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Media q6


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Media q6

  1. 1. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from this process ofconstructing this product?
  2. 2. The camera that we used to film theopen was the Samsung CMX-C19 model.It was a digital camera that allowed useto film in HD but we choose not to. Weall found the camera extremely easy touse once we given the instruction onhow to use it. It gave use very clear shotsand picked up all the details that were inthe shots. Overall I believe that we couldnot have had a better model of camerafor what our product was.The tripod that we used was a very goodpiece of equipment to use. This is due tothe fact that it helped to keep thecamera completely still when we werefilming shots. This helped to make theopening that we have look professionaldue to the camerawork.
  3. 3. To edit the opening use useda HP editing suite. Theediting program that was o nthe system was Adobe CS5Suite, which we found easyto use once told how it works.What we found great aboutusing this was that it had SDcard slots. This was greatdue to the fact that it wasquick and extremely easy totransfer our data over tosystem.It was a Windows 7 operatedwhich was very fast whenusing it making life extremelyeasy
  4. 4. 1. Blogger – we used Blogger to store and show all theinformation that we gather for our research. We also usedit as a journal to store days where had worked on ouropening.2. YouTube – we used YouTube to upload to upload theopening. We also used it to find some of the sound effectswe used with the opening.3. Google – we used Google to help conduct the researchabout thrillers.4. Wikipedia – like Google we used Wikipedia to helpconduct our research about thrillers.5. Adobe Premiere CS5 – We used Adobe Premiere CS5 toedit our thriller opening.6. Fireworks – we used Fireworks to create our film logo.
  5. 5. 7. PowerPoint – we used PowerPoint to answer someof our evaluation questions and to create some ofour mood boards.8. Internet Explorer – we used Internet Explorer asthe internet browser to conduct our research.9. Slide Share – we used Slide Share to share thePowerPoints that we created to help use uploadthe answers for some of these questions.10. YouTube Converter – we used a YouTubeConverter to be able to have just the mp3. file ofthe sound effects that we needed.
  6. 6. • Throughout this whole process I believe that mygroup and I have learnt a lot about all differentkinds of media technologies especially AdobePremiere CS5. Before we started no-one in thegroup had used the Adobe Premiere CS5 programbefore so no-one had a clue on how to use it. Oncewe got down to it and learnt how to use it properlywe hardly had any problems using the product.However there were a few bumps along the away.These where mainly trying to add the specialeffects. However we found solutions to these byasking our teacher and then once we had theinformation on how to add the effects we had noproblems.