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Auto Responders 101 - Creating Web Forms And Capturing Data


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Learn how to create web form and capture data with your auto responder.

This presentation was created by Luis Rivera, Internet Marketer & Strategist
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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Design
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Auto Responders 101 - Creating Web Forms And Capturing Data

  1. 1. Need an Auto Responder? Click the image below to get the best one:
  2. 2. Choose the campaign you want to create messages for.
  3. 3. Click “Web Forms” Click “Create New”
  4. 4. Select from the forms available or browse by category.
  5. 5. For this example, I’ll choose E-Commerce & Internet Marketing
  6. 6. Choose a form You can also choose from available color schemes Click “Apply” when you are happy with your selection
  7. 7. Click on the tabs to modify the sections Make sure to turn on the Header Make sure to turn OFF Name, Privacy and Powered By
  8. 8. Type in your headline and modify it the way you want. When you are done, click “Apply”
  9. 9. Type in your button text, and when you are done, click “Apply”
  10. 10. When you are done editing the form, click “Next Step”
  11. 11. Name your web form Select “Custom Thank-you page” and enter the URL you want to send your subscribers to Click “Next Step”
  12. 12. For this example, we will select “GetResponse will host my web form Copy this link and paste it into your browser window
  13. 13. Paste the link in your browser and you will see your web form When a visitor submits their email they will be taken to the thank you page URL you configured in step 19
  14. 14. That’s it for today!
  15. 15. Stay Connected Visit us at: