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Esendex solutions


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Overview of the Esendex product suite

Published in: Technology
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Esendex solutions

  1. 1. Esendex solutions Multi-Channel customer contact
  2. 2. Why Esendex Primary data centre in London Docklands with secondary data centre in Farnborough SSL Encryption – We use 256 bit encryption, the standard used by internet banking services Highly secure platformUK data centres
  3. 3. Welcome to our secure self service portal. Before proceeding you will need to complete a few security questions. Please confirm that you are: John Smith http://ems.ese.pmhttp://ems.ese.pm Security Check Please confirm your date of birth below and Then select confirm: Day Month Year Day YearMonth Your Balance You currently have an outstanding balance of £80.50 on your account. Please click ‘Next’ below to pay the full amount.
  4. 4. Card Details Please enter your card details below. Card Type: Exact Name on Card: Card Number: Valid From: *required *required Month Year Thank you Thank you your payment has been succesful.Your account is now up-to-date. Close your browser window to end this journey.
  5. 5. Outbound Voice