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Photoshoot Plan


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Photoshoot Plan

  1. 1. Planning the front cover imageAgency Name Shutter Speed ProductionsModel Antonia BlakemanCamera height/angle/distance Eye Level Medium Shot Approx. 5m away from modelLocation School Stairway Backup: School LibraryLighting Use available light on location for the first part of the photo shoot (i.e. light bulbs) Use external device, a flash light, to maximise the light in the image to create a fully lit up image.Mise-en-scene (incl. props, costume) Drama Mask (Comedy/Tragedy) Backup: Rubik’s CubeAttempted connotation With the use of a drama mask, I am trying to say that there is drama in school life. This is connected to the coverline which will read something along the lines of ‘how to cope with the drama in your life, including school’. Backup: If the Rubik’s Cube is used, the attempted connotation will be that the student has ‘cracked’ the way of coping with drama, not just in her school life, due to the successful completion of the Rubik’s Cube in the image.Planned denotation A student with a drama mask near her sitting against a coloured background. Backup: A student has a successfully completed Rubik’s Cube in her hand, sitting against a coloured background.Contingency (in case of model absence/weather) Backup Model: Zain Kanji
  2. 2. Weather Contingency: N/A as the photo shoot will be insideAlternate angle Low Angle Medium Shot Approx. 5m away from modelThinking points: Rule of thirds, White background shotComments: