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Front Cover Commentary


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Front Cover Commentary

  1. 1. By Luka Delic
  2. 2. Photo Shoot ImagesI thought this image was In comparison to thequite a good one. The opposite image, I believeclose up leaves enough that this one fulfils myspace at the top for the aim much better. The usemasthead and the of sunglasses and thecoverlines . The grenade ability to see the Punisherin the background is a logo create thenice touch as it gives an impression of a sort ofincendiary, anarchic feel. punkish rebel, which wasHowever, I felt it did not my intention for the coverfit my aim of creating an image. The off-kilter poseimage of a of him with his mouthrebellious, rock star who wide open suggests a hintcommands authority for of defiance, that I thinkthe front cover. This is the reader may findbecause it features the appealing. The pose isslightly, whichmodel smile does not emit an also more suited to a front cover of a rock magazine,intimating, authoritative quality and is not a pose more than the smirk in the image on the left.often seen on a cover image. Additionally, I wanted Additionally, the sunglasses add a layer of mysteryhis rebellious persona to be reflected in his clothing that may entice the reader. Overall, I thought that thisand props, which isn’t reflected as much here because image showed that I was more aware of my targethis Punisher t-shirt is hidden, and his tattoo sleeve audience and of the rock genre of my magazine, and Ican’t be seen. considered this as a possibility for my cover photo.
  3. 3. I left enough space here for the Chosen Image masthead to reside at the top. The sunglasses hide the eyes, which are commonly referred toThis is the image that I chose for as the “door to your soul”. Themy cover. One of the reasons fact that he’s hiding the “door towhy I chose this was due to the his soul” intimidates the reader.clearer visibility of the elements Additionally, obscuring themof the mise en scene, especially creates a sense of mystery,clothing, in the photo. enticing them to open the cover to discover his true personality.The tattoo sleeves clearly The close up/ medium shotconnote rebellion (one of the suggests that he’s under themain impressions rock stars spotlight, connoting that theprovide) and youth, targeting reader will gain insight intothe late teen, young adult him. However, the head turnedaudience. away, with no direct eye contact, suggesting theThe skull connotes death (which attention from the audience heis a recurring theme in rock receives is unimportant to him.songs) and an awareness of All that is important is him andpopular culture, due to it being his music.the trademark logo of the I was aware of taking a photoPunisher, a character from against a white background, inMarvel comics. order to create a colour scheme that contrasted well.
  4. 4. First Another early draft of my magazine cover DraftsDuring the creation of myfront cover, I createdseveral firstdrafts, experimentingseveral styles anddesigns, while stillmaintaining the same basicstructure and content thatmy mock-up outlined.The main reason why Iliked this draft was becauseof the poster edgeseffect, which projects anedgy vibe akin to the film‘Sin City’, and stillmaintains an intimidatingquality. Itsunconventionality wasappealing to me as well.
  5. 5. First DraftThis was my full first draft. Here I used the paint bucket tool to fill the colourThe choice of blue as a of the skull so as to matchdominant colour implies the clothing of the coverthat Gilles is a cool model to the overall colourcharacter. scheme of the front cover.There are several coverlinesand a large kicker to For this text, I used anconform with the Edwardian Script font. Thisconvention of a crowded was unconventional as itcover, and the content seemed to juxtapose theapplied from these targets rebellious, youthful tone ofmy target audience (i.e. the image with the“Green Day” suggests the inclusion of a very formal,inclusion of the rock band classy font. However, I likedin the issue, and the the look of it, whichaudience of their music seemed to suggest a certainand this magazine are stylish characteristic andidentical - firm rock fans). mystique about the model.
  6. 6. Feedback Masthead does not catch the eye of the reader as it doesn’t stand out, experiment withUse of blue is nice choice adding effects to it maybeas it suggests the coolnessof the cover person, buttry red, I think it would Filling this in blue is aprobably be a better really good effect, linkschoice the image to the overall look and colour codes used on the coverSpare space here – morecoverlines? Use of this ‘formal’ font does not match well withChange font size to the other fonts used.remain consistent Change font to one thatthroughout coverlines matches better, Impact or serif? Add one more band to fill this kicker fully
  7. 7. Final Draft
  8. 8. Thoughts:Final DraftIn terms of conventionality, I believe that my cover followsmost conventions with its general structure and style.Furthermore, the masthead catches the eye of the readermore easily due to the higher noise shadow, and theduplicating of the masthead layers three times. In terms ofchanges to my first draft, the addition of more coverlinescreates the conventional feel of a crowded cover. This is alsowhy I acted on the feedback provided and designed a buttonto add here, to fill the previously spare space here and createanother element that stands out. Additionally, the change ofthe predominant colour of the cover from blue to red, createsa more incendiary atmosphere, that feels more in line withthe personality of the cover model and my intention to createan intimidating impression of the cover person. Also, thekicker became smaller because I felt that it was too largepreviously and distracted from other elements of the cover.One more alteration I made, was changing the font of ‘GillesGeary’ to an Impact one, which matched the cover betterthan the Edwardian Script. Overall, I feel that my final draftfeels more accomplished in achieving an eye-catching coverthat is more considerate of its target audience, one way beingthrough creating the feeling of an intimidating and rebelliouscover model.