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Talent Resource In Country Managed Service recruitment solution

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Talent Resource In Country Managed Service

  1. 1. DELIVERING RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS<br />For Data and Voice Operator / Vendor / Integrator<br />To Human Resource / Procurement / Operations<br />From Luke Cowgill - Chief Operating Officer<br />Title Proposal for: - Identifying, Qualifying and Delivering Tanzanian Talent <br />
  2. 2. Index<br />Index Page 2<br />Statement of Confidentiality Page 3<br />Talent Resource About us Page 4 <br />Key Objectives Client Page 6<br />Our Methodology The Process Page 7<br />Key Stage 1 Ascertain Page 8<br />Key Stage 2 Research Page 9<br />Key Stage 3 Approach Page 10 <br />Key Stage 4 Interview Page 11 <br />Key Stage 5 Deliver Page 12<br />Project Schedule Time Scales Page 13<br />Fees Costing Breakdown Page 14<br />Payment Terms Terms & Conditions Page 15<br />Appendix 1 Sample - Interview Report <br />2<br />www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  3. 3. Statement of Confidentiality<br />All information presented in this document or shared with the addressee as part of the proposing process is considered strictly confidential. As such, the addressee should not disclose this document or any attachments in whole, or in part to any third party without the prior written consent of Talent Resource<br />Luke Cowgill<br />Chief Operating Officer<br />3<br />www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  4. 4. 4<br />Talent Resource offers the combined experience of individuals with highly successful track records working for leading international recruitment firms throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. <br />Our well established and extensive network of contacts within the industry, together with our knowledge of the main corporate functions within the Telecommunications and Technology sector allow us to offer a truly bespoke recruitment services<br />Socrates Minas – Chief Sales Officer<br />Socrates Minas is a Co-Owner and Chief Sales Officer of SM Talent Resource Ltd, Having over 11 years recruitment experience within the telecommunications sector , he has recruited from engineering level to C ‘Level for major tier one mobile operators and vendors. Having lived and worked throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa he is truly an International recruitment expert and well known and very connected throughout the industry. Socrates prides himself on his understanding the social and cultural challenges whilst recruiting throughout EMEA region.<br />Luke Cowgill – Chief Operating Officer <br />Luke Cowgill is Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer of SM Talent Resource Ltd. After graduating in 1996 Luke started his career in recruitment and now boasts over 13 years of recruitment experience across EMEA. Luke started as a Researcher and has fulfilled his natural progression through Team Leader, Sales Manager, Sales Director and now Owner/COO. During this time Luke has worked solidly throughout the African recruitment market and has worked for the leading recruitment companies including CommsResources, RP International and Eutopia.<br />www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  5. 5. 5<br />Key Objectives –<br />The key objectives are three fold:<br />1. Delivery of a Talent Database<br />To deliver an individual report of each candidate, integrated into a database format of comprehensively qualified Tanzanian Talent. Each candidate report will include:<br /><ul><li> Interview Summary / report
  6. 6. Attested Experience / Current CV
  7. 7. Attested Education certificates
  8. 8. Numeracy / Literacy and psychometric test results
  9. 9. Two Reference’s
  10. 10. Current salary and benefits
  11. 11. contact details</li></ul>2. Salary and Benefit Survey<br />To deliver a report, mapping out the local salary and benefits offered by TiGO local competition with the Telecom and FMCG industries<br />3. Talent Delivery <br />To deliver a minimum of 4 comprehensively qualified Tanzanian candidates per targeted position<br />www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  12. 12. 6<br />OUR METHODOLOGY <br />A.R.A.I.D – Ascertain – Research – Approach – Interview - Deliver<br />Order of Process<br />Client Briefing/Meeting in Tanzania<br />Agree Roles, Strategy & Target List<br />Prepare Candidate Briefing Pack<br />Research & Identify Relevant Candidates<br />Candidate Pre-Qualification<br />Interview <br />Competency tests<br />Behavioral Profiling<br />Reference and Education Check<br />Submission of Database <br />Talent Resource will nominate both Luke Cowgill and Socrates Minas to perform this process. Every aspect of the proposed service will be managed by Luke and Socrates. Talent Resource does not delegate any aspect of the approach to candidates to either researchers or consultants. this ensures that the focus is 100% on successfully managing this service<br />www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  13. 13. 7<br />KEY STAGE I – ASCERTAIN<br />The service commences with thorough research into Data and Voice Operator / Vendor / Integrator needs and objectives. <br /><ul><li>Talent Resource will visit Data and Voice Operator / Vendor / Integrator at a nominated destination
  14. 14. Identify & Agree roles and profiles needed
  15. 15. Agree on Strategy and Process
  16. 16. Prepare and agree a candidate briefing pack
  17. 17. Prepare and agree on Competency and Psychometric tests
  18. 18. Talent Resource will set up a local temporary managed service office for the duration</li></ul>www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  19. 19. 8<br />Key Stage 2 - Identify<br />This commences with thorough:<br /><ul><li> Research into target companies operating in the relevant sector in this case the Telecoms and FMCG companies within Country
  20. 20. A list of target companies is compiled and agreed with Data and Voice Operator / Vendor / Integrator
  21. 21. Research and indentify target individuals operating in the relevant companies within Telecoms Sector and FMCG within Country
  22. 22. A list of target individuals is compiled and agreed with Data and Voice Operator / Vendor / Integrator </li></ul>www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  23. 23. 9<br />KEY STAGE 3 - APPROACH<br /><ul><li> Targeted candidates are approached confidentially with the highest level of discretion. A broad outline of the post is given and general levels of suitability and interest are established.
