Front Cover Photo Shoot Plan


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Front Cover Photo Shoot Plan

  1. 1. Planning the front cover photo shootAgency Name Shutter Speed ProductionsModel Gilles GearyCamera height/angle/distance Shot 1. Medium Height, Close Up, 3m distance Shot 2. Medium Height, Medium Shot, 5m distance Shot 3. Low Height, Low Angle, 2m distanceLocation Outside school, 2 mins away from school. Next to Ossington Buildings near Moxon Street. A white wall, with an image of a graffiti grenade imprinted on it, will be used as the background for the front cover photo shoot.Lighting Choice 1. Use of the natural light available from being in an exterior location, good weather permitting, without the use of flash from the camera Choice 2. Use of natural light with the addition of a flashlight to increase the brightness of the content and clarity of the imageMise-en-scene (incl. props, costume) Aviator sunglasses to be worn by model. Costume including a t-shirt of the Punisher symbol and a body warmer. Tattoo sleeves will be worn in order to create the impression that the model has tattoos.Attempted connotation The attempted connotation that I want to make is that the model, through his aviator sunglasses and his Punisher t-shirt is a sort of rebel. I want to create an image that suggests that there is a physical presence, but not overwhelming, to the cover person, which would connect well with the implication of his rebel nature. Together, I hope these elements, along with other elements of the cover, suggest that he is a rock musician, with the rebellious element. The grenade on the wall will suggest that he is about to ‘explode’
  2. 2. (gain more fame) onto the music scene.Planned denotation The planned denotation will be that the model Gilles will be standing in front of a white exterior wall, with the graffiti painting of a small grenade remaining. He will be standing up and looking at the camera through his sunglasses. He will be wearing a Punisher t-shirt, black body warmer on top, and dark trousers. Additionally, he will be wearing tattoo sleeves.Contingency (in case of model absence/weather) In case the model is absent, a photo shoot will still take place in the same location but with a change of model. The reserve model is Eros Vlahos. In case of bad weather (i.e. rain, etc.), the shoot will be forced to be conducted indoors. One of the locations will be the corridor of the 4th floor of the sixth form site of the school, where there is a large window that has a view of London’s skyline. Another location for the photo shoot that would be chosen in this case is the common room, located in the same building.Alternate angle A variety of angles have already been described in the camera height/ angle/ distance section.Thinking points: Rule of thirds, White background shotComments