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Delta v advanced control overview_en


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Delta v advanced control overview_en

  1. 1. DeltaV EmbeddedAdvanced ControlA New Approach to Advanced ControlOverview Presentation
  2. 2. Topics  DeltaV Embedded Advanced Control Advantage  DeltaV Advanced Control Product Suite  Experience / ExamplesEmerson Confidential
  3. 3. Advanced Control for Operational Excellence Improve Quality PlantWeb Benefits – Reduce Variability – Predict Lab Measurements Increase Throughput – Continuously Push Limits – Protect Multiple Constraints Reduce Costs – Maximize Efficiency and Reduce APC Energy Costs Impact – Accurate Quality Control to Reduce Inventory and Product Rework – Stabilize Control to Reduce Equipment Wear and Incident RiskEmerson Confidential
  4. 4. Advanced Control - The DeltaV Way Enable the average process engineer to quickly deploy state-of-the-art Advanced Control to improve plant performance. DeltaV Makes Advanced Control Easy!Emerson Confidential
  5. 5. Embedded APC Tools – What’s new?• NO extra Traditional Advanced databases Control• NO database synchronization Embedded APC: issues • Can run in DCS controllers• NO watchdog timers • Redundant and fast (1/sec)• NO fail/shed logic • Integrated operator user design interface • Configuration through• NO custom DCS standard Control Studio programming • Automated step testing and• NO interface Model ID programming • Off-line simulation and• NO operator training interface development Emerson Confidential
  6. 6. New Approach to APC Configuration DeltaV APC blocks are “Drag-n-Drop” Graphical Configuration using Control StudioEmerson Confidential
  7. 7. New Approach to APC Configuration System-wide tag browsing … all in the DCS databaseEmerson Confidential
  8. 8. Typical APC Project Timeline Months 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Functional Design Det. Design, Config & Staging Step Tests & Model ID Traditional APC Technology CommissioningFunctional Design Det. Design & Config Step Tests & Model ID Performed on-site CommissioningEmbedded APC TechnologyEmerson Confidential
  9. 9. Traditional Advanced Control Over Time Start Project Start Commissioning End Commissioning Traditional APC 100% % On-line Time More than 50% of APC applications are turned off within the first 2 years after installation. time Yr 1 Yr 2Emerson Confidential
  10. 10. Why Don’t APC Applications Stay On-Line?  Regulatory control problems – Instrument failures – Valve problems – Poor loop tuning  Process changes – New constraints or limits – Different control objectives – Different process dynamics  Applications not maintained – Maintenance not budgeted  Lack of operator training – Operators don’t understand what the APC is doing  Too expensive to bring in APC consultants How to Sustain Control Performance?Emerson Confidential
  11. 11. Must Build Solid Foundations You Can’t Have This… Advanced Control Control Foundation Without This…Emerson Confidential
  12. 12. Foundation Built on Health of Field Devices Fieldbus Status Is Consistently Used by DeltaV Advanced ControlEmerson Confidential
  13. 13. DeltaV Embedded Advanced ControlA Systematic Approach for Sustained Performance Analyze and Diagnose Identify Problems Re-Tune And Prioritize Or Fix Cause Monitor Advanced Performance ControlEmerson Confidential
  14. 14. DeltaV InSight – A Control Performance Suite Intelligent Controller Tuning “Tune with InSight” Adaptive Control (Adapt) “Control with InSight” DeltaV InSight Intelligent Performance Monitoring “Inspect with InSight” Advanced Control Process Model Calculations Predict / Neural / FuzzyEmerson Confidential
  15. 15. DeltaV Embedded APC forSustained Performance DeltaV APC Traditional APC 100% % On-line Time Faster to Commission + Sustained Performance = Greater $$’s Saved timeEmerson Confidential
