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Qrowd ppp week-2018


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Overview of the QROWD project in the context of PPP for Smart Cities.

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Qrowd ppp week-2018

  1. 1. Cognitive Business Robotics (CBR) Country wide AI solutions with Cognitive Coworker “Putin says the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world” Eren Kangeldi AI4BD Switzerland
  2. 2. Big Data in the Web 2 ❑ Social Media ❑ Web of Things, IoT, Mobile ❑ There is a Revolution in the INTERNET started 20 years ago ❑ Where is the Government with its Intranet, covering governing the Technology Revolution ❑ European Digitalization Report 2018 of citizens/consumer needs ❑ 72% belief AI will help ❑ 45% belief Robotics will help ❑ How can the Government help? 1. Build solid strategic framework 2. Model Processes for better Citizen services 3. Put humans at the center. 4. Focus on data. AI is built on data, 5. Consider to proof your concept Governmental AI and Big Data ● Across public sector organizations ● Safer homeland ● Improved citizens service in different Areas, Health Care… ● for social benefit ● For education ● Better value for money ● For policy decisions and legislative guidance ● For happy citizens ● Trust remains a key factor
  3. 3. Why should the government help Deloitte estimates, automation could save 96.7 million federal hours annually, with a potential savings of $3.3 billion. At the high end, those figures jump to 1.2 billion hours and a potential annual savings of $41.1 billion with AI systems — rules-based systems, machine translation, computer vision, machine learning, robotics and natural language processing — US based figures. What might be your savings ? 3 ❑ Industry automated its processes the last 40 years ❑ This automation brought wealth, safety, national competitive advantage ❑ See Switzerland and Germany as leading automated countries ❑ The administrational work is not yet automated in industry, neither in governmental processes. ❑ How can you utilize the human knowledge and defined rules in your daily business. ❑ How to converge Industrial needs, governmental administrative processes on a solid Framework for your own country wide solution ?
  4. 4. How can we help you? Leading GE/CH Business Robotics Solution Configuring Country wide Coworkers You own your solutions and keep Data and Safety in your own country Financing models for governmental Projects through institutional Investors of AI4BD • Listen to your City as well • Awarded smart city example 4
  5. 5. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme Making transport smarter, leveraging the human factor Semih Yumusak AI4BD Turkey PPP Week 2018 Innovative mobility solutions for smart municipalities
  6. 6. The team
  7. 7. Enhanced mobility Better policies Less traffic More citizen engagement
  8. 8. For data collection and integration We deliver tools to: ● Collect data from engaged citizens (i-Log app) ● Integrate data into a data lake from disparate sources ● Data collection from crowd-workers
  9. 9. Example of crowdsourcing for Data generation, acquisition, and sharing ● Streetview experiment What Who Why How Information finding Crowd-workers Economic Collection
  10. 10. QROWD: Value adding mobility data integration • Insights for city managers • Guidance for drivers • Advice for tourists • Information for the citizen
  11. 11. DOCUMENT TITLE Overall benefits from QROWD solutions ✓ Enhanced visibility and transparency of city innovation initiatives ✓ Improved citizens´ sense of “ownership” of city innovation ✓ City managers progress from problem solving to planned improvements ✓ Better informed urban policy decision making ✓ Catalyser for private sector to share mobility-related data ✓ Improved city government ROI on urban modernisation ✓ Contribution to trust build-up among local stakeholders
  12. 12. DOCUMENT TITLE Mobility-specific benefits ✓Improve traffic prediction, management and safety ✓Reduce congestion, better spreading of traffic ✓Reduce pollution ✓Reduce stress for drivers ✓Drivers better informed on free parking slots, bike sharing, etc. ✓Tourists better advised= improved local holiday experience
  13. 13. DOCUMENT TITLE The ultimate impact
  14. 14. PPP for Smart Cities: Critical Success Factors Dimension Critical issues Governance • Long term vs short term (careful, dealing with short term by design politicians) • Transparency as a management value, Few stakeholders vs. whole city • The speed and randomness of Digital Transformation (Expect the unexpected) • PPP as core element of the SC governance model Context • PPP schemes design and standardisation at national or regional level • The role of champions/pilots and followers is part of the strategy Performance control • Transparency in monitoring and supervision • How to measure ROI from PPP for all parties involved Partners • Not just domain experts: team players, long term vision + short term flexibility • Not just a financial suppliers: city team player (commitment) • Clear vision on economies of scale for multi-city operations (scaling-up for suppliers) • Allocate the right incentives (to minimize deviations to the “bad” ones) Innovations • SC should have their own critical mass of innovators, to push and support external partners • Multidimensional nature of SC fosters synergies (which must be fostered by governance) Social Impact • SC PPP is not just a financial mechanism: Social ROI for city owners/all stakeholder groups must be tangible to overcome political short term cycle constraints • Transparency is a must, otherwise PPP becomes a dead body
  15. 15. Thank you 15