  24. 24. Unless previously agreed with, the identity of the hiring company is concealed.
  25. 25. Detailed profiles are built up on each candidate in order to select those with relevant skills & experience and those with genuine interest.
  26. 26. initial telephone confidential discussions are made
  27. 27. Confidential meetings are arranged on site at Talent Resource Managed Service offices for selected and qualified candidates.</li></ul>www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  28. 28. 10<br />KEY STAGE 3 - INTERVIEW<br /><ul><li> Targeted candidates are confidentially interviewed on site at Talent Resource Managed Service offices with the highest level of discretion.
  29. 29. Targeted candidates are tested for literacy and numeracy
  30. 30. Targeted candidates are psychometrically tested
  31. 31. Education certificates are attested and obtained
  32. 32. Salary and package details are obtained - documentation provided (where possible)
  33. 33. Two independent references are obtained
  34. 34. A detailed profile is built up on each candidate and all documentation and results are consolidated into a database and report format.</li></ul>www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  35. 35. 11<br />KEY STAGE 3 -DELIVERY<br /> Once the whole process is completed satisfactory to Data and Voice Operator / Vendor / Integratorpre agreed objectives, Talent Resource will deliver :<br />A fully comprehensive Database inclusive of <br /><ul><li> Interview Report and Summary
  36. 36. Detailed and Accurate CV
  37. 37. Numeracy and Literacy test Results
  38. 38. Psychometric Test Results
  39. 39. Attested Education Certificates
  40. 40. Two independent references
  41. 41. Salary and Package details
  42. 42. Full contact details
  43. 43. Full market survey of Data and Voice Operator / Vendor / Integrator competitors package and Salary breakdown per organization</li></ul>www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  44. 44. 12<br />Activity Time Line <br />The activity time line is based on approximately 20 positions as requested by HR<br />www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  45. 45. 13<br />PROFESSIONAL FEE<br />The fee for this fully comprehensive service is € 30,000. This is paid in two installments<br />1st payment of € 10,000 is due on acceptance and signature<br />2nd payment of € 20,000 is due on delivery of the database and acceptance from Data and Voice Operator / Vendor / Integrator <br />RECUITMENT FEE<br />For any Candidate that has been added to the database and a subsequent offer is made and accepted, Talent Resource will charge a recruitment of 15% for Annual Basic Salary<br />ALL INCLUSIVE FEE<br />Talent Resource will provide and pay for:<br />Flights, Accommodation, Office and Operational Expenses throughout the entirety of this service<br />www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  46. 46. 14<br />Payment Terms<br />Please Note – <br /><ul><li> The first installment of Professional Fee’s are payable within 7 days of signature and acceptance, the service will commence once the 1st installment has been paid
  47. 47. The second installment of Professional Fee’s are payable within 14 days from the delivery of database
  48. 48. All Recruitment fee’s are payable within 30 days and are subject to our standard terms and conditions (previously sign and agreed)
  49. 49. Talent Resource Fee’s will not be subject to any local taxes or National With-Holding tax
  50. 50. All fee’s are payable in €’s (EUROS)</li></ul>www.talentresource.com<br />February 10<br />
  51. 51. SM Talent Resource Ltd<br />Any Questions…<br />Luke Cowgill<br />Chief Operating Officer, Talent Resource Ltd<br /> <br />Cyprus<br />Direct Line 00 357 24 030 126<br />Mobile 00 357 977 851 97<br /> <br />South Africa<br />Direct Line 0027 21 813 6501<br />Mobile 0027 727 305 221<br /> <br /> <br />Skype           luke.cowgill<br />LinkedIn        http://www.linkedin.com/in/lukecowgill<br />Website         www.talentresource.com<br />