  16. 16. The DeltaV Embedded APC Advantage  Ease of Use – Intended for process control engineers – Minimum APC consulting required  Integrated DeltaV Architecture – Common graphical configuration, operator displays, historian – Advanced control technology embedded in system  Sustained Performance – Built-in tools to optimize regulatory control performance – Accounts for health of field devices  Reduced Cost – Faster project implementation – Easier to maintainEmerson Confidential
  17. 17. Topics  DeltaV Advantage - Embedded Advanced Control  Advanced Control Product Suite  Experience / ExamplesEmerson Confidential
  18. 18. DeltaV Advanced Control Products  DeltaV InSight – performance monitoring and loop tuning – Inspect: Monitors performance and identifies abnormal conditions. Automatically configured. – Tune: On-demand and Adaptive tuning for any PID loop. – Adapt: Closed loop adaptive control for any PID block.  DeltaV Predict/Pro – Model Predictive Control (MPC) with embedded optimization for small and large applications.  DeltaV Neural – On-line property estimation for process measurements normally only available from lab analysis.  DeltaV Simulate/Pro – Off-line training and engineering environment. Run DeltaV on your laptop!Emerson Confidential
  19. 19. DeltaV Advanced Control Products  DeltaV Insight – performance monitoring and loop tuning – Inspect: Monitors performance and identifies abnormal conditions. Automatically configured. – Tune: On-demand and Adaptive tuning for any PID loop. – Adapt: Closed loop adaptive control for any PID block.  DeltaV Predict/Pro – Model Predictive Control (MPC) with embedded optimization for small and large applications.  DeltaV Neural – On-line property estimation for process measurements normally only available from lab analysis.  DeltaV Simulate/Pro – Off-line training and engineering environment. Run DeltaV on your laptop!Emerson Confidential
  20. 20. DeltaV InSightPoor control costs your company money. DeltaV InSight providesa cost effective way to improve control performance:  Easily identify control problems – Loop service and variability monitoring – Device diagnostics  Quickly tune loops for improved control – On-demand and Adaptive Tuning – Test tuning with simulation  Gain process insight with embedded learning  Easy to Use – Out of the Box – No Configuration Required – Adapts to system configuration changesEmerson Confidential
  21. 21. Predictive Intelligence = Intelligent Control Adaptive Learning Algorithms for Intelligent Control Learn Evaluate • Observe • Validate • Identify • Compare • Remember • Diagnose Improve • Advise • Tune • AdaptEmerson Confidential
  22. 22. DeltaV InSight for Intelligent Control With InSight’s Adaptive Learning you can: • Automatically calculate process models for every control loop in the system • Benchmark Control Performance • Diagnose and predict control problems Learn Evaluate • Tune controllers (with no testing) • Reduce start-up time for new control systems • Reduce engineering time for simulations • Identify APC Opportunities Improve • Apply MPC (Predict) with no testing • Implement closed loop adaptive control Never before has a Control System provided embedded learning algorithms for every control loop; enabling intelligent monitoring, diagnostics, and advanced tuning.Emerson Confidential
  23. 23. DeltaV InSight Bringing it all together:  Performance Monitoring• On-demandTuning  Loop Diagnostics• Adaptive Tuning  Embedded Learning• Simulation  Adaptive Tuning  Adaptive Control • Adaptive Control• Performance Monitoring • Operating Regions• Loop Diagnostics • Non-linear Control• Reporting • Model Identification • Control Diagnostics • Performance Indices Emerson Confidential
  24. 24. DeltaV InSight – Integrated User Interface Old DeltaV Inspect New DeltaV InSight Old DeltaV Tune New interface provides seamless transition between loop diagnostics and tuning.Emerson Confidential
  25. 25. Easily Launched in Context From the Control Studio DeltaV Explorer Operator Interface From the DeltaV Explorer Context sensitive from Control StudioEmerson Confidential
