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Wellness   Offers 11/12
Kelo sauna                                                               Mountain-herbs sauna                             ...
The fascination of water –                                               Rest zone – ergonomic                            ...
Phytomer                                                                                                                  ...
Phytomer facial treatments                                                                                                ...
Alpine and natural special massagesFeel-good treatments and wellness massages with pure and natural ingredients, products ...
*All the prices stated for the special treatments are approximations and depend upon the length and intensity of the sessi...
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Spa Holiday in Austria - Spa & Wellness at Hotel Kesselspitz


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Relax on your ski holidays in Austria! At 4**** Superior Hotel Kesselspitze in Obertauern, you can enjoy various saunas, a whirlpool, relaxation rooms as well as treatments such as massages, cosmetic treatments and other spa offers at our in-hotel spa. Facial treatments, body treatments, massages, kids wellness and much more!
Spend your next ski and spa holidays at Lürzer.

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Spa Holiday in Austria - Spa & Wellness at Hotel Kesselspitz

  1. 1. Wellness Offers 11/12
  2. 2. Kelo sauna Mountain-herbs sauna The Finnish original - sauna relaxation in its most original If the Finnish sauna is a little too intense for you, we have the ideal soothing programme for you! form! Indulge yourself in the energy, ambiance and aroma of With their mild vapour inhalation, and the radiation heat of about 55°- 60°C, the gentle herbal extracts will natural Nordic Kelo wood and enjoy this extra special sauna have a healing and quietening effect on you. experience. The slow growth and natural drying process of the over 500-year old pinewood from Lapland creates an unmistakeable aroma This is the way to enjoy this gentle sauna experience: as well as the powerful energy of Kelo wood. The natural aroma 1. he application is the same as in the Kelo sauna... T infusion at 90°C stimulates your circulatory system and supports 2. with one exception: enjoy this sauna session a little longer (about 20 - 30 minutes) - according to how you feel. … the detoxification process. Your skin and respiratory organs benefit And when your body and soul have made the most of it, take a break and do it again! immensely from this deep cleansing. Brine rock grotto A stay at the seaside whilst in the mountains of Obertauern - it is easy to forget everyday life here. The finest sea-salt brine can be sprayed at the press of a button in this unique brine rock grotto. By adding pure ethereal eucalyptus and mint extracts, you benefit from an additional cleansing and care effect throughout the entire respiratory system, including theThis is how you enjoy this first-class traditional sauna pleasure: skin (the largest respiratory organ in humans).1. shower before entering the sauna is compulsory, dry well afterwards. A Furthermore, important mineral salts are taken in through the skin and introduced into the organism. With the special brine and2. nd now off into the pleasure of the sauna, don‘t forget to but a large sauna towel under you. A steam technique combined with the radiated warmth of the system, an increased partial pressure and thus a bio-climate similar to3. ou may now lie for about 10 minutes, rest, relax, pursue beautiful thoughts and don‘t forget “sweat, sweat, sweat...”, then sit upright Y a stay at the seaside is created. for about three minutes before leaving!4. shower, surge shower or side shower awaits you as well as the Kneipp pool. A5. hen open the door and fill up with fresh air. T6. his is the perfect time to indulge your body with a massage. T7. nd finally off to the relaxation room for a well-earned rest on one of our ergonomic moor oak recliners – let the dreaming begin! AAroma steam roomThe best place to be when there are storms and snow outside, or after an adventurous day’s skiing – surrounded by a soft,warm cocoon of soothing steam to release you of all of your troubles.The healing effect of aromas is of increasing importance within