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presentation of English

Description of a fact paranormal d expressing my opinion what happened that night.

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presentation of English

  1. 1. Student: Luis Jouselin Ayala Cano.
  2. 2. A day like everyone in my life, which I used to chatup the one or two oclock, everything was done I had dinner a few hours before, myparents and my brother had already gone to bed.
  3. 3. I of course ran to sit at the computer, were more orless like eleven at night, so trancurrio time untilmore or less at twelve oclock in the morning Iheard that the water taps in the kitchen sink isopened for a moment.At that time my reaction was to get up quickly fromhis chair and I started to sweat a lot, to be writtenwithout knowing me to do because everything wasdark.
  4. 4. Finding no explanation of what happened, I was veryscared and from that day never stayed to chat meup to that time of night.In my opinon a fact that was unusual because Iclearly heard when the water fell on the metal sink.Perhaps many people do not believe in strangethings but I say that we must be respectful of thethings I do not know.What I think that gave me even more scary was thateverything was dark, but still find no explanation forwhat happened.