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Music Magazine Questionnaire Results


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Music Magazine Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. By Luka Delic
  2. 2. Q1. How old are you? 22 people took part in this questionnaire, as you can guess from the column chart. The vast majority were 14-17 years old, which is an expected conclusion as the questionnaire took place inside the sixth form site of a school, where the majority of students have an age of 16 or 17. Two people from outside the 14-17 age range were asked. Therefore, the answers given in this results presentation will be majorly that of 14 to 17 year old teenagers, and will provide an insight into how they feel about music and magazines.
  3. 3. Q2. What gender are you? 50% of the participants were male while 50% were females. Therefore, the results should provide a fair representation of what both genders think about music and magazines. 50% 50%
  4. 4. Q3. Which genre of music do you listen to? (tick as as many applicable) The answers to this question were very varied, which is probably due to individuals’ different taste in music and the fact that on this question, I asked the participants to tick as many answers as applicable. However, 4 genres emerged as the ones that were most popular (in consecutive order): R&B, Pop, Rock and Jazz. The results show that these 4 genres of music, especially R&B, are those with the most sizable audience. Given these results, choosing one of these 4 genres would be most sensible for the focused genre of my magazine.
  5. 5. Q4. Who is/are your favourite artists? In the results to this question, there is no clear general answer. Similar to the previous question, the response was very varied, with a small number of artists being selected multiple times. The artists who were selected multiple times are named on the chart, with the ‘Other’ bar comprising of artists that were named only a single time. The groups/individuals that were chosen more than once are the ones that I shall consider for putting on the front cover, as part of a coverline, but this depends on which genre I choose and which artists correspond with a genre (i.e. ‘The Rolling Stones’ on a rock magazine cover, ‘Eminem’ on a rap front cover, ‘Drake’ on an R&B/pop front cover, etc…).
  6. 6. Q5. What is the maximum price you are willing to pay for a music magazine? The largest percentage of people (45%) chose the cheapest option of £2.50, while the second largest (27%) chose the option of £3.00. This shows that for my magazine, to capture the largest audience that I can, the maximum price that should be put on the price line of my magazine, is £3.00.
  7. 7. Q6. How frequently would you buy your music magazine? Though ‘weekly’ was evidently the least chosen option and ‘monthly’ was the most chosen option, the range in these results is clearly small, with only the difference of 3 people from ‘monthly’ to ‘weekly’. Therefore, all these options are viable for the frequency of the release of each issue of the music magazine. Although, as ‘monthly’ was the answer that was chosen the most, my music magazine will have a ‘monthly’ frequency.
  8. 8. Q7. What type of articles would you like to read in a music magazine? The most popular choices for the articles that people would like to see are in descending order: Reviews (29%), Interviews (26%) and Upcoming Artist Profiles (25%). These type of articles are the ones that will feature on my front cover and my TOC, while my double page spread may consist of an article that is one of these types. Music gossip and retrospectives will not be used in my magazine production as they are not popular.
  9. 9. Q8. Do you have a favourite music magazine? (Please specify which one) As can be extracted from the column chart opposite, most people (13 out of 22) did not have a favourite music magazine. Nonetheless, the most popular ones were ‘NME’ and ‘Kerrang!’. Given that these were most popular, I will research them and gain a greater insight into why they are popular in the context of this questionnaire. Perhaps my magazine should be influenced by elements from ‘NME’ and ‘Kerrang!’ given that I want to create a magazine that an capture a sizable audience.
  10. 10. Q9. Which magazine name do you prefer? For this question, I provided people with the option of selecting magazine names that I thought of and which one was the best, or select other and provide an alternate name for the magazine. The most popular answer was ‘DiVerse’, but ‘Vibe’ and ‘CRASH’ were popular as well. However, I have learnt that ‘Vibe’ is the name of another popular music magazine so that title will not be chosen. For my music magazine, I will use either the name ‘DiVerse’ or ‘CRASH’, but the choice between them will be made when the genre of the magazine is decided as ‘DiVerse’ appears more suitable for an R&B/ pop magazine and ‘CRASH’ seems more suitable for a rock magazine.
  11. 11. Q10. What colour scheme do you prefer? The question asked here presented the participants with the option of choosing one colour scheme from a selection of 4 and/or the option of choosing ‘Other’ and providing an alternate colour scheme that could be used. An example of an alternate colour scheme that was given, was ‘Yellow, Red, White & Black’, although the combination of these colours in a colour scheme is strange and, in my opinion, unappealing. The answers of ‘Red, Black & White’, ‘Blue, Black & White’ and ‘Purple & White’ were popular, and therefore the suggestion from these results is that the colour scheme of my front cover should be one of these popular three. As ‘Blue, Black & White’ was the most popular answer, it is the colour scheme that my colour scheme will most likely employ.
  12. 12. Q11. What type of font would you prefer for the masthead? The most popular choice for type of font was the ‘Impact’ font with 64% of participants choosing it. ‘Gill Sans MT’ is a sans serif font that was the second most popular, while ‘Edwardian Script’ was the least popular, as no one chose it. Therefore, the most suitable option for the font of my masthead would be an ‘Impact’ type or a ‘Gill Sans MT’ and the least suitable would be ‘Edwardian Script’. As ‘Impact’ was overwhelmingly the most popular option type of font, it will be the type of font used for the masthead.