regenerative medicine.The high humidity and radiant heat, between 45° - 55°C, provide your skin and hair with important moisture and thus allows them toregenerate. Citrus fruits relieve your respiratory organs, activate your immune system and ensure a happy feeling of vitality.How to enjoy this beneficial aroma pleasure:1. f you have not already been in the sauna just now, please shower. I2. nd now off into the steam room, first spraying down the seating areas. A3. llow your senses free rein for 20 - 30 minutes, and before dropping off to sleep with all of this cosiness ... A4. the door and fill up with fresh air. How to enjoy this beneficial aroma experience5. he revitalising Kneipp pool awaits you. T 1. irst shower and spray off the seating area - an important element of hygiene here. F6. ow would be the perfect moment for a facial treatment. N 2. ctivate the brine for inhalation at the press of a button. A AUNAS.7. nd then off to the relaxation room for your well-earned rest on one of our ergonomic moor oak recliners. A 3. elax and breathe steadily and deeply... R 4. hen inhaling, inhale positive energy, and allow when exhaling all of your worries disappear. W AND S 5. reat your respiratory organs, the lungs, bronchial tubes and skin to this soothing treatment for 15 - 20 minutes. T 6. nd now, warmly wrapped, on to the warm ceramic recliner. A Repeating the inhalations 1 - 2 times more at intervals of about 5 - 10 minutes will do you good! B ATH S
  3. 3. The fascination of water – Rest zone – ergonomic from which all of life was moor oak recliners created “Power lies in peace” - is a wise saying that gains in­ creasing significance in our hectic world. Take the Imagine that from a depth of about 1,700 metres, in a once still opportunity to find your own inner peace. uninhabited region, water has collected over millions of years The special ergonomic moor oak recliners adapt individually to and formed a giant subterranean reservoir from which we now your body, giving you a unique experience of deep relaxation bring the water to the surface to make the best use of it: Our and, combined with gentle background music, you will sink very own crystal-clear Tauern mountain spring! This pure and into a world of bliss. powerful water comes out of all the taps in our hotel - pure The ceramic heat recliners, warm seats and benches in the natural energy! lower rest area next to the brine grotto have a beneficial radiant heat that invites you to linger.Sensory showersYou can experience the age-old “no life without water” philosophy here and feel the effect on your own skin. SolariumOur special showers with diverse sensory elements, such as our surge shower, from which our crystal-clear, ice-cold mountain-springwater cleans and refreshes you, are amazing. This device not only tans, it is also good for your spirit.Kneipp pool The sun is the elixir of life, because without light and sunshine there is no life and no feeling of wellbeing. This exclusive pleasure has aphrodisiac effects, stimulating aromas, rustling peace and fantastic sounds togetherWater is also an important element here … with a cool breeze for hot moments – the solarium is activated and invoiced with your chip card.Here, Pastor Kneipp’s oldest remedy stimulates your circulation and strengthens your immune system. Please observe the tanning times according to your skin type!This is the way to use it properly according to Pastor KneippStep slowly like a stork through the pool and with every step lift each foot with your toes turned to the water and then slowly submerge Vital barthem again. An ideal therapy between sauna sessions – this procedure can be used as often as you wish. One’s physical inner needs are also important for as Pastor Kneipp said: “Eating and drinking unites body and mind.” It is important to drink well between and after sauna sessions to support the detoxification process. Our crystal-clear mountain-Whirlpool tub in the open air spring water compensates your personal water resources and the constant intake of fresh and dried fruit, together with healthy snacks, take care of your physical inner needs.Reach for the stars …Our heated alpine-meadow-lake tub will delight you with its open air bubbling vitality and mountain view – could there be anything nicer? Magnetic field therapy Power and relaxation – top-fit with relaxation. Magnetic field therapy helps to maintain physical health. The treatment is suitable for the entire family and has a performance- increa­ ing effect, supporting the body‘s own healing powers. s Increased vitality, a feeling of wellbeing, and improved health are the benefits of this therapy: • improved blood circulation • increased supply of oxygen • stimulation of the metabolism You will experience assured success after about 4 - 6 applications. AUNAS. Duration of application: about 20 minutes according to how you feel. AND S B ATH S
