Portfolio alignement with business intentions


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Portfolio alignement with business intentions

  1. 1. www.pragmantic.comexpertDAY’08Portfolio Alignment with Business IntentionsS55 - IT GovernanceSessionLuis BecerraBusiness Analyst ManagerPierre-Yves NiederhauserSenior Consultant
  2. 2. www.pragmantic.comPlay the gamewww.pragmantic.comAnybody noticed the whole worldhas gone process mad?
  3. 3. www.pragmantic.comPlay the gameThe thrill of action, the drama ofemotional bonds to live thegame on the pitch set passion
  4. 4. www.pragmantic.comWhen you play thegame there’re rulesPlay the gameTo win the gameyou’ve got to score
  5. 5. www.pragmantic.comOur time todayDemand ManagementEnsure that requests ofstrategic initiatives are balancedwith efficient day-to-day ISservice delivery and routine changesPortfolio ManagementSupport prioritization processesthrough clear responsibilitiesfor consolidating, evaluating,and approving collectedBusiness and IT demands
  6. 6. www.pragmantic.com
  7. 7. www.pragmantic.comCase study: Generic ContextSwiss Premium Quality Copper Alloys since 1883w h e r e h i g h - t e c h b e g i n s .• over 1’500 employees in three countries• Headquarter & main site in Switzerland• 85% of products certified for specific industries
  8. 8. www.pragmantic.comCopperbandOthersCase study: Business IntentionsFour Strategical Business intentionsw h e r e h i g h - t e c h b e g i n s .• 2 digits growth on Eastern European markets• Seamless integration of new acquired company• Keep current market share on US demographic zone• Sustain significant R&D effort to develop new alloys
  9. 9. www.pragmantic.comCase study: IS InformationIS organisation at a glimpsew h e r e h i g h - t e c h b e g i n s .• Staff: 15 full time equivalent (60%) + 6 permanent consultants (40%)• Budget: 11.5 MCHF per year (3 MCHF allocated to new projects)• IS landscape Main datacenter in the HQ (Switzerland)Centralized storage (SAN) and IT administration2 ERP systems in used – 5 financial apps, 3 HR packagesIn house project methodologie – no consolidation of projects• Org.: Centralized management and infrastructure decisionsdecentralized applications decisions under the umbrella ofbusiness unit leaders which are key process owners• Governance: Focus on making individual decisions. Unit of interest is the project
  10. 10. www.pragmantic.comCase study: IS ConcernsMain concerns of the IS Directorw h e r e h i g h - t e c h b e g i n s .• More than 50 requests in the pipeline in addition to daily execution• Increasing pressure from CFO to report on IS investments (ROI / Value)• Reactive mode of IS operations and support• Major delays on project delivery
  11. 11. www.pragmantic.com
  12. 12. www.pragmantic.comIT Strategic Goals for 2008-2010 periodw h e r e h i g h - t e c h b e g i n s .IT StrategicPlan doesn’texist!It is NOT areason to stayin the statusquo zone
  13. 13. www.pragmantic.comList of Requests as of May 1st 2008 Investment (KCHF)Total 8033 923 3490ID Project Name Short description Sponsor First year Next years Effort (MxD) Priority001 VoIP Replacement of current PABX by VoIP infrastructure in HQ STO 50 10 20 High002 e-mail archiving Implement an e-mail archiving solution ADR 130 25 30 High003 Vista Migration to Vista for all the clients JRJ 160 - 50 Medium004 SAN expansion Add 3 TB of raw disk capacity to the SAN01 infrastructure ADR 80 10 10 Medium005 Mobile toolkit Equip salesforce with laptops and mobile internet access MAK 125 20 20 High006 Intranet Develop an intranet to share all documents that are currently on the file system JRJ 50 10 50 High007 Wireless Mice Equip all workstations with new wireless last generation optical mice STO 45 - 5 Low008 Single Sign-On Investigate and propose a single sign-on solution for all internal apps QDL 20 - 20 High009 Virtual DC Implement a virtualized server farm and migrate 20% of application servers JRJ 450 55 300 High010 WiFi 802.11N Implement a secured wifi 802.11N network in the factories JRJ 63 8 80 Medium011 ERP data link Data synchronization for orders tracking between CZ and CH sites STO 20 5 10 Low012 Backup on disk Selection and implementation of a Virtual Tape Library STO 200 30 45 Medium013 Mobile Training Acquire a mobile set for training department (10 laptops + printer + beamer) STO 30 5 5 Medium014 R&D Excel Macros Redevelop set of 30 Excel 3.0 macros used by R&D dept in VBA ADR 150 - 100 Low015 Videoconf Implement teleconferencing between CH, US and CZ sites MAK 75 9 25 High016 Backup of clients Provide a backup solution for clients (especially laptops) FFM 50 7 20 High017 Ticketing Implement e-tickets for helpdesk STO 30 - 20 High018 Client HW Renew hardware with a maximum of 3 desktop models and 2 latops models FFM 1500 200 450 High019 Secure DC Secure physical access to the HQ data center JRJ 35 - 10 High020 ERP Switzerland Upgrade ERP to latest version (5.4) FFM 245 - 40 High021 SQL Server farm Implement SQL Server farm and remove SQL Server from other servers STO 225 34 50 Low022 SW portfolio Standardize software portfolio with one corporate application by functionality STO 220 30 35 Medium023 2D codebar Replace current codebar solution in the factories by new generation 2D codebars STO 50 5 10 Medium024 DR-Site Provide DR solution for ERP STO 500 70 200 High025 Internet.cz Integrate Czech website into corporate website MAK 50 10 35 High026 Office 07 lic. Acquire 800 Office 2007 