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  • Combine the first 2 bullet points: Founded in 2012 by Wilson Cheung and his partners“Parent” companySell Global Products
  • Fulfill our customers’ needs… products at reasonable prices. We provide an international shopping experience, customer-focused service, and continuous innovation.
  • Use the same style of bullets throughout the slideshowConsists of many traditional
  • Put these last 3 slides in order.
  • Maybe change the $100 to $50? I doubt 5 desserts would cost $100. And say “5 desserts or meals in the cafeteria”
  • Look at your revised brochure for the text here
  • Make the website link solid blue so it’s easier to readMost of our products are available online and will be delivered to your door within 5 business daysLine up the text under “steps to shop”Just call it “Shipping”Make the text in Online Shopping, Steps to Shop, and Shipping all the same sizeThis slide is very busy
  • Discounts to studentsProducts from your country Just bring your student ID (otherwise, it sounds like they can use a driver’s license)If you have a PIM customer card, you can save up to 20% on your purchase
  • Final

    1. 1. Global Products, Local Market “Our top priority is to make customers feel satisfied with a quality of products and services and provide them with a world class experience.” Wilson Cheng CEO of Pullman International Market
    2. 2. Introduction & Overview Stated in 2012 found by Wilson Cheng and his partners Located in Pullman, WA “Parent” company of Pullman Dessert House and Pullman Bubble tea Sell Global Products
    3. 3. Our mission is to fulfill our customers needs with our superior-quality products atreasonable prices. We provide an international shopping experience, customer-focused service, and continuous innovation.
    4. 4. Asian Brands Chinese: “Little Sheep” Korean: “Chongga”•Products: Hot Pot Soup Base•Tastes: Plain or Hot •Products: Korean Kmichi•Benefits: Convenience and healthy! The •Tastes: Spicysoup base consists of many traditional •Benefits: Healthy! Consisting ofChinese medicines. vitamin B-12 and vitamin C! 6/12/2012
    5. 5. European Brands •Germany: “Bit-burger” •Products: Beer •Tastes: Premium Pils, Alkohofrei, Light, Radler •French: “Evian” •Products: Water •Benefits: Leave Young! Uniquely balanced, unlike any other! •Italian: “Barilla” •Products: Pasta and Sauce •Benefits: Convenience and healthy! Consisting of ALA omega-3, Fiber and Protein. 6/12/2012
    6. 6.  Enjoy the food and free wifi in the cafeteria located in our market. There are foods from many different countries For example:  Chinese fried rice  Vietnamese noodles  Italian pizza  Japanese sushi
    7. 7. We provide most popular We also provide Taiwanesedesserts from many different Bubble tea. There are manycountries flavors, such as: - Crème brûlée from France - Chinese Milk Tea - Egg tarts from Hong Kong - Taro - Tiramisu from Italian - Papaya - Japanese style cheesecake - Chocolate - Green tea
    8. 8. • Organic foods are foods that produced without any chemicals and are good foryour health.• All the fresh vegetables, fruits, and foods we provide in the market andcafeteria are organic.• We would like to provide our customers with healthy food and to help promotea better and healthier life.
    9. 9. Online Shopping Steps to shop Most of our products are available 1. Click our “Online shopping"online. There would be a number of button on the top items available that list on the 2. Select the product you want website. You can place a order 3. Click the “Add to cart” button anytime and will be delivered to 4. Go to “My cart” and check your door within 5 business days. out Shipping•Deliver to most address within US via UPS•$10 shipping cost per order for under $100•And free shipping in Pullman or spending over$100
    10. 10. Pullman International Market is offering discounts to student and valuable customers.International Students Valuable customerFor International PIM gives you 5%off If you have PIMCustomers products any product or customer card youfrom your country of service. Just bring can save up to 20%origin are 10% off. your student ID! off on your purchase
    11. 11. Contact us Reach us at 509-555-5777 Or on the web at Or you can simply visit us! 580 S Grand, Pullman, WA, 99163 PIM would really appreciate you feedback or any comments concerning the store.
    12. 12. Thank You!We hope you enjoyed the presentation and we hope to see you in our Pullman International Market!