  4. 4. Phytomer The unique cosmetic range with active sea substances for the face and body. Seawater contains all the 104 trace elements essential for life and our feeling of wellbeing. These are especially important for a radiant, beautiful skin, and a slim, firm figure.Fitness roomAn end to flabby muscles and the “I don‘t have the time” excuses! A fitness room containing the most modern equipment with The P hytomer care concept features concentrates from seawater, marine spring water, algae and sea mud as the maincardio- and wellness devices is awaiting you – for sporting enthusiasts from the age of 12 onwards. The equipment is made by the components in this complete product series for efficiently combating cosmetic problems at their “Technogym” and is of the highest quality, found only at professional fitness centres. Phytomer facial care From intensive moisturising of the skin to anti-aging programmes reducing creases by up to 73%.Opening times Phytomer body care From slimming or firming programmes to special cellulite treatments with warming sea mud.Swimming pool and fitness room: daily 7.30 am - 7.30 pm, wellness and sauna area, daily 2.30 pm - 7.30 pm.In the interests of peaceful relaxation, the sauna zone with brine grotto and relaxation area as well as the outdoor hot whirlpooltub are reserved for adults from 5 pm to 7.30 pm. For children and teenagers up to the age of 17, admission to the area is up to5 pm only and admission for children under 12 is only permitted when accompanied by parents. We kindly request that you donot occupy the recliners during sauna sessions. Use of our vital area is reserved for our hotel guests as a free of charge serviceof the house. Sea beauty arrangement THE SO ULBeauty/massages Tues – Sat, 9.00 am - 11.30 am Beauty/massages Mon – Sat, 1.30 pm - 7.30 pm Sea-water pearl facial treatment with highly effective lifting Massages Sun, 3.30 pm - 7.30 pm result using detoxifying sea mud on the back, deep cleansing with vapozone and intensive exfoliation, facial massage with sea ANDIf you are not able to keep your appointment, we request that you inform us at least 4 hours in advance as otherwise we are stamps, special mask with finishing care andobliged to charge you. Guests at the Sporthotel Edelweiss and the Hotel Frau Holle are, of course, also able to book any massage or THE BODY deluxe manicure with paraffin-pack, gentle exfoliation,beauty treatment with us. Our free hotel shuttle to and from the hotel is available for any individual appointment. Reservations under hand massage and varnish (approx. 120 min)+43(0)6456/7400 - 9 or at the reception. pedicure with varnish (approx. 45 min) EAUTY FOR Special price € 149 (instead of € 186)The opening times of the beauty and massage area are subject to amendments.Prices are in euro, incl. all taxes. Price list valid from 21.11.2011 (previous prices lists are no longer valid herewith). B
  5. 5. Phytomer facial treatments In addition to and extras for facial treatmentsShort facial treatment (approx. 55 min) Extras for the face Eyebrow correction Price: E 8To fulfil all the needs of your skin, the facial treatment is individually attuned to your type of skin, exclusive, varied and highly effective Eyebrow colouring Price: E 12care products are used: Eyelash colouring Price: E 12Rituel aux perles d’eau de mer – hydratant – moisturising care with sea-water pearls Deep cleansing with vapozone (approx. 25 min) Price: E 22Intention jeunesse – anti-aging care Removal of impurities and intensive cleansing.Mer essentiel purifiant – care for impure skinDouceur marine – apaisant – care for sensitive, irritated skin and couperose Back reflex treatment (approx. 25 min) Price: E 22 Self heating sea mud with re-mineralizing, detoxifying and relaxing effect.This facial treatment includes a cleansing exfoliation with relaxing facial massage, a highly effective mask according to your skin typeas well as a finishing care treatment and eye cream. Intensive eye-zone treatment (approx. 