  26. 26. DeltaV Insight – ArchitectureData Analysisand Reporting UI from anyRuns in Server workstation Embedded Learning Runs in the Controller • Fast Data Capture • Small Communications Load • Runs in Background Emerson Confidential
  27. 27. DeltaV InSight – Process Learning InSight monitors each control block to detect changes to SP (or OUT in manual), called a Trigger Event. InSight captures response data and calculates a dynamic process model for each Trigger Event. Models are stored in a database for use in loop diagnostics and adaptive tuning. Users may modify default values for SP or OUT move size required for a Trigger Event in the Learning Set-up Display.Emerson Confidential
  28. 28. DeltaV InSight – Enable Process Learning  Learning may be enabled in Control Studio during configuration, or  Learning may be enabled in DeltaV Explorer  Learning may also be enabled and disabled ON- LINE using DeltaV InSight  Learning is available on DeltaV and Fieldbus PID blocksEmerson Confidential
  29. 29. Control Performance Monitoring“Inspect with InSight”  Explorer tree allows easy navigation of control hierarchy  Overview display summarizes performance for System, Area, Units and Modules  Abnormal Control Conditions indicated for Problem Loops: – Control Service Status: • Incorrect mode • Limited control output • Bad/Uncertain input – Control Performance Status: • Standard Deviation • Variability Index • Oscillation Index • Tuning Index – Device and Valve DiagnosticsEmerson Confidential
  30. 30. Control Block Performance Indices Block Summary Display provides trends, current values, and limits for: Control Service Statistics – Incorrect Mode – Limited Control Output – Uncertain Input Control Performance Indices – Standard Deviation – Variability Index – Oscillation Index – Tuning Index Tuning Index is the % change in control variability between current tuning and recommended adaptive tuning.Emerson Confidential
  31. 31. DeltaV InSight – Tuning Index  Quickly identifies loops that have recommended tuning  Tuning display filter will only indicates loops with: – Significant improvement in variability (e.g., >20%) – High model confidence – Currently have high variabilityEmerson Confidential
  32. 32. DeltaV InSight - Asset Monitoring  Device Alerts are reported through InSight Asset Displays  Overview provides graphical display for Asset Alerts of System, Area, and Modules Right-Click  Asset Display identifies Asset Alerts including: – Asset Failed – Maintenance Soon – Advisory – Communications Failed  Easily Launch AMS Device Manager in Context to access detailed diagnosticsEmerson Confidential
  33. 33. DeltaV InSight – Loop Tuning Two methods of loop tuning are supported  On-demand Tuning – Steps control output to identify tuning – Same as old TUNE  Adaptive Tuning – No Testing – Uses Process Learning during normal operationsEmerson Confidential
  34. 34. DeltaV InSight - On-demand Tuning ● Used to tune PID and fuzzy logic control blocks ● Guides user through tuning - Set Step Size - Test - Simulate ● Same features as old DeltaV TuneEmerson Confidential
  35. 35. On-Demand Tuning - Options for the Expert Power for the Advanced User !Emerson Confidential
  36. 36. DeltaV InSight - Adaptive TuningProvides Tuning Based on Normal Operator Changes  InSight automatically calculates dynamic Before vs. After models from operator changes  Model Quality and Learning Status  Tuning criteria and desired speed of response  Tuning Recommendation  No Testing RequiredEmerson Confidential
  37. 37. DeltaV InSight - Model Analysis Gain Process Insight with Model Analysis  Models automatically stored in a model database  Various plot options to analyze impact of operating conditions on process models  Average of selected models may be utilized to establish the recommended tuningEmerson Confidential
