Magazine comparison


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Magazine comparison

  1. 1. Luka Delic 12WJ
  2. 2. This cover is quite distinct from the other cover,as it achieves both an artistic and formal look. The use oflight throughout this cover, particularly in the shadeddrawing of a green and grassy playground/sports ground,depicting a dream-like scene. The use of a handwritten style for themotto/slogan ‘Developing the Individual’ immediatelystamps a feeling of luxury upon the magazine, even afeeling of importance, given the fact this school magazine,as suggested by the masthead which states ‘The RoyalWolverhampton School’, is most probably given to onlypeople who attend the school and/or are affiliated with theschool in some way. Additionally the masthead uses several colours,unlike the ‘Walk On’ cover, which uses a bland white, tomake the overall cover more colourful and pique potentialreaders’ interest. Another feature that adds to the feeling of luxuryis the school’s logo/coat of arms at the top of the magazine. Overall, the cover gives a formal feel, yet theimage and use of different colours also gives a positive,optimistic tone to the cover. Furthermore, the use ofEdwardian Script for the slogan provides a luxurious feel tothe entire magazine cover.
  3. 3. This magazine cover is quite simplistic in terms ofits use of font. The coverlines seem to be written in a sansserif font, suggesting Courier. This gives a script feel to thecover. The coverlines are all situated on the left. The text (dateline) at the top right tells the readerthat this particular issue of the magazine is the March 2009edition. This also tells us that the magazine is one that goesout monthly. The image was made or edited in sepia mode,which gives a drawn out/faded effect to the whole image. The masthead is written in a font that bothresembles an IMPACT font, with a hint of serif. It has asimilar hard impact that the image also shares. The use of white font throughout the cover seemsto have had one negative effect, as the white font of themiddle coverline is harder to distinguish from the highly litup trouser. With the colour white being prominentthroughout the cover, the magazine cover feels dull, alsoaccompanied by the sepia tone. Altogether these elements, especially the image,which features a person stomping on something akin to apiece of chewing gum on the floor, provides a sort of urban,rough edge to the magazine cover. This feel seems sort of outof step with the slogan ‘Youth living in step with God’, unlessthe magazine wants to adopt a hardline attitude with theteachings of the Bible. Unlike The Royal Wolverhampton Schoolmagazine cover, this cover does indeed give some hint ofwhat should be expected inside the issue, with the use ofcoverlines, and accompanying explanatory text.