWhoyou will meet:Logistics ManagersTransportation ManagersNorthern Affairs ManagersArctic Exploration ManagersOperations ManagersSupply Chain ManagersSite ManagersBusiness Development ManagersGeneral ManagersConsultantsLawyersOil and Gas ProducersMining CompaniesRenewable Energy FirmsLogistics CompaniesTransportation CompaniesPipeline CompaniesAboriginal Organizations/CompaniesGovernmentLaw FirmsEnvironmental OrganizationsMunicipalities from the NorthConsultanciesFromSponsorship & Exhibition OpportunitiesMaximize your organization’s visibility in front of key decision-makers in yourtarget market. For more information, contact Director of Business DevelopmentDaniel Gellman at 416-927-0718 ext. 7389, toll-free 1-877-927-0718 ext. 7389or by email at
  3. 3. Register at 1-877-927-7936 or OneJune 19, 20138:00 Registration Opens and Coffee is Served9:00 Opening Remarks from Conference ChairIndustry and Government Efforts toAccelerate Economic Development in the Arctic9:15 Keynote: Progress on Roads and Bridgesin the Northwest TerritoriesMinister David RamsayMinister of TransportationMinister of Industry, Tourism and InvestmentGovernment of Northwest Territories• A look at the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway, Deh Cho Bridgeand Mackenzie Valley Highway Bridge9:45 Solutions Underway to Tackle InfrastructureShortcomingsBill ShepardManager, Aboriginal & Community Relations,Supply Chain ManagementFortune MineralsRoy Erasmus Jr.President and CEODet’on Cho Corporation• Progress Report: Industry initiatives to build Arcticinfrastructure – How extractive resource and logisticscompanies are joining forces to develop and sustainNorthern industries- Results to date, next steps and timelines• Bridging the gap between isolated work camps and theintegration of the workforce into local communities• Outlining existing options for financing road expansion• Learning from northern jurisdictions in other Canadianprovinces: How attractive tax environments and financialincentives encouraged mining firms to invest in infrastructure• How devolution will streamline the approvals processand in turn expedite infrastructure development withincommunities10:45 Networking Coffee Break11:00 How to Execute a Cost-Effective LogisticsProgram – Budgeting, Effective Planning andQuickly Overcoming RoadblocksJenny HawesLogistics ManagerNuna Group of CompaniesMatt MossmanPresidentDet’on Cho Logistics• Managing the complexity of projects in an Arcticenvironment: How to prevent spiraling expenditures andresupply challenges during inclement weather conditions• Understanding the importance of maintenance checksto prevent future problems• Learning from case studies in overcoming challenges• Realizing best practices to oversee procurement andlogistics processes• A critical assessment of the costs associated with shippingequipment and supplies by air, sea and land11:45 Building a Robust Business by Cultivating SolidAlliances with First Nations and Inuit OrganizationsHenry ZoeSenior Community DirectorTlicho Government• Understanding what treating Aboriginal communities as truepartners looks like and how this can benefit your project• Establishing realistic expectations and learning to collaborateby aligning the objectives of resource companies with thoseof First Nations and Inuit groups• Ensuring suppliers have Aboriginal-compliant policies andattitudes• Learning from successful partnerships in the Western Arcticbetween Aboriginal groups and established diamondcompanies, and embracing opportunities to replicate themodel in the Eastern Arctic12:30 Networking Luncheonfor Delegates and Speakers1:45 Keynote: Tackling Workforce ChallengesJackson LaffertyMinister of Education, Culture and EmploymentGovernment of Northwest Territories2:15 Addressing Workforce Hurdles:Training, Recruitment and RetentionWilbert AntoineManager, Northern DevelopmentCanadian Zinc Corp.• Examining strategies for skills training in the North – A look atprograms preparing the local population for careers in miningand energy through specialized training and education- What’s working and what’s not?• Evaluating the success and potential for innovative trainingmethods like heavy-equipment simulators and fibre optics• Developing attractive career paths and lowering barriers toentry to the extractive resource sectors• How to overcome recruiting and retention difficultiesto assemble a top-notch team for your project• How to battle employee absenteeism, the high costs ofmobilizing workers and attracting key talent
