The International Game Developers Association


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An address I gave during the commencement of the Global Game Jam 2012, highlighting the benefits of the IGDA and advertising for IGDA Scotland

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The International Game Developers Association

  1. 1. The International GameDevelopers Association Luke Dicken IGDA Scotland
  2. 2. What is the IGDA?
  3. 3. • “The IGDA is dedicated to improving developers careers and lives through: Community, Professional Development, Advocacy” - World-wide association of people involved in game development. - Broken into Chapters, Special Interest Groups and Committees• Analogous to UK’s The Independent Game Developer Association (TIGA) in some respects. - But TIGA emphasises business, commerce and political lobbying, IGDA is about individuals, personal development and community
  4. 4. IGDA and the Global Game Jam
  5. 5. • GGJ is an IGDA initiative started in 2009• World-wide success - 1,500 games last year - 247 locations this year, larger than ever before - >10,000 jammers expected, 6* larger than 2009• In Scotland, lucky to have great people who have organised Scottish Game Jam since 2009 - Despite no local IGDA chapter!• One of the larger sites, 1 of ~20 with over 100 participants!
  6. 6. The IGDA is for Professionals
  7. 7. • Advocacy and best-practices for industry issues - Terms of Amazon app store revenue sharing - Inquiry into working conditions at Team Bondi - Lobbying and raising awareness of SOPA / PIPA• Special Interest Groups for specific areas - Women in Games, AI, Business and Legal issues - and many more• Support from other developers who have experienced similar situations and environments
  8. 8. The IGDA is forHobbyists and Indies
  9. 9. • No requirement on size of company, released titles etc• If you make games, you’re a game developer• Benefits apply regardless of your status
  10. 10. The IGDA is for Students
  11. 11. • Resources to help students learn more about development• Student SIG to tackle student issues• Education SIG to look at what is being taught to students coming through at many institutions• Scholarships for “best and brightest”
  12. 12. The IGDA is in Scotland
  13. 13. • Informally created in May 2011.• Monthly meetups rotating Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh• Currently going through process of formal founding of the chapter• Expect more to come in 2012!
  14. 14. The IGDA iswaiting for you
  15. 15. • Range of membership options - “Core” - Unemployed discount - Student - Lifetime• Benefits : Discount on conferences, airlines, Dell purchases, Scholarships• Access to SIGs, IGDA GDC party
  16. 16. • Next Meeting - Game Jam Play Party - 8th February - Venue TBA (Glasgow)• Contact - Web : - Twitter : @IGDAScotland - Facebook : ENJOY THE GAME JAM!