25 min) Price: E 27 Radiant eyes with firming of the sensitive eye area and reduction of wrinkles, rings around the eyes and bags under the eyes.Price: E 60 Sea-water pearls facial massage (approx. 20 min) Price: E 27 This special stamp with algae-gel and sea-water pearls provide the skin with moisture,Phtyomer deluxe facial treatment (approx. 80 min) the skin becomes softer and silky smooth. The best weapon against early aging.In addition to the classic Phtyomer facial treatment individually attuned to your type of skin, detoxifying sea mud is applied to the Relaxing scalp massage (approx. 25 min) Price: E 25back, deep cleansing with vapozone, a highly effective mask according to your skin type from the exclusive Phytomer range as well aseyebrow shaping and eye care.Price: E 85 Body treatments Sea-tonic fermeté firming treatment (approx. 55 min) Price: E 74Revitalising lifting treatment with sea-water pearls (approx. 80 min) Using active sea substances, the skin is firmed throughout the whole body and at the same time invigorated. The special dermochlorella algae have a firming effect on the connective tissue, counteract tissue slackening This gentle facial treatment and massage with sea stamps made of algae-gel and sea-water pearls releases tension and provides the and rebuild damaged tissue. The self-heating sea-mud on the feet also has a detoxifying with nutrients and re-mineralizing marine mineral salts, essential for moisturizing the skin. The proven lifting qualities of sea waterrevitalizes tired skin, reduces wrinkles and early skin ageing. Active cellulite treatment (approx. 55 min) Price: E 74 With a combined slimming and cellulite treatment for stomach, legs and bottom, the metabolism of fat is This lifting treatment begins with a detoxifying sea mud pack on the back followed by an enzyme exfoliation, deep cleansing with stimulated with our patented self-warming thermo-reduction sea mud, ridding the body of waste products vapozone and a massage of the face neck and décolleté with moisturizing sea stamps, a special mask with Gigartina algae, finishing and reducing cellulite so that the skin becomes smooth, firm and gains tensile treatment and eye cream. Skin-firming breast and décolleté care (approx. 25 min) Price: E 27Price: E 87 During the active cellulite treatment Care for hands and feetA man’s world – facial treatment for men Manicure (approx. 40 min) Price: E 35(approx. 55 min) Varnish Price: E 5 Manicure deluxe Price: E 52 THE SO UL (incl. paraffin hand pack, gentle exfoliation, hand massage and varnish)Pure moisture and oxygen for the skin, this soothing anti-aging special Pedicure (approx. 45 min) Price: E 42works wonders! Conceived especially for the needs of male skin, this care (with relaxing footbath, removal of calloused skin, nail trim and forming, foot exfoliation, foot massage and crème)special alleviates strained and irritated skin, regulates the sebum, has a AND Varnish Price: E 5deep moisturising effect and gives a lively appearance to tired skin. This THE BODYfacial treatment includes a cleansing exfoliation with relaxing facial massage, a highly effective mask attuned especially to the needs of male skin as well Hair removal with wax Upper lip Price: E 11 Bikini zone (approx. 20 min) Price: E 20as finishing care treatment and eye cream. Cheeks Price: E 11 Leg to knee (approx. 40 min) Price: E 35 EAUTY FOR Armpits Price: E 18 Entire leg (approx. 55 min) Price: E 55Price: E 60 B
  6. 6. Alpine and natural special massagesFeel-good treatments and wellness massages with pure and natural ingredients, products from the companies “Alpienne –Power of the Alps”, “ STYX Natural Cosmetics” and “Tyrolean brick oil”. Pure natural care for skin and body.Alpine herb massage with 37 different herbsCold-pressed plant oils and 100% pure essential oils from 37 different herbs activate the circulation and take extra special soothingcare of your skin during the massage.Price: E 68 (approx. 50 min) or E 37 (approx. 25 min)Brick oil massageThis high quality oil is extracted from dark-brown slate and contains naturally occurring substances from prehistoric marine animalsand plants, over 180 million years old! A revitalizing and particularly tension-releasing massage for a stressed musculoskeletal system.Price: E 72 (approx. 