A2 Media evaluation


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my evaluation of my A level A2 media project

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A2 Media evaluation

  2. 2. MY VIDEO• For my Coursework my group produced a music video to the song you and me by the band the wannadies and two ancillary tasks. The music video is shown below:
  3. 3. EVALUATION QUESTIONS• For my evaluation I will answering the following 4 questions:• In what way does your media project use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?• How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?• What have you learnt from your audience feedback?• How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  4. 4. IN WHAT WAY DOES YOUR MEDIA PROJECT USE, DEVELOP ORCHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS?• I have done a lot of research into similar indie rock songs and videos such as Noah and the whale or artic monkeys. And we as a group decided that we would use the forms and conventions of real media products. For example we started with the mise-en-scène of our band shown in the video we gave then a casual fun look like Noah and the whale and the artic monkeys:Noah and theWhale and the arcticmonkeys As shown all 3 sets of bands have a similar dress senesce and this is how we use Our Band conventions of real media products.
  5. 5. • Another way in which we used forms and conventions from media products is our ancillary tasks as we created ancillary tasks which displayed our band from the music video in a chilled out relax kind of way. This was to show that they werent a really serious and stern band but instead a playful and less serious band.• Real media products:• Our Media Product All of our album covers have similaritys as they are all showing the band to promote a star image but they are just showing them relaxed and more laid back than some other album covers in other genre’s of music but this is quite common and generic for the indie/rock genre so this is how we used forms and conventions of real media products
  6. 6. • Throughout our project we predominantly used forms and conventions from real media projects because we found that it was easier to go with the flow in the rock/indie genre because great changes arent always welcomed so when we needed to decide whether or not to do a performance based or narrative based music video we chose to do a bit of both. This is quite common in this genre of music and has been used it various music videos as shown below: You and me at six- Underdog NickelBack- someday Puddle of Mudd- she hates meAs shown in all of the above real media projects it is quite common to have a narrative andperformance based music video for this genre whereas in say a pop video it is quite often entirelyperformance based to showcase the artist the most for example Madonna videos, but in thedance/electric genre it is very common to have entirely narrative based music videos such as inchemical brother videos. So using similar ideas to other real media products in the genre of musicthat I used means that we mainly used forms and conventions throughout our media project.
  7. 7. • Another way in which we used forms and conventions was by how we linked our narrative parts of the music video with the lyrics of the song. This is done in other similar products within our genre as shown below: For example this is a screen shot from our music videos that have the lyrics “and everythings forgotten” which is represented in the narrative by the two characters making up. And in the NickelBack some day music video this scene is played over the lyrics “and unpack your suitcase” which I also represented inside the scene so this is another way in which our media product uses forms and conventions from real media products.
  8. 8. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT ANDANCILLARY TASKS?• I will start of by displaying all 3 of my ancillary tasks for my project which are the Album and digipack front cover, the back cover and a magazine advertisement for the product:
  9. 9. ANCILLARY TASKS• For our ancillary tasks we wanted them to link directly to our music video product so that when the audience sees it they can directly link it with our music video. But we didnt ’t want it to be too similar so we used the same location for the photo-shoot as we did the filming for the video to create a familiar but all of our band members are wearing different costumes and are not in a performing stance but just sat down posing. So as shown below the location and characters are the same but in a different costume, position and in different lighting conditions this gives the audience recollection of the music video when they see the album cover and vice a versa as they link together.
  10. 10. HOUSE STYLES • When designing our ancillary tasks we decided that we wanted to use house styles to help make them work well together. We did this by using the same font in the same color and size in our tasks:Digipack front Magazinecover Add Digipack back cover
  11. 11. LINKS• With all of these links between the ancillary tasks and the main product it helps combine to make a brand image for the band which makes the products more recognizable to the audience.• For example by using the same fonts and backgrounds throughout the ancillary tasks we were able to make a recognizable brand image which could then be used on sister products and helps the audience recognize the product when it is on a shelf as they would have seen the combination of the colors and texts form the main music video.• So overall I think that our main product and the ancillary tasks work very well together because they have links between them which make them more recognizable to the audience.
  12. 12. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNT FROM YOUR AUDIENCE FEEDBACK?• To gain audience feedback for our media project we used the internet for the majority and to get this feedback we used social networking sites such as Facebook and video sharing websites such as YouTube and on these websites we asked viewers to leave comments on what they like and didnt’t liked and we also posted polls on Facebook about certain decisions about the construction of our project to get an audience opinion.• The first poll we asked was what would be a suitable location for a band performance in a indie rock music video: This gave us the audiences opinion and as the highest voted option was the beach that was what we went for with our music video. It was important to consider the audiences opinion when making decisions as they are the ones who will be watching it so in doing this poll we learnt that the beach would be the most liked location so that’s why we went with it.
  13. 13. • Another method that we used to gain audience feedback is comments from our friends on Facebook about the final product. So to do this we created a post with our music video link in it and then asked our friends to comment on it with their thoughts and the results are below: As shown from the comments the response to the video is all positive with people saying that it is good and that they like it. This showed and taught us that what we had done was to a pretty high standard because liked it.
  14. 14. • The final way which we gained audience feedback is through YouTube comments. YouTube comments are unique because a video posted on that website is viewable by anyone so anyone can comment so it wont be just your friends who are likely to say they like it because they are your friends but stranger comments are more often than not more truthful so you can gain a more honest opinion about your product. Some of the comments for our video are shown below: These comments showed that our project was to a high standard and that people like them. They did also show some issues with the video as well such as lip syncing so as a result we decided to go back and fix the problem before we uploaded a final version
  15. 15. HOW DID YOU USE MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION ANDRESEARCH, PLANNING AND EVALUATION STAGES?• We used media technologies throughout the process of our music video so I will now go through what we used at what stages.
  16. 16. RESEARCH STAGE• Throughout my research into music videos and into forms and conventions from other similar music videos the video sharing website YouTube was used to view music videos which I would have otherwise been unable to gain access to. It is a very good and convenient way to browse for music videos as there is a search bar if you are looking for something in particular and there are suggested videos and similar videos listed which you might have not came across on your own.
  17. 17. PLANNING STAGE• To plan our video we blogger to post information to our blogs such as shooting scripts, shooting schedules ETC but we also used Facebook messages to communicate with each other to schedule days for filming. This was very easy to do as all you had to do was go online and invite everyone involved to a group chat where you could all talk to each other and arrange times and places to meet.
  18. 18. CONSTRUCTION STAGE• Construction of our project was very heavily dependent on media technologies and without them would have been impossible. To start of with we used digital video camera recorders to capture our footage for the video but we also use normal cameras as well to capture the images for use in our ancillary tasks. All of this data was stored on a SD card which was then transferred to a computer for the next stage of construction.
  19. 19. • Once all of the necessary photos and footage was captured we then proceeded to edit them into appropriate forms for our project.• For our actual video we used an editing • For our ancillary tasks we used a program software program called Sony Vegas pro called adobe Photoshop and this is how 10.0. this is where we cut up the footage manipulated our images and added titles and edited it together to make our final and track names to create our digi pack product. cover and magazine advertisement.
  20. 20. EVALUATION STAGE• For my evaluation of my product I used Microsoft PowerPoint with images incorporated in it and videos embedded into it as well before uploading it to the website slide share in order to embed the PowerPoint into my blog page.