licenses (upgrade) FFM 265 - 5 High027 Office 07 training Training of users on the new functionalities of Office 2007 STO 320 - 300 High028 Gbit Ethernet Upgrade all sites to end-to-end Gbit Ethernet FFM 650 80 500 Medium029 e-punchcard Acquire and implement e-punchcard solution in all the factories + offices in CH QDL 150 20 30 Medium030 fax solution Centralized and secured fax solution for CH sites STO 80 10 20 High031 e-guard Remote surveillance of raw material stocks (CH / CZ) JRJ 250 40 35 Medium032 QoS WAN QoS implementation JRJ 120 15 40 High033 CRM CRM solution selection JRJ 45 - 20 High034 VPN Provide VPN solution for VIP + Salesforce JRJ 50 10 10 High035 AD Review Review Active Directory design and clean AD contents FFM 100 20 80 Low036 Data Center UPS Upgrade/Replacement of the current UPS solution ADR 85 - 20 Medium037 One printer Consolidate printing infra, provide one access to one single polyvalent printer FFM 250 30 150 Medium038 Whitepages Implement internal "whos who" solution, based on AD + HR data STO 85 10 60 High039 Security policy Design internal IT security rules and process handbook ADR 25 5 15 HighGather all demands into a consolidated placewww.pragmantic.comMore than 50 requests...for a total amount of 8.00 MCHF investmentBudget allocated to new IS initiatives3.00 MCHF
  14. 14. www.pragmantic.comwww.pragmantic.comStructured demands
  15. 15. www.pragmantic.comRethink IS as an Investment PortfolioThe portfolio notion provides awell-understood business lensas well as concepts familiar tobusiness management andpersonal life investments.Value creation must recognizethere’re different categories ofinvestments that must beevaluated and managed differently.The establishment of portfolioparameters will constitute the firststep to categorize the demandsProvide shared IT capabilities(Infrastructure)Reduce cost of doing business(Transactional)Provide better information(Informational)Gain competitive advantage or majorinnovation (strategic)
  16. 16. www.pragmantic.comDimensions of IS Portfoliowhere high-tech begins.
  17. 17. www.pragmantic.comBuild an IS Portfolio based on dimensionsDirection• Helping IS to understand how to sustainbusiness operations strategiesIdentification• Identifying the RIGHT initiatives needed tomeet business operational objectivesAlignment• Aligning the business operationalobjectives with the key IS initiatives troughcriteria and weight them against corporatebusiness intentionsRelationship• Engage dialogue with businesscounterparts and build trust byunderstanding the intersections betweenbusiness intentions and IS deliveries
  18. 18. www.pragmantic.comwww.pragmantic.comArbitration defined
  19. 19. www.pragmantic.comArbitration of IS Portfoliowhere high-tech begins.
  20. 20. www.pragmantic.comArbitration of IS PortfolioPrioritizing• We cant satisfy every single demand atonce so we have to set priorities withbusiness peers. Do the right projectsversus do the projects rightScoring• Combine various inputs to result in aproposition for arbitration illustrated visuallythrough graphic chartsBalancing• Balance a set of common initiatives againstcriteria will give you different angles ofanalysisDeciding• Being able to make informed decisionsit is what matter most
  21. 21. www.pragmantic.comwww.pragmantic.comWhat did weaccomplish?
  22. 22. www.pragmantic.comGain visibility and credibilityPublished portfolio of initiatives based ontransparent rules and engage dialoguewith business counterparts.AlignInvestments and human resources arealigned with business operationalobjectivesPrioritizeScore initiatives based on defined rulesand get common understandingFirst Visible BenefitsENABLE DECISION MAKING– IT Governance
  23. 23. www.pragmantic.comWhat we plan to do?
  24. 24. www.pragmantic.comYour Next StepsOn Monday morning• Allow a space in your typical dailyagenda• Find a place to think• Spend a time intentionally to reviewthis presentationIn June• A one day workshop to dive intoCopperband case study• Date:• Lausanne on June 17th 2008• Geneva on June 24th 2008• Contact Helène Polain• helene.polain@lanexpert.ch• Subject: IT Governance WorkshopTime to think from divers angles
  25. 25. www.pragmantic.comPlay the game
  26. 26. www.pragmantic.comBackup slides
  27. 27. www.pragmantic.comValIT Management PracticesProvide strategic directionEvaluate &prioritizeinvestmentsMoveselectedinvestmentsto activeportfolioManageoverallportfolioVG5, 9-11PM12-13PM11PM7-10VG8MaintainresourceprofileMaintainfundingprofileMonitor &report onportfolioperformanceIdentify businessrequestsDefine candidateprogrammeAnalysealternativesAssignaccountabilityDocumentbusinesscaseLaunchprogrammeManageprogrammeexecutionMonitor onprogrammeperformanceRetireprogrammeVG1-4,6-7PM6PM14PM1-5IM1-2IM3, 5-7IM4IM9IM8,13 IM10 IM11-12 IM14 IM15Establish governance frameworkEstablish portfolio parameters
  28. 28. www.pragmantic.comMaintainresourceprofileMaintainfundingprofileMonitor &report onportfolioperformanceIdentify businessrequestsDefine candidateprogrammeAnalysealternativesAssignaccountabilityDocumentbusinesscaseLaunchprogrammeManageprogrammeexecutionMonitor onprogrammeperformanceRetireprogrammeVG1-4,6-7PM6PM14PM1-5IM1-2IM3, 5-7IM4IM9IM8,13 IM10 IM11-12 IM14 IM15Establish governance frameworkEstablish portfolio parametersWhat have we covered today?Provide strategic directionEvaluate &prioritizeinvestmentsMoveselectedinvestmentsto activeportfolioManageoverallportfolioVG5, 9-11PM12-13PM11PM7-10VG8