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Laughing point

  1. 1. 笑點 Laughing PointLaughter changes YOUR Fate!2013 Jan
  2. 2. What we do?Laughter Yoga: aerobic exercise founded in 1995 whichcan changed a person’s physiology, so that he or shebecome more relax and positive.Laughing Point Services: based on the principle ofLaughter Yoga, with a combination of different topic like art& craft, cookery, culture festival, music and parties, withthe objective to create laughing environment for customersto have fun and relax experience. Laughing Workshop CompaniesLAUGHING Laughing Activities Organization POINT Laughing Games MaMa Groups Laughing Retreat Families
  3. 3. Homeless People in Hong Kong✤ About 41% of the Homeless people in Hong Kong, they are due to their low income job or being unemployed.✤ More than 44.8% of the homeless people’s psychological health is poor and very poor in the research.✤ The longer they are homeless, they are less likely to go back to the society, and less effective for the career counseling provided. (Research from Prof. Wong Hung, 2001)
  4. 4. We solve... Problems they faced Laughing Point helps! Measured by? Poor psychological health, hopeless and insecure for As a laughter facilitator assistant, this Homeless People builds up their self esteem and create The psychological test, laughter changing the status of (Low income / jobless) working opportunities for them. quotient test and their home location. homeless. Laughing change their state of mood. Living below poverty line. High working pressure creates sick leave Happy staff with less sick leave days, and inefficient team. and build up a more effective team. Need training for staff for maintaining The number of staff sick leave, and 360 Corporate /Organization efficient team. Laughing Volunteer Programme degree appraisal about the team. fulfills CSR too. Need to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibilities (Internal & External) Better health with more laughing Poor physical health due to activities and workshop to release Staff of the Corporate / stress and more workout during the Number of sick leave , physical long working hour and Organization programmes. Serve as the laughing condition, and laughter quotient test. stress. volunteers helps them to have better well-being. Laughing Volunteers and Laughter facilitator visit and laugh with the Poor Psychological Health seniors in the center or residential Physical condition, and laughter Elderly in Community setting, improve their social due to looniness connection and psychological and quotient test. physical health by regular laughing exercises.
  5. 5. Our Laughing Market Elderly Corporates Laughing Service Major one Few (Healthy Laughters Association) (Healthy Laughters Association, private practice, 1-2 Training Companies) Homeless People Training Families Laughing 3 Major Integrated Service subvented by Service Social Welfare Department Nil (Only have other playgrounds but not But no specific SE for homeless people. much parents & kids activities in HK)
  6. 6. Laughing Point provides... With the 1 year experience of YOGAMATE, we currently have around 30 different laughing partners and 5 different crossover sectors service partners. Existing Laughing Services since 2011 New Laughing Services since 2013 Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing LaughingWorkshop / Family Volunteer Retreat Parties Classes Workshop for corporates & for parties organizers & Training for corporates & for NGOs & parties organizations NGOs for corporates, schools & organization organizers organizations
  7. 7. Laughing Point Service -Laughing Volunteer Service Laughing Point at Elderly Center /Community Center Companies (Volunteer Programme) (organized regularly laughing activities by Staff from those companies purchases the received the training.)Laughing Training Classes from Laughing Point (Including Laughing Volunteeropportunities or Sponsored Service in Elderly Center /organization) Laughing Point at Elderly Center/Community Center (Sponsored service in the name of company) (organized once a week laughing activities by Laughing Point staff -Laughing Facilitator)
  8. 8. Our Training Model for Homeless People Outreach for Homeless people for job interview with the co-work with the 3 major Homeless People Integrated Service Team in Hong Kong Laughter Training for staff around 2 days training Laughing Practicum: Laughing Assistant Volunteer Around 3 months at the community Junior Laughing Facilitators
  9. 9. What our clients said about our laughing services?✤ "The workshop is very Funny. Laugher yoga makes you feel even happier since we all can laugh together. We would recommend to other companies as it is so happy to laugh together!" ~ Mr. Hardy Ip, HR & Admin Officer of Chief Securities Limited    ✤ Your team is awesome and we all had a great time and great work out! Full of laughs. ~Jonas, organizer and participant of her friend’s Bridal Shower Laughing Party✤ Laughter Yoga is fresh to me and it’s impressive that people with different abilities can join~ Participants, especially children did enjoy the session~ I like the interaction part and Thanks again for your help!   Choi Sai Kit International and China Programmes The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation✤ 「工作坊的內容很好,簡單、直接又能帶動氣氛,能輕易引發同事的笑容及有趣的 互動,同事反應亦相常正面,感覺新奇及有意思,整個過程都非常開心有趣,亦有 同事有興趣於未來能有機會再與 貴公司合作。謝謝你們 ! 」 ~Apple Ming ,香港職 業發展服務處培訓主任✤ “Such a relaxing exercise that I could slow down for a while during busy working day.” ~Vanessa Leung, Staff of Madison Communication, Laughter Yoga Class at Workplace
  10. 10. Financial ArrangementDue to our low fixed costrequired in this project, thenet revenue is expected to begrowing in the coming 4years.We are now expecting toemploy the first full time staffto implement this project. Thevariable cost will beincreasing in the first 4 years.In the 4th year of the project,we expected break-even.