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Validation of services, data and metadata


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Now days organizations are making available data (e.g. vector data, rasters) via web services, that follow open standards and are easier to integrate with other data. Validation of these services is important to guarantee that clients (e.g. web portals, mobile applications) can properly discover and download the data that a user needs. Validation can also serve as curation process to improve discovery on registries [1][2] or for certification purposes [3]. This session will provide an overview and a demo of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Validation tools. The participants will understand how to invoke a test and install the tools in their own environment. The validation tools are used to test servers, data and clients. The tests can be customized to not only test implementations against OGC standards but also community profiles. The validation engine and the tests are available as open source in GitHub.

[1] ESIP Discovery Cluster Testbed: Validate and Relate Data & Services - Draft -
[2] Community Inventory of EarthCube Resources for Geosciences Interoperability -
[3] OCG Validation Website -

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Validation of services, data and metadata

  1. 1. ® Validation of services, data and metadata Luis Bermudez (OGC) ESIP Summer Meeting 2016 Durham, NC July 21, 2016
  2. 2. Composition of this talk • Why validation • ESIP needs • OGC Compliance Program • The tool 2
  3. 3. WHY validation? 3
  4. 4. Maps Coverages Vector Time Series Eureka! My model is perfect
  5. 5. Server Client
  6. 6. Maps Coverages Vector Time Series ? ? ? ?
  7. 7. Service Service Catalog Are the services correctly registered so that they can be found and use?
  8. 8. OGC ® © 2016 Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. ESIP community has documented the need 8
  9. 9. Discovery Grand Challenge
  10. 10. Need for validation
  11. 11. OGC ® © 2016 Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. OGC compliance program 11
  12. 12. Open Geospatial Consortium 534 volunteer organizations 6905 portal users More than 60 standards
  13. 13. Conformance = fulfillment of specified requirements
  14. 14. Implementations can get OGC Certified Currently 851 implementations 203 compliant products
  15. 15. For Users: Proof that a solution works ( resource/products/compliant)
  16. 16. For implementers: Get more business
  17. 17. How does it work?
  18. 18. OGC ® © 2016 Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. 19 Conformant = Compliant = Super passing the test + license If not we can say Implement
  19. 19. Available and Expected Tests 2016 Available Tests Version Projected in 2016 Version Catalogue Service - Web (CSW) 2.0.2 Catalogue Service - Web (CSW) 3.0 Geography Markup Language (GML) 3.2.1 GeoPackage 1.0 OGC KML 2.2 KML 2.3 Sensor Observation Service (SOS) 1.0.0 O&M 2.0 Sensor Observation Service (SOS) 2.0 SensorML 1.0 Sensor Planning Service (SPS) 1.0 SensorML 2.0 Sensor Planning Service (SPS) 2.0 SensorThings API 1.0 Simple Feature Access - SQL (SFS) 1.1 WFS (Basic) 1.1 Simple Feature Access - SQL (SFS) 1.2.1 WMTS 1.0 Web Coverage Service (WCS) 1.0.0 WPS 1.0 Web Coverage Service (WCS) 1.1.1 DGIWG Profiles Web Coverage Service (WCS) 2.0.1 Web Feature Service (WFS) 1.0.0 Web Feature Service (WFS) 1.1.0 Web Feature Service (WFS) 2.0 Web Map Service (WMS) 1.1.1 Web Map Service (WMS) 1.3.0 WMS Client 1.3
  20. 20. How to ask for compliance? “ … Purchaser seeks geospatial products that provide maximum interoperability with purchaser’s and data sharing partner’s systems. To accomplish this, purchaser seeks to make maximum use of open standards provided by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), ISO …” OGC Compliance Overview - Guide for Software Acquisition White paper (15-002r5)
  21. 21. The Open Source Tool
  22. 22. Tools, community and support Code Contributors Public Forum Support Open Source XSLT Tools Communities Collaboration Giacomo Martirano Stefania Morrone Enable testing of INPSIRE metadata profiles Processing non-ASCII chars GML CRS, and polygons definitions
  23. 23. Anybody can run the test
  24. 24. Tester selects test suite Tester names session Selection of Test
  25. 25. Testing in Progress Tester provides end point of the service Console provides feedback on test assertions Tester Selects Options
  26. 26. Summary of Results
  27. 27. Types of Tests • Encodings – SensorML, KML, GML, Metadata in XML, … • Servers – CAT, WFS, WMS, WCS, SOS, … • Clients – WMS 1.3
  28. 28. Example in EuropeExample in Europe Data validation for INSPIRE Themes In collaboration with Epsilon Italia TEAM Engine and GML 3.2.1 test suit Metadata and Services Validation for Germany and INSPIRE TEAM Engine and CSW and WMS test suites
  29. 29. Community Support
  30. 30. Metadata Validation used in CINERGI (Community Inventory of EarthCube Resources for Geosciences Interoperability)
  31. 31. 32 ILYA ZASLAVSKY RAQUELCALDERON CHRISCONDIT JEFFREYGRETHE AMARNATH GUPTA BURAKOZYURT THOMASWHITENACK DAVIDVALENTINE ALICEGILIARINI AARON GONG University of California San Diego STEPHEN RICHARD, LEAHMUSIL Arizona Geological Survey KERSTIN LEHNERT, LESLIEHSU LDEO, Columbia University TANU MALIK University of Chicago LUISBERMUDEZ Open Geospatial Consortium Community Inventory of EarthCube Resources for Geoscience Interoperability CINERGIProject Overview
  32. 32. Goals • Large inventory of high quality information resources across disciplines, with traceable provenance, usable across EarthCube research scenarios • Engaging geoscience community in creating and curating the inventory • Enabling search and integration across domains, and facilitating navigation across information objects of different types (resources, people, software, etc..)
  33. 33. 34
  34. 34. 3 Levels Community Inventories Validation 1 – Schema 2 – Rules not enforced by schema 3 – Community rules http://cite-dev- amengine/
  35. 35. Level 1 - Schema
  36. 36. Level 2 – Rules not enforceable via Schema
  37. 37. Level 3 – Community Rules
  38. 38. Results
  39. 39. Example files for metadata validation Go to the validation web site: Provide an XML instance 4F7E-AD26-F2B87DD4DB4B.xml And if needed provide a schematron extend-iso.sch 41
  40. 40. GML Validation Common Database on Designated Areas 1.4 GB 100,181 Features CDDA application schema INSPIRE Protected Sites schema XML Schema Validation About 1 min to test against Schema with 1 GB Java heap size Test data provided b Epsilon Italia
  41. 41. OGC ® © 2016 Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. Catalog (CAT 3.0) Validation 43 •
  42. 42. CAT 3.0 Blog link mode=opensearch& service=CSW& version=3.0.0& request=GetRecords& elementsetname=full& typenames=csw:Record& resulttype=results& q=Greece
  43. 43. Help and questions when testingHelp and questions when testing cite-forum@ Community support with about About 300 members
  44. 44. Thank you Luis Bermudez @berdez Presentation at: