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Evaluation question 6


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Evaluation question 6

  2. 2. Sony Handycam AVC HD Camera This is the camera I used to film the opening sequence. The actual model of this Digital Camcorder is HDR-XR260VE. This camera is a great piece of technology as it records clear, sharp footage, it can record hours of footage and the battery life it very good. I had never use this particular camcorder before, however it is extremely easy to use and this is a definite positive of using it. It is great for film makers as they can record a lot of their footage onto it without worrying about overwriting clips, the can be assured the footage filmed by the camera will be of a high visibility and quality. For general use it is equally as useful, because of the same reasons.
  3. 3. Sony Handycam AVC HD Camera
  4. 4. Final Cut Express Until this piece of coursework, I had never previously used Final Cut Express as I do not have the technology required to use it and I have never needed to use it. This meant that I was a complete beginner in using it, however it was pretty easy to use. As I used it more and more I began to get more accustomed to it, I just experimented with the different effects and tools on it and this worked as I soon was quite confident with using it. Final Cut Express a heavenly piece of software for film makers as it is quick, relatively easy to use once you know how to, and the range of tools and effects you can use on it that can help make your film look so much better is so vast. I would recommend this software to anyone who needs an editing software.
  5. 5. Blogger I had never before created a blogger until the start of this coursework. I did not really know how to work it, however once you work out how to do the basics everything falls into place for you and it becomes quite easy to use. This is what I posted all my planning, production and evaluation tasks onto. I found this a very good piece of technology and software to use as it meant that all my work was on this one blog that I created so that all of it was clearly viewable in the same place. I enjoyed learning how to use blogger and then actually using it throughout the whole of the coursework. I will definitely use it again in the future. On this you can create blog posts on this, within these posts you can embed image4s, video clips, links to other websites, scribd documents, slideshares and more. It is very useful.
  6. 6. YouTube YouTube is something I have used thousands of times before so there was not much I needed to learn about this. The only real thing I hadn’t done properly was to upload a video onto it. This was easy though as it shows you how to do it. YouTube is perfect for film makers to show their film on a mass scale to people all over the world. It is also very good for general people as they can view this film or other videos online for free, as this site this free. This has been very useful for me as I uploaded my opening sequence onto it and this meant that people could view it from wherever they were. This is the main way I showed people my film.
  7. 7. Quick Time Player 7 Quick Time Player 7 is the software in which exported my opening sequence to. This was because it is the best one to use as it is easy and quickest to then upload to the web. I have used this software before, but never exported a video to it from Final Cut Express and I have also never exported a video from it to the web. This was extremely easy to do once I was shown by someone who knew how to do it. All I had to do was go onto File, Export to web. Quick Time Player 7 is a magnificent piece of video playing software, especially for film makers as they can export their films to this and it will play it perfectly for them.
  8. 8. Scribd Scribd is a document-sharing site that I really like to use, this is because once you have uploaded your document online to the site, you can then embed it onto a blog or another site of yours. I used this a few times for certain tasks for this piece of coursework. This is good for general use as it means you can share your work and ideas with others from around the country, and can also access others ideas too. Something that is great about this website is that only the author can edit the text meaning no-one can alter your work.
  9. 9. Slideshare Slideshare is another document-sharing website I have used. This is slightly different though as it is for PowerPoints and presentations to be shared online. I have used this site to upload this presentation. It is very simple to use and I would recommend it to others. This, like Scribd, is good for general use. It would be good for film makers too as they could create a presentation on research they have done, or even a presentation about their film and the ideas behind it and then share it with thousands of people on this site. It would help to mass promote and spread their work.
  10. 10. Prezi Before the start of this course I did not know much at all about Prezi. I had only used it a couple of times before and they were nothing major. I have learnt how to use this program more and more as I have used it a few more times. This is a great program as it look great once you have finished creating it, yet it is so simple to use once you get more accustomed to it, which only comes through practice. Prezi is a great program for people to use if they wish to create a presentation or show their ideas. It is great for film makers as they can use it to present their ideas and what their film will be about to people and then gain feedback about their idea.
  11. 11. Facebook and Twitter I already knew a lot about Facebook and Twitter as I am an avid user of both. This meant that I knew what to use. I used these as a way of showing people my opening sequence and asking for their feedback. Below shows some responses. These social networking sites are great for film makers and people in general as you can upload your films onto them and people can give you feedback through them. Then along with this, it is a great way to socially interact and discuss opinions and ideas, thus fulfilling part of Blumier and Katz’s ‘Uses and Gratifications audience theory as they believe people use media for social interaction.
  12. 12. Feedback on Facebook and Twitter