  4. 4. Register at 1-877-927-7936 or• Preparing for the safety-related implications of a transientworkforce• How companies have managed to attract staff to work ina harsh environment• Motivating staff and contractors to meet project deadlinesand achieve mutual success• Exploring best practices and cutting-edge approachesto recruit and retain reliable, quality staff3:00 Networking Coffee Break3:15 Evaluating Technologies to Monitor and DeliverFreight Shipments and to Keep Your Projectson ScheduleRob EskensSales Director, Western CanadaManitoulin TransportWilliam SmithVice President, Logistics and Business DevelopmentNTCL• Reviewing the processes and tools to track freight currentlyon the market• The advantages and shortfalls of Internet-based systems andGPS models• Examining the real costs involved in tracking and monitoring- What can you reasonably expect?• Weighing the pros and cons of undertaking freight trackingindependently, through a trucking company or via anexpediting firm4:15 Executing Projects with Limited CommunicationsCapacity and Advances in Improving NetworksJustin de VliegPresident and CEOInfosat CommunicationsMorris ShawnPresident and CEORoadpost Inc.• Understanding the hurdles to communicate betweenoffice and project sites given limited cell service in desolatesections of the North• Successful examples of how energy and mining companieshave resolved communications shortcomings• Outlining newly implemented measures to expand third-generation Internet networks to reduce communicationsobstacles• Beyond the sat phone – satellite solutions for remote projectsites, worker safety and mobile data• What’s next? New and future mobile satellite servicesand products5:15 Chair’s Recap and Conference AdjournsDay TwoJune 20, 20138:30 Coffee is Served9:00 Opening Remarks from Conference Chair9:10 Finding Creative Solutions to Resolve UniqueNorthern Transportation ProblemsJohn MorrisPresidentHeliplane, LLCAlan HandleyChairman and CEOVarialift Airships PLC• Examining the entry of new innovations to assist energyand mining firms to solve problems, slash costs, operatemore efficiently and save time• Assessing the commercial viability of air ships, air trailers andother devices to facilitate the mining and oil and gas industries- Discussing industry interest, prospects for successand timelines- A look at the Varialift all-aluminum Airship with variablebuoyancy for vertical takeoff and landing• The future outlook for cutting-edge technologies10:10 Case Study: How Diavik Diamond Mines CutFuel Costs Through Onsite Energy GenerationGrant StewartManager, Sustaining Capital ProjectsDiavik Diamond Mines Inc.• Understanding the factors prompting the launch of analternative energy project• How the implementation of wind power has altered thecompany’s mine operations in the Arctic- Costs, results and future expectations• Exploring the viability for other companies to replicate the effort10:45 Case Study: Drilling in Isolated and HarshEnvironments versus Southern Locales• Examining the safeguards and contingency plans to factorinto drilling operations in the Arctic compared to moreindustrialized environments- Contending with the costs, manpower requirementsand weather constraints• What’s on the horizon for advances in drilling?11:15 Networking Coffee Break11:30 Sky Pioneers: The Evolution of Moving Peopleand Equipment in the ArcticWillard HagenFounderAklak AirSteve HankirkPresidentCanadian North
  5. 5. Michael OlsonDirector of Sales and Marketing, Western CanadaFirst AirPeter ArychukSpecial ProjectsDiscovery AirCommercial passenger and freight service to Canada’s lastunexplored frontier spans decades.The innovators to first dominateNorthern skies faced a myriad of dangers and dilemmas, but theyalso basked in fantastic adventures. Hear directly from the experts.Learn from their wealth of knowledge and experience during thisriveting panel session.12:30 From Shelter to Food: Assembling a Home-Away-From-Home for Your Labour ForceMartin KnutsonPrincipal and FounderMatrix• The guidelines for renting or erecting all-weather, mobileor permanent camps for resource companies working ininhospitable environments• Considering the range of labour needs: Waste management,light facilities, medical care, water access, food and fuel• A