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DPS Photo Shoot Plan


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Published in: Education, Travel, Business
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DPS Photo Shoot Plan

  1. 1. Planning the double page spread imageAgency Name Shutter Speed ProductionsModel Gilles Geary (used as Front Cover Model as well. The double page spread connects with the front cover image and headline)Camera height/angle/distance Eye Level Height Medium Shot 5m distance Additional shot angle: Close UpLocation Next to a red telephone box, which is usually seen as a symbol of London, and an urban background, which contains graffiti or scaffoldings.Lighting The natural light available will be used in the photo shoot, as the photo shoot will take place in an exterior location.Mise-en-scene (incl. props, costume) No props needed. Costume from front cover photo shoot will be used, with a black puffy coat worn and a t-shirt of the Punisher symbol being worn additionally.Attempted connotation The attempted connotation that I am trying to create is that my model, who is posing as a successful musician/ rock star, is having his first music tour of the UK, kick-starting in London. The symbol of London that is the red telephone box will help to imply this. I am attempting to suggest Gilles’ ‘cool’ quality through his costume and the setting of the photo shoot.Planned denotation The planned denotation will be that my model Gilles will be standing next to a red telephone box, perhaps leaning on it, and will be standing in front of an urban background.
  2. 2. Contingency (in case of model absence/weather) In case the model is absent, a photo shoot will still take place in the same location but with a change of model. The reserve model will be Eros Vlahos. In case of bad weather (i.e. rain, etc.), the shoot will be forced to be conducted indoors. In this case, the location will be moved to an underground station. If this is not possible, the corridor of the 4th floor of the sixth form site of the school will be used, where there is a large window that has a view of London’s skyline.Alternate angle Extreme Close Up Low Angle 2m distanceThinking points: Rule of thirds, White background shotComments