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  1. 1. By Luka Delic
  2. 2. TOC Mockup <ul><li>My mockup of the table of contents can be viewed in the previous post as well as below: </li></ul>
  3. 3. Selection of Photos These are two photos I took for the direct purpose of using them in my TOC. 1. 2. Photo 1 was created from the idea of a musician profile for a talented musician from this school, tying in well with the fact that this is a school magazine. The model is Sara Killeen, who in fact has a youtube channel dedicated to singing. The mise en scene of this image, with her playing her guitar directly relates to the idea mentioned, and the article that will be mentioned in the TOC. I took Photo 2 when I was out in central London and came up with the idea to create an article about helping teenagers who feel like they are ‘spinning out of control’. This image mirrors the ‘spinning out of control’ element of the article, having a particular disorienting effect suitable for the article
  4. 4. Selection of Photos Photo 4 was taken to more clearly connect the magazine to the school. I used this image on the TOC for this reason. I think I took this image to strengthen a sense of purpose and audience about the TOC. 3. 4. This image was taken so that it could be used for an article on amateur photography/filmmaking. It could hopefully persuade the targeted audience/readers (the students) to pick up their camera for the purpose to have fun creating art, and to show how easily it is to make films with limited resources these days.
  5. 5. First Draft TOC
  6. 6. First Draft TOC Feedback
  7. 7. I added these ovals using the ellipse tool, in order to emphasise the names of the articles more. I believe it adds more diversity to my table of contents, and differs from other tables of contents. I added another image to the table of contents to create a feeling of more features being inside the magazine. This feature and image are suitable for the magazine because I believe it will pique the interests of the readers, and persuade them into looking into amateur filmmaking. This image was added to the table of contents, in order to increase a link between the magazine and the fact that it is a hypothetical school magazine for St Marylebone. Additionally, I used the curve tool on the text to create arcs. This added a unique element to my table of contents and added to the disorienting effect created.