comparison of establishing camps in the Eastern andWestern Arctic regions1:15 Conference Adjourns* A light lunch will be served to those attending Workshop A or B. 2:30 – 5:00 pm (registration opens at 2:00 pm)A Work with Contractors or Create your ownLogistics Supply Chain?Workshop Leader:Phil Moon SonExecutive DirectorNWT & Nunavut Construction AssociationOperating North of 60 can be a daunting feat for energy andmining companies unaccustomed to the unforgiving climate,short work cycles, remoteness and sheer unpredictability. Benefitfrom the know-how of an expert who will walk you through howto choose dependable contractors or independently manage thelogistics process. Discussions will cover:• Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the lay of theland, the pool of reliable suppliers and the issues in the North• Realizing the full gamut of risks while operating in theless-industrialized corners of the Arctic• Learning to coordinate demanding procurement and supplyschedules• Outlining the pros and cons of the do-it-yourself andthird-party options 2:30 – 5:00 pm (registration opens at 2:00 pm)B Project Approvals North of 60°Workshop Leader:Brad ArmstrongPartnerLawson Lundell LLPMining and oil and gas players must understand the complexregulatory framework in the North, the fine details of thepermitting process and the expectations of all regulatory bodies.As the NWT gains greater economic and political power underdevolution, all resource and energy companies, including thosecurrently operating in the Arctic, will need to know how thetransition affects their business. Attend this workshop in order to:• Understand the role of the various layers of governmentin the granting of permits, the time and informationrequirements at each stage along the way and tips forensuring timely completion of each step• Gauge the effects of project delays or uncertainty on businessand employment opportunities• Explore how devolution of the NWT will impact miningand oil and gas project approvalsRegister at 1-877-927-7936 or©The Canadian Institute, 2013Arctic Logistics & Infrastructure Forum Innovative Solutions for Canada’s NorthextendYour Learning Experience by Adding a WorkshopJune 20, 2013 – Choose A or BIndustry PartnersUp Here Business is committed to providing anintelligent, provocative monthly that is timely,relevant, and balanced. It tells the stories that affect the business community in theNorth and around the world, including governments, aboriginal communities, andenvironmental groups. www.upherebusiness.caCanadianTransportation & Logistics is a supply chain publication,with a focus on the transportation link of the manufacturingprocess. Content includes industry spotlights; modal updates; andfeatures on international markets for importers and exporters. CTLproduces a weekly e-newsletter, and an online video series. The publication reachesan audience of over 17,000 subscribers across Canada. www.ctl.caThe NorthwestTerritories Institute is part of thePurchasing Management Association of Canada(PMAC), the leading and the largest associationin Canada for supply chain managementprofessionals. With more than 50 members in the Northwest Territoriesworking across private and public sectors, PMAC is the principal source ofsupply chain training, education and professional development in the countryand grants the SCMP (Supply Chain Management Professional) designation,the highest achievement in the field and the mark of strategic leadership. www.nt.pmac.caPurchasing ManagementAssociation of CanadaO N T A R I O I N S T I T U T ETMPurchasing ManagementAssociation of CanadaNORTHWEST TERRITORIES INSTITUTETMPurchasing ManagementAssociation of CanadaTMPurchasing ManagementAssociation of CanadaN O VA S C O T I A I N S T I T U T ETMPurchasing Management Association canadienneNEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR INSTITUTE
