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Clever Monitor for Startup Summit 2016 in Prague


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A presentation for the Startup Summit 2016 in Prague. I had 3 minutes for presentation and next 3 minutes for Q&A.

Published in: Technology
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Clever Monitor for Startup Summit 2016 in Prague

  1. 1. Welcome aboard Lukas Hakos CEO
  2. 2. How it works Clever AI Real-time data Machine Learning, Prediction Heuristics, Knowledge Base In the right place at the right time to your customers Web Email CRM IoT Social Internal KB Big Data container AI
  3. 3. Czech Customers
  4. 4. International Customers And many others coming soon
  5. 5. Our solution in numbers 98% Satisfied customers 1.3B+ Delivered emails 181 Countries 36 Feature releases 116K+ Code commits 6 Industry solutions
  6. 6. Thank you