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  1. 1. Luke Holmes MPhys 11 Wells Drive, Bracebridge Heath, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN4 2UE Mobile: 07964 191 830, Landline: 01522 522 504 Email: Personal Profile Confident, motivated and enthusiastic graduate of a 4-year Master of Physics course, seeking first graduate position in industry. Excellent problem solving, data-handling and modelling skills. Able to manage time effectively and operate diligently and with initiative either individually or as part of a team. Polite, professional and friendly demeanour. Strong aptitude for formal written communication. Work Experience British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical Store Lincoln, Lincolnshire August 5th 2015-Present Volunteer Sales Assistant: Duties include arranging the collection of donations and the delivery of purchased goods, movement of stock between the warehouse and shop floor and vice-versa, arranging, displaying and pricing stock, customer assistance and answering telephone enquiries. Customers must be handled with a polite, calm and “customer first” attitude. Customer details must be taken efficiently and accurately and handled in a secure, responsible manner. Leiden/ESA Astrophysics Program for Summer Students (LEAPS) Leiden University, South Holland, The Netherlands June 8th -August 16th 2014 Variability and Transiting Extrasolar Planets in Young Open Clusters: Tasked with independently performing wide field differential photometry for the Young Exoplanet Transit Initiative (YETI) in order to locate variable and transient sources. Though ultimately unsuccessful in discovering any new planet candidates, the data analysed did contain possible evidence to support a candidate found in a previous study. At the end of the summer school, completed work was handed over to supervisor for integration into her own studies. Education Master of Physics (in Physics with Astrophysics) with First Class Honours The University of Leicester, Leicestershire October 2011-July 2015 4th Year Study Project (Ancient Planetary Systems): Tasked with writing a review paper on the current state and possible future of research into the fates of Solar Systems around post main sequence stars, white dwarfs, white dwarf dust/debris rings and potential planetary companions to white dwarfs. Highly praised for final report’s diverse and well-sourced content. 3rd Year Group Industry Project (Mars Sample Return): Tasked with producing a report analogous to a Pre-Phase-A European Space Agency study for a Mars sample return mission for Airbus Defence and Space. Personal duties were to calculate initial interplanetary manoeuvres for the cruise spacecraft from the Earth to Mars, produce a simple model for the ascent of the sample capsule from Mars’ surface to a low Mars orbit, verify the accuracy of technical calculations performed by other members of the team and to develop the project task schedule. Both our academic supervisor and Airbus Defence and Space were extremely pleased with our final report.
  2. 2. 3rd Year Pair Research Project (Observing Transiting Exoplanets): Tasked with selecting a star with a known transiting companion, planning and observing a transit and analysing the images obtained to produce a light curve for the transit. Using the light curve, we determined the radius of the planetary companion HAT-P-32b. Working around numerous technical difficulties, we obtained results which compared closely with those obtained by much better experienced scientists with superior equipment. North Hykeham Joint Sixth Form 2009-2011 A levels: Physics A, Chemistry B, Mathematics with Statistics C Robert Pattinson School 2007-2009 GCSEs: 11 at grades A* to C including English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Statistics, Science and Additional Science Transferable Skills Time Management: Required throughout degree in order to ensure tasks were prioritised and completed to meet stringent deadlines, especially in the case of pair and group projects which necessitated that personal tasks were completed on-time to ensure colleagues were not delayed. Communication: Research projects listed have all required frequent meetings with supervisors and colleagues. Projects listed above necessitated working closely with colleagues to delegate tasks and divide responsibilities effectively. Projects were universally assessed by way of a formal written academic report and frequently assessed by way of verbal presentations. Computing, Programming and ICT: Experience in coding in R and C and in using and editing pre- written scripts for IDL and Python for the purposes of data analysis and modelling. Limited experience with MATLAB. Extensive experience with Microsoft Office. Problem Solving: Constantly refined and examined through the completion of continuous assessments and problem sheets throughout degree course. Independent Learning and Research: Research projects all required the study and review of relevant literature to be accomplished. Personal Interests Served for two consecutive years as the Chief Astronomer for the University of Leicester Astronomy and Rocketry Society, responsible for organising and supervising stargazing events at the university observatory. Member of the RAF Waddington Archery Club. Avid collector and painter of model miniatures. Referees Available upon request