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CV Luis-Liu


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CV Luis-Liu

  1. 1. Luis Angel Liu Rodriguez. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE. B. Sc., Agriculturalengineering fromthePan-AmericanAgriculturalSchool,Zamorano,withextensive experiencein managing valuechainsin agriculturalproduction,it providesthe full abilityto solve problemsof any magnitude withleadershipskillsandpersonal relationships. SCHOOLING. EscuelaAgrícolaPanamericanaZamorano,Honduras,Junior,MajoringonAgribusinessManagement. Instituto AdolfoV. Hall del Sur,Guatemala,Diploma specializedin tropical cropsandmilitaryofficer in reserves. LANGUAGE. Spanish:NativeLanguage. English:HighIntermedium. COURSES,SEMINARSANDHONORS. 2009– 2011Courseon militaryleadership. 2010motivationalintensive courseforstudents. 2011SeminaronAfrican palm cultivation. 2014seminaronMicrosoftExcelAvanzado 2010 2015Participationon ZamoTour. Dirección actual 2015: Escuela Agrícola Panamericana, Zamorano POBox 93. Tegucigalpa, FM, Honduras. Tel: (504)22872000 Cel: (504)97671556 E-mail: Dirección Permanente: 10425 sw112 Av. Apt. 224, Miami Fl, 33176. E.U. Tel: (305)5460292 E-mail:
  2. 2. PROFESSIONALEXPERIENCIE 2009– 2011Instituto Adolfo V.Hall Del Sur-It provides agriculturaltraining programintheareaof tropical cropsandmilitarycareered.This programlasts3internal years andreceivesclassesin the following areas: Entomology-drains-pastureandforage-technicalresearch-plantphysiology-animalproduction-soils. 2012-2015Zamorano – Offers a program of practical training for students, in which productive activities are carried out with half time in the following areas: These areas are concentrated on the value chain of agriculture, from the production of inputs to the sale of final processed products.  Processing: Concentrate plant, seed plant, sawmill, Baking plant, Horticulture plant, Post-Harvest plant, Dairy plant, Meat plant and honeyprocessing plant.  Animal Husbandry: dairycattle, meat cattle, porcine production, poultryfarming and aquaculture.  Phytotechny: fruit production, forest plantation, seeds and grain production, machinery and irrigation, horticulture, plant protection and organic farming.  Socioeconomic Development and Environment: rural development, natural resource management and environmental management  Costs: Marketing products. EXTRACURRICULAREXPERIENCIES. 2009-2011Participationin militaryspecialoperations. 2012-ParticipationinFootballClub. 2013-2015ParticipationinGym clubandCross fit Activities. REFERENCES.  MiguelCalderón,Ph.DA.B.D, AssociateProfessor, AgribusinessManagement,EAP Zamorano:  MartínAlberto LealM.Sc.,Associate Professor, AgribusinessManagement,EAP Zamorano: