Overcome job search jitters powerpoint


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Overcome job search jitters powerpoint

  1. 1. Overcome your job search jitters from changeboard.com
  2. 2. Is job hunting like dating?You sit staring at your phone in nervous anticipation, willing it to light upwith the call that could change your life. But when the phone doesn’tring, your heart sinks. Do they not like you? Was there a spelling mistakein your cover letter? changeboard.com
  3. 3. Haven’t heard backyet? When you see a role you’d be perfect for, you put your best foot forward and hope the company sees your value. But after a few days of waiting, you become disheartened; a few more, and you’re just plain down on yourself. changeboard.com
  4. 4. It’s not you, it’s themUnderstanding that a delay in therecruitment process sometimes has nothingto do with you can help check yourinsecurities. Adjusting your expectationswill save you a lot of worry and allow you tofocus on what’s more important: impressingthem when you finally get called for aninterview. changeboard.com
  5. 5. Application anxietyAccording to recent research from Robert Walters, 23% of job seekersexpect to hear from recruiters or hiring managers within 2 days ofsubmitting their application. 57% expected contact within 4 days. changeboard.com
  6. 6. Patience is a virtueDon’t assume they’re not interested in your experience if you haven’t heardfrom them in a week; just as the application was time-consuming for you, sois the process of narrowing down a shortlist.Tip: Follow upA follow-up call or email is acceptable, butdon’t badger them; this won’t reflect well onyou. Make sure you remain professional at alltimes. changeboard.com
  7. 7. Interview expectationsThe same survey revealed that 88% of people expect to be contacted within4 days of their interview, and 55% want to know the verdict within 2. changeboard.com
  8. 8. Decisions take timeTimely feedback is important, but it doesn’t always happen. It can befrustrating, but just remember that this isn’t a reflection on the company orhow they feel about you.Tip: Set expectationsMake a point of asking your interviewerwhen you should expect to hear back.Give them the time they indicated, andthen call to check in. While hiring youwill be an important decision, theirbusiness might have other pressingmatters. changeboard.com
  9. 9. Job offer jittersThe survey revealed that 78% of job seekers think the moment fromapplication to job offer should be a month or under. changeboard.com
  10. 10. The reality of the recruitment cycleOnly 26% of cases go through a full recruitment cycle within this timeperiod; 22% of cases took three months.Tip: Flexibility is keyBe flexible with your interviews. Someemployers will want to meet with you threetimes or more before making a final decision.Just remember: if you get your dream job, thewait will be worth it. changeboard.com
  11. 11. For more tips…… on how to plan your career, as well as the latest human resources jobs, visit: www.changeboard.com www.changeboard.co m changeboard.com