Pop rock research


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Pop rock research

  1. 1. Pop Rock Research
  2. 2. Where does it originate from? It started in the 1970’s in UK and US with artists such as PaulMcCartney, Elton John and Three Dog Night. Simon Frith analysed the history of popular music and added the “rock”suffix to new genres. That way pop-infused styles were called pop rock.George Starostin defines it as a subgenre of pop music that uses catchy popsongs that are mostly guitar-based.
  3. 3. How has it evolved? Throughout 1970’s this genre was successful in being catchy and quickly found aloyal audience. In 1980’s new artists such as Stevie Wonder, who are all knownto this day as great artists, dominated the charts with the fall of disco. Later onartists such as Bryan Adams, Tina Turner, Cher and Madonna sang pop rockmusic, providing more successful female singers in contrast to earlier years. In the 1990’s a new subgenre emerged combining elements of pop with punkrock, an example is Green Day. Later in the year artists such as Shakira, No Doubtand The Cranberries became popular for their pop rock music. In the 2000’sfamous artists such as Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne and P!nk arrived and in the2010’s in addition to the existing one’s Kelly Clarkson, Train and The Script joinedthe very successful group of pop rock artists. From the very start this genre hadsimilar conventions and were mostly bands who are passionate about musicapart from Shakira and P!nk.
  4. 4. How are artists represented? They are mostly represented as talented artists who are passionate abouttheir music and mostly play an instrument. They are represented as normalpeople, wearing casual clothes and people who can have fun.Nevertheless, they are not portrayed in a sexual way and rather as peoplewho feel comfortable in their environment, being themselves just like us.
  5. 5. Ideology This genre shows that if normal people love something and are determinedenough, they can achieve their dreams. It emphasizes their love for musicand that you can have fun with whatever you do that you love. As it alsorepresents relationships and everyday situations, it can have both a sad andhappy note, perhaps giving us an idea that things can be both bad and good.This is evidenced by Bryan Adams’ “Summer of 69” which has both a happymeaning and a sad meaning.
  6. 6. Artists Examples of contemporary artists that fit really well with the conventionsare; Train and Avril Lavigne. Both Train and Avril Lavigne represent how they are passionate about musicand sing their songs about relationships or life issues. In addition, bothartists sing catchy music that everybody likes but doesn’t go for the actualsexual appearance seen in pop songs and both act as if they are confidentand comfortable in their environment, wearing casual clothes.
  7. 7. Conventional Music Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NPBIwQyPWE
  8. 8. My music video Considering these conventions I am going to include a performance withclose-ups on instruments and a narrative that is based around everydayissues focusing on the artist. Moreover, the actors will wear casual clothesand act confidently and happily to emphasize how they are comfortable andhaving fun with music.