  38. 38. DeltaV InSight - Control Simulation Test your tuning with Dynamic Simulation  Closed loop simulation of setpoint and View Dynamic disturbance Response changes for recommended tuning Select New Tuning Simulation for both  Speed vs RobustnessAdaptive and On- demand TuningEmerson Confidential
  39. 39. DeltaV InSight – Adaptive Control Non-linear Process Example  Process gain and dynamics may change as a function of operating conditions such as valve position or feed rate.Emerson Confidential
  40. 40. Non-linear Process ModelsEmerson Confidential
  41. 41. DeltaV InSight – Adaptive Control InSight identifies tuning inup to 5 regions of operationEmerson Confidential
  42. 42. DeltaV InSight – Adaptive ControlEmerson Confidential
  43. 43. DeltaV InSight – Adaptive Control Adaptive control adjusts tuning to improve control performanceEmerson Confidential
  44. 44. InSight Performance Reports Standard Out-of-Box Reports – Quickly identify control problems – Track performance, communicate results – Schedule for automatic generation – Easy, Easy, Easy • No Configuration or Maintenance  Customized Reports – Add production KPI’s in customized reports via Excel and DeltaV ReporterEmerson Confidential
  45. 45. Area Control Performance ReportEmerson Confidential
  46. 46. Area Control Performance ReportEmerson Confidential
  47. 47. DeltaV Fuzzy - As Easy to Use as PID • Pre-configured Fuzzy Logic Controller • May replace PID for most applications • Improved response to process disturbances • Quick tuning with DeltaV InSIght • Configuration is Easy - exactly like PIDEmerson Confidential
  48. 48. Easy As PID… DeltaV Explorer Replace PID with Fuzzy Logic ControlEmerson Confidential
  49. 49. DeltaV Fuzzy Function Block Pre-defined Fuzzy Logic ControlEmerson Confidential
  50. 50. Use DeltaV InSight to Tune Fuzzy Logic Transfer recommended constants to fuzzy controlEmerson Confidential
  51. 51. Simulated ResponseEmerson Confidential
  52. 52. Fuzzy Logic Control vs PIDSetpoint Change Load Disturbance FLC FLC PID PID FLC FLC PID PID Notice at both SP change and at load disturbance the FLC output change is more dramatic than PID. Resulting in faster return to SP. Also notice as PV approaches SP, the FLC exhibits less overshoot.Emerson Confidential
  53. 53. Fuzzy Control Results  DeltaV “Fuzzy” pH Control: Tighter control of effluent pH results in 8% decrease in amount of caustic used. Value = 720 GPD caustic; eliminated nuisance alarms Before After (using DeltaV PID) (using DeltaV Fuzzy) Source: Emerson Exchange, October 2004 Shell Deer Park PaperEmerson Confidential
  54. 54. DeltaV Predict - Model Predictive Control ● Handles difficult process dynamics, reduces variability and protects constraints ● Easy and fast implementation ● Fully embedded, no integration required - Configuration - Operator Displays - Historian ● Scaleable, Practical Model Predictive Control ● Optimizes process within constraintsEmerson Confidential
  55. 55. Model Predictive Control Learns From The Past To Predict The Future Modeled Relationship Past Present FutureEmerson Confidential
  56. 56. Multivariable Dynamic Process Models The Model Consists Of Step Responses That Show The Relationship Between Every Process Input And OutputEmerson Confidential
  57. 57. Graphical Configuration DeltaV APC blocks are “Drag-n-Drop” Graphical Configuration using Control StudioEmerson Confidential
  58. 58. Automated Step Testing Process StepsEmerson Confidential
  59. 59. Process Model DisplaysEmerson Confidential
  60. 60. Individual Step Response ViewEmerson Confidential
  61. 61. Modifying Step Responses Enter Step Response ConstantsEmerson Confidential
  62. 62. Model ValidationEmerson Confidential
  63. 63. MPC Control SimulationEmerson Confidential
  64. 64. Automatic Operator Display Trend Window Past Future Control Manipulated Constraint Disturbance Variables Variables Variables VariablesEmerson Confidential