50 min) or E 39 (approx. 25 min)Honey massageThe honey massage based on pure bees wax, mountain crystal salt rich in minerals, propolis and warming honey cleanses and strengthens the entire organism. During the massage, exfoliation removes old dead skin cells, salts and toxins and opens the pores toabsorb valuable and nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals. This massage with the antibacterial substance propolis strengthens, protectsand leaves the skin silky smooth.Price: E 72 (approx. 50 min) or E 39 (approx. 25 min) Children’s wellness worldHerbal stamp massageThe herbal stamp massage is one of the most effective massage treatments combining the beneficial effect of a massage with Kids Massage (approx. 25 min)natural herbs and relaxing warmth. The warm herbal stamp is rub-bed with circular movements over the muscles and energy lines thus This pleasant children’s massage includes a relaxing back, hand and leg massage with a particularly calming effect.activating the metabolism and detoxifying the body whilst looseningtension and cleansing the skin with high-quality essential substances. Price: E 28The treatment begins with a herbal footbath in the traditional“Zirbenschaffl” pine bucket including foot massage and afterwardsa relaxing massage with the warm herbal stamp. Accordingto your wishes and how you are feeling you can also select from Facial treatment for youthful problem skin (approx. 40 min)St. John’s Wort, marmot oil or propolis products for your foot andherbal stamp massages. This is a special facial treatment using the effective product range from “Phytomer” for the cleansing and care of young women’s or men’s skin, including initial skin diagnosis, gentle exfoliation and finishing care as well as a pleasant facial and neck massage.Price: E 78 (approx. 50 min) THE SO UL Price: E 42 Hot stone massage AND This kind of stone therapy using warmed basalt stones has been used from time immemorial to Teens beauty package (approx. 55 min) heat the body, relax muscles and soothe the soul. Tension is released, the circulation activated THE BODY and the inclusion of meridians and chakras in this massage treatment with 100% pure oil ensures This deluxe programme includes a facial treatment with the quality product range from “Phytomer” including initial skin diagnosis, absolute relaxation and a complete feeling of well-being. gentle exfoliation and finishing care as well as light daytime make-up and manicure (with or without varnish). EAUTY FOR Price: E 75 (approx. 50 min) Preis: E 50 B
  7. 7. *All the prices stated for the special treatments are approximations and depend upon the length and intensity of the session. Massagen Price: E 75 toxins. In addition to this, this special massage has an exfoliating effect and firms the skin. Die richtige Massage, von Experten ausgeübt, kann wahre Wunder wirken. During this brush massage, the body is massaged with a natural brush. This increases the circulation and the shedding of accumulated Brush massage (approx. 60 min)Rücken- bzw. Teilkörper-Massage (ca. 30 min) Preis: E 32,–/E 35,–Ganzkörper-Massage (ca. 55 min) Preis: E 62,–/E 65,–Fußreflexzonenmassage (ca. 30 min) Preis: E 38,– Price: E 45 Massagekombination: Teilkörper-Massage und Fußreflexzonen-Massage (ca. 55 min) Preis: E 70,–/E 72,– Promotes detoxification. The massage increases the removal of waste products from the body and thus alleviates complaints. Back massage with base salt of Jentschura (approx. 30 min)Spezialbehandlungen und -massagen Price: approx. E 45* pains and vegetative disturbances are alleviated or removed. A holistic, energetic and slightly stretching back massage. Undersupplied, narrowed intervertebral discs regenerate themselves, backSanfte manuelle Wirbelbehandlung nach Dorn (ca. 60 min) Breuss massage (approx. 30 min)Die Wirbelsäule ist unsere Wurzel – von ihr können viele Beschwerden ausgehen. Diese Behandlung hilft bei Rückenbeschwerden(Bandscheibenproblemen) bzw. dient auch zur Vorbeugung. Ist die Wirbelsäule gekrümmt oder fehlgestellt, ist das oft eine Ursachedes Beckens. Durch das Ausgleichen der Beinlängendifferenz, die Korrektur von Beckenschiefstand und eine Anleitung zu gezielten Price: E 85 duced into the body, which activates and harmonises the self-healing powers of the body, spirit and soul. weiteren Übungen erreicht man eine positive Wirkung auf die Wirbelsäule und die gesamte Körperstatik. Die geschulten Hände finden This Asian healing method comprises attuning and laying on of hands on specific parts of the body (the chakras). Energy is thus intro-die Problemstellen und bringen die Fehlstellung ohne Belastung von Sehnen, Bändern und Gelenken wieder in die natürliche Position. Reiki (approx. 