  6. 6. 4471369Administrative DetailsVenue: The Yellowknife InnAddress: 5010 49th St Box 490, Yellowknife, NTTEL.: (867) 873-2601Hotel ReservationsFor information on hotel room availability and reservations,please contact The Yellowknife Inn at (867) 873-2601 or bye-mail: When making yourreservation, please ask for “The Best Available Rate”.Registration FeeThe fee includes the program, all program materials, coffeebreaks and lunches.Payment PolicyPayment must be received in full by the program date to ensureadmittance. All discounts will be applied to the Program Onlyfee (excluding add-ons), cannot be combined with any otheroffer, and must be paid in full at time of order. Group discountsavailable to 4 or more individuals employed by the sameorganization, who register at the same time. For moreinformation on group rates, please call 1-877-927-7936.Cancellation and Refund PolicyYou must notify us by email at least 48 hrs in advance if you wishto send a substitute participant.Delegates may not“share”a passbetween multiple attendees without prior authorization. If you areunable to find a substitute, please notify The Canadian Institutein writing no later than 10 days prior to the program date anda credit voucher will be issued to you for the full amount paid.Credit Vouchers are valid for 1 year and are redeemable againstany other program by The Canadian Institute. If you prefer, youmay request a refund of fees paid less a 25% service charge. Nocredits or refunds will be given for cancellations received after 10days prior to the program date. The Canadian Institute reservesthe right to cancel any program it deems necessary and will, insuch event, make a full refund of any registration fee, but willnot be responsible for airfare, hotel or other costs incurred byregistrants. No liability is assumed by The Canadian Institute forchanges in program date, content, speakers or venue.NAME POSITION ORGANIZATIONADDRESSCITY PROVINCE POSTAL CODETELEPHONE FAXEMAILTYPE OF BUSINESS NO. OF EMPLOYEESAPPROVING MANAGER POSITIONPlease charge my o VISA o MasterCard o AMEX o Discover CardNumber Exp. Datecardholdero I have enclosed my cheque for $_______ including applicable taxes made payable to The Canadian Institute (GST No. 84221 1153 RT0001 )Fee Per Delegate Register & Pay by May 8, 2013 Register & Pay after May 8, 2013o Conference only $1795 $1995o Conference + 1 Workshop oA or oB $1795+ $395 = $2190 $1995+ $495 = $2490Special Offer for Employees of Aboriginal Communities or Aboriginal-owned Businesses†o Conference only $1695 $1895o Conference + 1 Workshop oA or oB $1695+ $295 = $1990 $1895+ $395 = $2290Please add 5% GST to all ordersAll program participants will receive an online link to access the program materials as part of their registration feeo  Please add a copy of the *Program Proceedings oBINDER or oCD-ROM to my order for $295 + $22.95 (S+H) + applicable taxes*Program Proceedings are published and shipped 4 weeks from the programo I cannot attend but would like information on purchasing a copy of the Program Proceedings33333Hear about infrastructuredevelopments that will benefityour mining and energy projectsLearn how to implement an effectivelogistics program and manage thecomplexities of operating in theArcticGain expert advice about buildinghealthy partnerships with AboriginalgroupsDiscover technologies which turnedthe tide for competitorsNetwork with industry andgovernment expertsPlease quote the name of the attendee(s) andthe program code 469W13 as a reference.Beneficiary: The Canadian InstituteBank Name: HSBC / Account #: 362-055319-001Address: 150 Bloor St, Suite M100, Toronto, ONSwift Code: HKBCCATT / Branch #: 10362o Wire Transfer ($CAD)Phone: 1-877-927-0718x7370or 416-927-7936Fax: 1-877-927-1563 or 416-927-1563EmailSIb.currie@canadianinstitute.comMail: The Canadian Institute 1329 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario M5R 2C4Online: ArcticLogisticsAttention Mailroom: If undeliverable to addressee, please forward to:Logistics, Transportation, Operations, Supply Chain, Northern Affairs, Arctic ExplorationREg i s t r at i o n fo r mProgram Code: 469W13-YEL5 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER*8Ê:To expedite your registration, pleasemention your Priority Service CodeArctic Logistics & InfrastructureContact Details2Payment3YES! Register the following delegate for1Call 1-877-927-7936 for Groupor Special Industry Pricing OptionsCI Energy Group’s Forum onArctic Logistics & InfrastructureInnovative Solutions for Canada’s NorthJune 19 – 20, 2013 | The Yellowknife Inn | Yellowknife† Only employees of Aboriginal councils, boards, bands, nations and Aboriginal-owned businesses qualify for this special offer. CI reserves the right to review eligibility for theAboriginal Communities/Businesses offer. This special discount cannot be combined with any other special offers.Top Reasons to AttendTM BCE