  65. 65. APC Optimization Often as simple as maximizing one variable to its most limiting constraints… Production Throughput APC Increase $$ Throughput at limit Operator Setpoint Time … but modern APC tools can do much more if needed.Emerson Confidential
  66. 66. Built-in LP Optimization 100% position 100% position Maximized Minimized Maximized 0% position Profit Energy Throughput 0% positionEmerson Confidential
  67. 67. Objective Function Configuration Define multiple operating modes Select from list of Set Max/Min controller variables and Price Easy to set up and configure the built-in LP OptimizerEmerson Confidential
  68. 68. Easily Select Optimization Mode Select from list of Optimization ModesEmerson Confidential
  69. 69. Optimizer Detail Display Current Values Optimal ValuesEmerson Confidential
  70. 70. DeltaV Neural – Property Estimation ● Create virtual sensors for on- line measurements normally only available through lab analysis ● Easy to understand and use, cost effective ● General nonlinear modeling toolEmerson Confidential
  71. 71. Inferential Sensor Configuration Lab Entry Block Select InputsEmerson Confidential
  72. 72. Select Neural Training Data ● Select training set from historian ● Exclude bad data segments ● Train the networkEmerson Confidential
  73. 73. Training the Neural Network Auto detection of over-trainingEmerson Confidential
  74. 74. Sensitivity Plot, Input SelectionEmerson Confidential
  75. 75. Validating Neural Models Naphtha 95% Point PredictionEmerson Confidential
  76. 76. Neural Results – Naphtha 95% Point SR Naphtha EP 380 375 Crude Switch 370 365 Lab 360 NN Prediction 355 Filtered 350 345 340 07-Aug-03 09-Aug-03 11-Aug-03 13-Aug-03 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00Emerson Confidential
  77. 77. DeltaV Simulate ● Configure your DeltaV system off-line on a single PC ● Check out control logic and operator interface using PC simulation ● Provides multi-user, global engineering and training environments ● Easy integration with dynamic process simulation packages such as mimicEmerson Confidential
  78. 78. DeltaV Architecture Control Design and Configuration are Independent of Hardware Distributed Control FunctionalityEmerson Confidential
  79. 79. DeltaV Control System Simulation DeltaV Simulate Standalone ● All features of the control system may be combined for execution on a single PC or multi-node network. ● Plant configuration may be utilized in this simulation environment with no change in configuration. Benefit: Reduce Costs in ● Engineering ● Maintenance ● EquipmentEmerson Confidential
  80. 80. DeltaV “Multi-Node” Control Simulation Multi-Node Environment Operator Station Professional Plus Application Station ● Simulation capability with both virtual and real controllers (controllers optional) ● Provides global engineering environment – Multiple engineers on the same development system ● Provides multi-user training environment – Multiple operators on the same or parallel sessionsEmerson Confidential
  81. 81. DeltaV “Multi-Node” Control Simulation Process Simulator via OPC ● Supports mimic Process Multi-Node Environment Simulator running in DeltaV Workstation Application Station with Operator Station Professional Plus mimic Simulator App Station ● Supports Third Party Process Simulators via standard OPCEmerson Confidential
  82. 82. DeltaV “Multi-Node” Control Simulation Multi-Node Environment ● Supports mimic Process Simulator running in DeltaV Operator Station Professional Plus Application Station Workstation ● Supports Third Party Process Simulators via standard OPC ● Supports I/O simulation and Fieldbus emulation with virtual I/O module and mimic simulation Process Simulator With Virtual I/O ModuleEmerson Confidential
  83. 83. Simulate Parameter for I/O Blocks Using Simulated Process Inputs: ● All DeltaV I/O Blocks have a Simulate Parameter ● When Simulate is Enabled, AI blocks use the SIMULATE_IN value for measured value ● SIMULATE_IN may be entered manually or from process simulatorFieldInputs Emerson Confidential
