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TOC Photo Shoot Plan


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TOC Photo Shoot Plan

  1. 1. Planning the TOC photo shootAgency Name Shutter Speed ProductionsModels Gilles Geary, Tommy Hoare, Jack Burton, Tina DelicCamera height/angle/distance Various angles, heights and distances shall be used. Main ones shall be: Low Angle, Low height and 2m distance for Gilles’s shots, to suggest the connotation that he is superior to the reader of the magazine. Close Up shot, between low angle and eye level height, 15m-20m distance, capturing Gilles in the frame as well as an underground sign, which is a symbol of London Mid Shot and close ups (Two shot), eye level height and 2m distance for Tommy and Jack’s shots to suggest more of a connection with the reader. Close ups and mid shots, eye level height, 1m-3m distance for shots of TinaLocation London Underground station for Gilles’s shots Rough Brick Wall for some of Tina’s shots Graffiti Wall for Tina White wall (or single colour) for shots of Tommy and JackLighting The use of lighting will alternate using all available light and using a flash light. This will allow a more varied selection of images that I can use for my table of contents page, as different levels and directions of lighting can drastically change the way an image looks and feels.Mise-en-scene (incl. props, costume) Gilles: Aviator sunglasses Black Coat Red Hoodie Tommy & Jack: Laidback, leisure clothes Some clothing to do with music
  2. 2. Tina: Leather Jacket Sunglasses (Ray-ban)Attempted connotation Gilles: Location of London Underground so that the photos of the TOC relate back to the article. Low angles to show his higher status. More leisurewear-like clothing to show that he is showing his true self in the article Tommy & Jack: Group shot to show that they are in the same band. Arms around each other to show their friendship. Medium shot to show their music-themed t-shirts which will show their passion for music. Tina: Ray-ban sunglasses to show there is mystery to her. Leather jacket is a common piece of clothing in the rock genre, therefore addressing the target audience.Planned denotation Gilles: Youthful rebel in an empty London underground station Tina: Teenager leaning back on a brick wall Tommy & Jack: Two young friends, with arms around them and hand gesturesContingency (in case of model absence/weather) In the case of bad weather, the photo shoot will be contained indoors within the school and conducted on the 4th floor corridor, and other places to be confirmed. However, a further photo shoot should be planned during the February half term in order to add images that look more different to each other to create a more creative and varied table of contents page. If Tommy Hoare and Jack Burton are both unavailable, Eros Vlahos will be used a model. Additionally, if one model or more is/are absent, an alternative day during the half term will be used for the absent model or models’ shots.Alternate angle Group shotsThinking points: Rule of thirds, White background shotComments: