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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Star ImageGwen Stefani
  2. 2. Stars as ConstructionsGwen Stefani has her own clothing line (L.A.M.B)that focuses on Japanese-styled fashion andculture. This gives her a unique selling point asshe is known for her unique love of Harajukugirls. She is seen on magazines (featured inVogue) and is the spokesperson of L’Oreal Paris,creating a fake image of her.She also launched her own fragrance, “L” whichsupports the point.
  3. 3. Industry and AudienceEven though she doesn’t record music anymoreshe still spends her time at celebrations such asgalas or fashion banquets.She also donated $1 million to “Save theChildren Fund” in the Japan earthquake-tsunami.She also ran an auction on eBay allowingparticipants to bid on her personal clothesdesigned and signed by her.
  4. 4. Ideology and CultureFollowing from the previous slides Gwen Stefanilaunched her own clothing line and then sold herclothes from her own wardrobe.By doing this she encourages her fans to copyher style and initiate a trend and continue herfame.
  5. 5. Character and PersonalityThis is Gwen Stefani before and after shebecame famous, representing the hugedifference. She became a beautiful star thatattracts the audience’s attention. She supportshegemony as she becomes what stars aresupposed and expected to be like andencourages her fans to be like her.