  84. 84. Process Simulation via OPC Process Simulation Packages are easily integrated with DeltaV Simulate via OPC. OPC Read of OUTOPC Write toSimulate_In OPC Client Driver Process SimulationEmerson Confidential
  85. 85. DeltaV Simulate Pro – Added Features All inputs blocks assigned to a node may be changed to Simulate Enable or Disable, Setup or Normal mode with a single request. Save and Restore allows a snapshot of control module parameters to be created or restored. Initialization of all dynamic blocks to steady state with a single request. Faster or Slower than real-time Select the node(s) that you execution of all modules assigned to want to access (ProPlus and a node. App Stations only) Simulate Pro is designed to coordinate simulation and support replay.Emerson Confidential
  86. 86. DeltaV Simulate Pro – Entry Playback Restore saved simulation scenario Playback operator entries with simulation to re-enact training session View operator entries in Event Journal Make changes or skip operator entries during replay Improve Training Effectiveness with Playback of Operator EntriesEmerson Confidential
  87. 87. DeltaV Simulate for SIS  Simulate an entire plant with both BPCS and SIS simulation together  Simulate the same SIS logic that is implemented in the plant  Great for Operator Training Systems (OTS)  Easier Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for projectsEmerson Confidential
  88. 88. DeltaV Simulate - Simulation Download Web Service ● Automatically synchronize DeltaV and MiMiC ● Reduce Engineering Costs ● Improve Simulation AccuracyEmerson Confidential
  89. 89. DeltaV APC on Legacy Platforms Universal GUS DeltaVStation (US) APP Node (Or PHD) ProPlus Station OPC I/F Option 1: Run APC in Work Station TDC3000 LCN PLC Gateway DeltaV Controller APM HPM Option 2: Run APC IOPs in controller Serial I/F Options Serial I/O FTAEmerson Confidential
  90. 90. Topics  DeltaV Advantage - Embedded Advanced Control  Advanced Control Product Suite  Experience / ExamplesEmerson Confidential
  91. 91. Example Predict Licensees TotalEnd User Company MVs Purchase DatePetrovietnam 60 Aug-03Lucite International 40 Jan-02Solutia, Inc. 60 Jun-98Canadian Forest Products Ltd. 38 Apr-01Baxter 32 Apr-01Petrotel-Lukoil 30 Jan-04Petrogal 30 Feb-05BASF Corporation 25 May-04Norske-Skog Canada 25 Jun-03Flint Hills Resources, LP 20 Jun-04Huntsman ICI 20 Oct-00Husky Energy 20 Nov-04Monsanto Company 20 Jul-03Emerson Confidential
  92. 92. Refinery APC Example Ergon, West VirginiaEmerson Confidential
  93. 93. Ergon Project Scope  Atmospheric Crude and Vacuum Units  2 Model Predictive Controllers – 4 x 4, 3 x 3  3 Neural Networks – SR Naphtha 95% point – AGO 95% point – Wax distillate 95% pointEmerson Confidential
  94. 94. Main MPC Control Icon MPC Temp TargetsEmerson Confidential
  95. 95. Atm Controller Performance Controller Crude ON Change CV SP MV Lab Spec Naphtha Hvy Kero Kero AGOEmerson Confidential
  96. 96. Atmospheric ColumnNeural Network Predictions Column Temps & Yields TC Predicted NA FC FC 95%Column Temps FC Naphtha & Yields Kero FC FCPredicted AGO 95% Hvy Kero FC FC TC Crude AGO FC Resid to VAC Fuel Gas ColumnEmerson Confidential
  97. 97. Neural Results – Naphtha 95% Point SR Naphtha EP 380 375 Crude Switch 370 365 Lab 360 NN Prediction 355 Filtered 350 345 340 07-Aug-03 09-Aug-03 11-Aug-03 13-Aug-03 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00Emerson Confidential
  98. 98. Variability Reduction Before After Reduction in Average St. Dev. Average St. Dev. Std. Dev. Atm Column SR NAPHTHA EP 349.55 14.89 347.10 4.30 71.1% AGO EP 636.32 10.54 634.41 6.22 41.0% OVERHEAD TEMP 253.18 5.01 260.91 1.80 64.1% KERO DRAW TEMP 362.59 4.60 366.60 1.86 59.5% HVY KERO TEMP 459.37 5.65 462.72 2.60 54.0% AGO DRAW TEMP 528.14 5.60 530.77 2.55 54.5% Vacuum Column WAX DIST 95% POINT 934.36 12.28 933.78 8.56 30.3% VGO CHIMNEY TEMP 358.58 7.32 365.74 3.23 55.8% WAX VAP TEMP 542.47 5.99 599.50 2.29 61.8% H WAX VAP TEMP 651.77 5.39 671.75 3.74 30.7%Emerson Confidential