60 min) Preis: ca. E 100,–* Price: E 85 more can be alleviated, harmonised or healed. Kinesiologie (ca. 60 – 90 min) of negative energy and then introduces positive, fresh energy in its place. In this way, coughs, colds, fever, emotional pain, and muchDurch Muskeltestung (meistens am Arm) kann der Momentanzustand einer Person getestet werden. Wir testen lediglich die Reaktion With Prana healing, one works in the second energy body (ethereal body, also known as the aura). One cleans the problem area (pain)des Körpers und bekommen eine Rückmeldung. Ein schwacher Muskel bedeutet keine Schwäche, sondern zeigt Stressfaktoren auf, Prana Vita (approx. 60 min)diese können z. B. sein: Narben, Zahnprobleme, Stress, ein schlechter Schlafplatz, elektromagnetische Belastung, Schwermetallbe­lastungen, falsche Ernährung oder ein psychisches Problem. Kinesiologie ist Ursachenfindung und Auflösung. Preis: E 85,– (ca. 60 min) bzw. E 120,– (ca. 90 min) Price: E 85 (approx. 60 min) or E 120 (approx. 90 min) finding the cause and the remedy. bad sleeping conditions, electromagnetic stress, heavy metal burdening, a bad diet or a psychological problem. Kinesiology meansPrana-Vita (ca. 60 min) and receive a response. A weak muscle does not mean weakness, but can unearth stress factors such as scars, teeth problems, stress,Beim Prana-Vita arbeitet man im zweiten Energiekörper (Ätherkörper oder auch Aura genannt). Man reinigt die Problemstelle (Schmerz) With muscle testing (generally the arm), the momentary condition of a person can be tested. We merely test the reaction of the bodyvon der negativ gestauten Energie und führt dann positive, frische Energie wieder zu. Dadurch entsteht eine Linderung, Harmonisierung Kinesiology (approx. 60-90 min)oder auch Heilung von z. B. Husten, Schnupfen, Fieber, emotionalen Schmerzen und vielem mehr. Preis: E 85,– Price: approx. E 100* Reiki (ca. 60 min) zones and without burdening the tendons, ligaments and joints, can realign the deformities to their natural position (self exercise). Diese asiatische Heilmethode besteht aus Einstimmung und Handauflegen auf bestimmten Körperstellen (Chakren). Dem Organismus ted exercises, one achieves a positive effect on the spinal column and the entire physical statics. Trained hands find these problemwird so Energie zugeführt, die Selbstheilungskräfte von Körper, Geist und Seele werden aktiviert und harmonisiert. Preis: E 85,– Through the adjustment of leg-length difference, correction of pelvic distortion (self exercise) and the introduction of further targe- disc problems) or also serve as a prevention. If the spinal column is curved or malformed, the cause is often to be found in the pelvis. The spinal column is our root – a great many ailments can start there. This treatment helps to counteract back ailments (intervertebralBreuss-Massage (ca. 30 min) Gentle manual vertebra treatment by Dorn (approx. 60 min)Eine ganzheitliche, energetische, leicht dehnende Rückenmassage. Unterversorgte, verschmälerte Bandscheiben regenerieren sich,Rückenschmerzen und vegetative Störungen werden gelindert oder beseitigt. Preis: ca. E 45,–* Special treatments and massagesRückenmassage mit Basensalz von Jentschura (ca. 30 min)Dient zur Entgiftung. Durch die Massage werden vermehrt Schlacken aus dem Körper ausgeschieden und Beschwerden können Price: E 70/E 72 Massage combination: partial body massage and foot reflex zone massage (approx. 55 min) dadurch verringert werden. Preis: E 45,– Price: E 38 Foot reflex zone massage (approx. 30 min) Price: E 62/E 65 Whole-body massage (approx. 55 min) Price: E 32/E 35 Back or part body massage (approx. 30 min) Bürstenmassage (ca. 60 min)Bei der Bürstenmassage wird der Körper mit einer Naturbürste massiert. Dies führt zu einer vermehrten Durchblutung und Schlacken- The right massage performed by experts can work wonders.stoffe werden ausgeschieden. Weiters hat diese spezielle Massage einen Peeling-Effekt und wirkt hautstraffend. Preis: E 75,– Massages*Alle angegebenen Preise für die Spezialbehandlungen sind Richtpreise, abhängig von der Dauer und Intensität der Behandlung.