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France final powerpoint

  1. 1. By Luis Martinez
  2. 2. •Slaves rebel in 1791 and reach independencein 1804•First successful Latin American colony torebel against European rule•Almost 90% of the people on SaintDomingue were slaves•Poor treatment of slaves and the Declarationof the Rights of Man and Citizen were part ofthe reasons•On January 1, 1804 the island was declaredindependent and given its native name back
  3. 3. •1789-1794 (Main Events)•Four Main Phases •Moderate Phase 1789- 1791 •Radical Phase 1792-1794 •Directory 1795-1799 •Age of Napoleon 1799-1815
  4. 4. • Estates System• Severe famine from poor harvest of 1789• Huge debt from the American Revolution and Seven Years War• King’s solution was to raise taxes• First two estates didn’t want change• Third Estate breaks away and calls itself the National Assembly
  5. 5. •A mob hears that weapons are stored in theBastille (an old prison) and heads there onJuly 14, 1789•They find no weapons and a battle ensues,quickly making this a symbol of therevolution.•During the revolution 300,000 people areimprisoned and 40,000 are executed,including the king and queen, under theCommittee of Public Safety.•Napoleon sets up the Consulate in 1799 afterthe Directory takes over in 1795. He latercrowns himself emperor in 1804.
  6. 6. •Born 1769 in Corsica, as a child alwaysloved the military•Quickly rises through the ranks of themilitary and becomes General•Begins his career in politics in 1799 withthe three man Consulate, loved by thepeople•In 1804 he crowns himself emperor•Sets up: • The Napoleonic Code • Continental System
  7. 7. •Russia withdraws from the Continental System, Napoleon decides to invadewith the Grand Army, the largest military force on the planet at the time•Russians lead him through the country, wearing down Napoleon’s men, food,and morale. This is a terrible loss for Napoleon and his army trudges back withonly 10,000 of the original 400,000 men•Napoleon is exiled, returns and faces another defeat at Waterloo, and is exiledfor good until his death in 1821.•Napoleon also gives usthe gift of nationalism,which would be perhapshis greatest legacy amongmany
  8. 8. •Fought 1853-1856 between France, Britain, and Turkey against Russiaover dominance of holy lands•Turkey declares war on Russia on October 4, 1853 after rejecting theRussian ultimatum in May; France and Britain join early next year•January ,1855 Sardinia declares war on the Russians•Russia accepts peace terms in February 1856 and the Treaty of Paris issigned March 30•Russia was very technologically behind during this war as it did not have the industrial revolution on its side•More casualties from disease and famine than from actual war
  9. 9. •One of the three wars of German unification under Chancellor Otto vonBismarck, who wanted to unite northern and southern states of Germanyinto a single unified Germany•Both sides were hungry for war•With the placement of a Prussian prince onthe Spanish throne, France now had Prussianleaders on both sides and declared war•France got owned How France ends this and most wars•Lost 150,000 men, two territories, and had to pay for the war
  10. 10. •France and the United States were great allies•The statue was meant to symbolize the end of the Civil War and of thehelp France provided to the United States during the AmericanRevolution•Dedicated October 28, 1886•305 Feet tall•The tablet in her left hand reads July 4, 1776 in Romannumerals•The statue is made of copper, which is a bronze color,it is green due to the natural weathering of the copper
  11. 11. •In 1836 France claims Madagascar and Sudan as colonies•Two years later, Britain would conquer Sudan andFrance would, as always, lose its territory
  12. 12. •France begins construction on the canal in 1881 but the company in chargegoes bankrupt in 1888•In 1899 control is handed over to the U.S. for $4o million•Construction finishes in 1914•A trip from New York to San Francisco previously took 13,000 miles, now itwas about 5,000 miles
  13. 13. •Starts with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and a series ofcountries declaring war on each other•France, Britain, Russia, later the U.S. when Russia drops out form the TripleEntente•Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy form the Triple Alliance•Once again France displays its power of losing and loses 6.1 million men
  14. 14. •Rule #1: France’s armies are victorious only when not led by aFrenchman-proven during the Hundred Years war•Rule #2: France only wins when America does most of the fighting-proven during the American Revolution•First Rule of Muslim Warfare*: We can always beat the French- provenduring the Algerian Rebellion * Also identical to the rules of the Italians, Russians, Germans, English, Dutch, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Inuit