  99. 99. Crude/Vac Unit APC Project Timeline Activity Timeframe Functional Design Specification 3 weeks DeltaV APC Projects Application Configuration are < 1 day 25-50% Faster and Less Step Costly than traditional Tests 10 days APC Projects Commissioning 1 week Scope: Two 4x4 MPC controllers, 3 Neural NetsEmerson Confidential
  100. 100. Lime Kiln Project ~Canfor -Northwood PulpmillEmerson Confidential
  101. 101. Kiln Process MPC Application TT AT DT Lime Mud PT Cold FT Feed TT End TT Hot Fuel Flow End Mud Filter FT Main Drive ID Fan Lime Product Lime Kiln Process Hot-end Temperature (controlled) Energy Flow Cold-end Temperature (manipulated) (controlled) ID Fan Speed Excess Oxygen (manipulated) (controlled and constraint) Lime Mud Flow Hood Draft Pressure (optimized and (constraint) disturbance) Kiln Stack Emissions (constraint)Emerson Confidential
  102. 102. Northwood Lime Kiln DeltaV MPC Control Performance - Benefits Average Specific Average Lime Energy Specific Average Product Standard % Time on Energy Mud Flow Flow Deviation DeltaV MPC (filtered) (filtered) (filtered) (filtered) Control Period (GJ/t) (t/d) (t/d) (GJ/t) (Average) Sept.3,2000 to Oct.15,2001 9.15 584.77 270.14 1.18 Sept.3,2000 to Apr.8,2001 9.62 571.70 264.10 1.34 Dec.17,2000 to Apr.8,2001 8.78 593.64 274.24 1.20DeltaV Sept.3,2000 to Jan.7,2001 10.20 560.49 258.92 1.43 Oct.15,2001 to Jan.8,2002 8.22 688.13 317.89 0.14 97.60% MPC Operator Reduced Increased Reduced Confidence - Specific Lime Variability 97.6% UPTIME! Energy Production 89.5% 7-20% 16-20% (0.56 - 1.98 GJ/t) Emerson Confidential
  103. 103. Northwood Lime KilnDeltaV MPC Control Performance- Benefits DeltaV MPC %Reduction Before Control Control in Variability Hot-end Temperature variations (2-sigma) Deg C 134.86 18.46 -86.3% Cold-end Temperature variations (2-sigma) Deg C 43.9 8.12 -81.5% Excess Oxygen variations (2-sigma) % 1.9 0.18 -90.5% Specific Energy Variations (2 sigma) GJ/t 2.96 0.28 -90.5% Tight Control on DeltaV MPC!Emerson Confidential
  104. 104. Baxter MPC Distillation Column Control Condensers Vent Pressure and Temperature PT TT Reflux (Return) Flow PI TI FT FI FIC RSP FT + Takeoff (Distillate) Flow TT TI Mid Column Temperature Column CV 1 MV 1 RTO CV 2 (OPTIM) MV 2 AV 1 AV 2 MPC EU/ TT TI DV SEC Bottom Column Temperature RSP XIC Boilup Steam ReactorEmerson Confidential
  105. 105. Quantified Business ResultsNoel Perez – Baxter de Puerto Rico  For the batch distillation process, the time to complete a cycle has now been reduced by an average of 3.35 hours.  This is a 20% decrease in batch time which resulted in a throughput increase of 5.4%.  This production increase equates to annual incremental revenue of just over US$2 million for this unit alone.  Incremental production at this rate could defer the requirement to add capacity through plant capacity expansion.  The capital expenditure that would have been required to provide this additional capacity is approx US$5MMEmerson Confidential
  106. 106. Learning More About DeltaVAdvanced Control  Book was inspired by DeltaV Advanced Control Products. This book is available from ISA or may be ordered at  The application sections include guided tours based on DeltaV Advanced Control Products  CD provides an overview video for each section and examples. Copies of the displays, modules, and Simulation Cases are included.Emerson Confidential
  107. 107. Summary Advanced Control Improves Operational Excellence – Improved Product Quality – Increased Process Throughput – Reduced Operating Costs DeltaV Integration Improves Efficiency and Reliability – Uses common database, operator interface, configuration tools, and simulation environment – Access to Field Device Health improves reliability DeltaV Embedded APC is Cost Effective – Faster implementation – Sustained Performance – Fewer Consultants NeededEmerson Confidential
  108. 108. Emerson Confidential