Support and guidance 6


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Support and guidance 6

  1. 1. 1.What are the key featuresacross the adverts?Some of the key features of the 2 adverts which i deconstructed are asfollowed:- They usually contain a brand image. I discovered when deconstructingmy 2 adverts they used a brand image which is established across awide range of their merchandise whether this being a CD, a video, Herwebsite or a poster. They use there brand image so people are able torecognise them for what they have done.- Another key feature I found out was that they usually have a setcolour scheme to these adverts, and are only using a few colours, theyuse this to make key features stand out from the rest and to make themain name of the singer/band stand out from the rest.-The final thing which I discovered was that they both include andexample of one of their great successes, For example on Jessie Js itincludes “ Number 1 international smash hit” and on Olly Murs’s itincludes “ The number one single...”.
  2. 2. How is brand of the artistrepresented? I discovered that branding of each of the artist was represented in many different ways on the adverts. - One of these is the way they dress, I discovered on the adverts that the artists are using there star image to advertise them self and get them to be recognised for how they are advertised. - Another thing I discovered is that they use a Brand image, This is generally there branding for most of the things which they produce and are shown on a wide variety of there things, which is a good way of getting them noticed and remembered. - Finally I found that the artist stick to a specific font which is used over a variety of their merchandise etc.. This is used so people will again recognise and are able to remember them easily for what they have done. This is a good and easy way of advertising them also .
  3. 3. How does the advert presentthe genre?-The colours used on my adverts which i researched were generallypositive colours. Colours used can relate to the genre which theartist is representing, The positive colours used in mine could beestablished with the Pop music genre, showing that the artist isrepresenting the pop music genre as he is using positive colours andis a pop artist.