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To SDK or not to SDK?


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So, you have an API! Should you leave it at this or also offer a client library/SDK? Using examples from other API providers, this talk will help you decide. We‘ll look at good practices for designing and documenting APIs as well as SDKs, to achieve good developer experience, no matter which choice!

This talk was held at "API the Docs" in Paris on April 24th, 2018.

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To SDK or not to SDK?

  1. 1. @LukasRosenstock To SDK … or not to SDK?
  2. 2. API abbr. Application Programming Interface n. A remote interface available over HTTP(S), designed in a REST or RPC style.
  3. 3. SDK abbr. Software Development Kit n. A software library with the primary purpose of wrapping an API for a specific language.
  4. 4. Server-2-Server Integrations Server Client (web/native) Third Party Service SDK API API
  5. 5. Interaction time :)
  6. 6. Why this talk?
  7. 7. Let‘s integrate Twilio SMS ...
  8. 8. … or like this:
  9. 9. Are SDKs really necessary? And if not, why do I feel API providers force them on me?
  10. 10. For API Consumers “SDKs introduce a complexity cost over the lifetime of your app that outweigh the gain of not having to rewrite the code." John Sheehan, Runscope (CA Inc.)
  11. 11. For API Providers ● SDKs are additional effort → – You can‘t have SDKs without APIs! ● Is it worth it?
  12. 12. Coming up: ● Advantages of SDKs ● SDK Strategy – Four Patterns – Suggested Approach ● Good SDK Design ● Documenting APIs & SDKs – Approahches – Top API Provider Portal Showcase ● Conclusion
  13. 13. Advantages of SDKs (1) ● Beginner Friendly – Easier to support!
  14. 14. Advantages of SDKs (2) ● Client-side logic – Caching – Retrying – Validation – Idempotency ● → Robustness ● → Less Load
  15. 15. Advantages of SDKs (3) ● Insights into API usage from different languages – User Agent – Monitoring ● Opportunity to connect with the programming community
  16. 16. Definitions from discussions at APIStrat conference, 2016 SDK Strategy: Four Patterns ● Provider-supported ● Community-contributed ● Consumer-driven ● HTTP is the SDK
  17. 17. SDK Strategy: Suggested Approach Design a great API OpenAPI Document it well Release your spec Embrace community SDKs Release your own SDKs TIME
  18. 18. Interlude „Whatever people can pull down from their favorite package manager is their developer experience.“ Cristiano Betta at APItheDocs December 2017 in Amsterdam
  19. 19. Good SDK Design (1) ● API Design comes first – Add value over the API – SDKs can‘t cover up bad APIs ● Open Source is a MUST ● Make SDK development a part of API testing
  20. 20. Good SDK Design (2) Respect your target platform‘s approach first, consistency within your API second.
  21. 21. Interlude ● Can I auto-generated my SDKs? – (+) Achieves presence and standardized approach – (-) No business-specific value-add
  22. 22. API & SDK Documentation ● API-first, SDK-second ● SDK-first, API-second ● Integrated ● Tutorials vs. Reference – different approaches – Consistency?
  23. 23. Top API Provider Showcase
  24. 24. Conclusion ● Provide SDKs if you can and believe there‘s additional value or you want to support beginners. ● Don‘t forget the API over SDKs! Design both well and respect them in your portal.