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Traffic laws, rules and regulation


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Traffic laws, rules and regulation

  1. 1. Traffic Laws, ruLes and reguLaTion PhiLiPPines
  2. 2. Lamborgini
  3. 3. Chevrolet
  4. 4. Ferrari
  5. 5. Ford
  6. 6. GMC
  7. 7. Top 10 to Improve on Driving Laws in the Philippines : based on the Top 10 Traffic Violations from the Land Transportation Office (January 2008). Wear a seatbelt. Have a valid car registration. Have the Original Receipt and Certificate of registration (OR-CR) with you. Park only in allowed areas. Not obstruct traffic If a student driver, drive with a student licensed driver. Not participate in a colorum taxi operation For for-hire vehicles, drive in proper attire. No slippers and sleeveless shirts. Drive with valid licenses, not delinquent, suspended, ineffectual or revoked
  9. 9. CHAPTER IIREGISTRATION OF MOTORVEHICLESARTICLE I Duty to Register, Reports, Applications, ClassificationsSection 5. All motor vehicles and other vehicles must be registered.For hire motor vehicles - on or before the last working day of February.2. Privately-owned motor vehicles - from March one to the last working day of May.3. All other motor vehicles - from June one to the last working day of June; except when the plates of such motor vehicles are returned to the Commission in Quezon City or to the Office of the Motor Vehicles Registrar in the provincial or city agency of the Commission on or before the last working day of December of the year of issue.
  10. 10. • Section 7. Registration Classification. - Every motor vehicle shall be registered under one of the following described classifications:(1)Private(2)For hire(3)Government(4)Diplomatic(owned by foreign governments)
  11. 11. CHAPTER IV TRAFFIC RULEs ARTICLE I Speed Limit and Keeping to the Right Passengers Motor MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE SPEEDS Cars and trucks and Motorcycle buses1. On open country roads, with no "blinds 80 km. per hour 50 km. percorners" not closely bordered by habitations. hour2. On "through streets" or boulevards, clear of 40 km. per hour 30 km. pertraffic, with no " blind corners," when so hourdesignated.3. On city and municipal streets, with light 30 km. per hour 30 km. pertraffic, when not designated "through hourstreets".4. Through crowded streets, approaching 20 km. per hour 20 km. perintersections at "blind corners," passing hourschool zones, passing other vehicles which arestationery, or for similar dangerouscircumstances.
  12. 12. ARTICLE IV Accessories of Motor Vehicles Section 34.• Tires of motor vehicles - No motor vehicle with metallic tires shall be operated upon any public highway, and solid tires• Brakes - very motor vehicle with four or more wheels shall be provided with dual hydraulic brake system so that in case of hydraulic line failure affecting the braking efficiency of any of the four wheels at least either the front or rear wheels shall retain normal braking capabilities• Horns - Every motor vehicle shall be provided with a horn or signalling devise in
  13. 13. • Headlights - while in use on any public highway shall bear two headlights, one on each side, with white or yellowish light visible from the front, which,• Tailights - bear on each side in the rear a lamp showing a red light visible at least one hundred meters from the rear of the vehicle and a lamp throwing a white light upon the number plate issued for such vehicle.• Stop lights - Every motor vehicle shall be equipped at the rear with at least one lamp which shall throw a sustained bright red light visible under all conditions, even under bright sunlight, when the brakes are applied
  14. 14. • Lights when parked or disabled - Appropriate parking lights or flares visible one hundred meters away shall be displayed at a corner of the vehicle whenever such vehicle is parked on highways or in places that are not well- lighted or is placed in such manner as to endanger passing traffic.• Windshield wiper - Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a mechanically or electrically operated device for wiping off raindrops or other moisture from its front windshield.
  15. 15. • Use of red flags - Whenever the load of any vehicle extends more than one meter beyond the bed or body thereof, there shall be displayed at every projecting end of such load a red flag• Mufflers - Every motor vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine shall be equipped with a muffler, No motor vehicle shall be operated in such a manner as to cause it to emit or make any unnecessary or disagreeable odor, smoke or noise.
  16. 16. • An act imposing a Motor Vehicle Users Charge on owners of all types of Motor Vehicles and other purposes.• Section 7C of which provides penalties for overloaded trucks and trailers and prohibits vehicles that exceed the allowable gross vehicle weight or axle loads from proceeding the roadway. The axle load should not exceed 13,500 kgs or 13.5 metric tons.Republic Act No. 8794
  17. 17. Republic Act No. 8750 - Seat BeltsUse ActAn act requiring the mandatory compliance by motorists of private and public vehicles to use seat belt devices, and requiring vehicle manufacturers to install seat belt devices in all their manufactured vehicles.
  18. 18. A. Violations related to licensing SubjecViolations Penalties tDriving without license P 750.00 DriverDriving with delinquent, invalid. suspended, P 300.00 Driverineffectual, revoked or improper licenseFailure to show or surrender driver’s license forcause upon due demand by person with authority to P 150.00 Driverconfiscate.Failure to carry driver’s license when Operating P 150.00 Drivermotor vehicle.Failure to sign driver’s license P 150.00 DriverDriving while under the influence of Liquor or P 2,000.00prohibited drug Fine plus 1 DriverFor the 2nd offense, year Driver Suspension Driver RevocationSubsequent violation of driver’s license
  19. 19. Allowing an unlicensed/improperly licensed person to Owner/ P 750.00drive MV OperatorPossession and use of fake driver’s license. If thedriver has been issued an authentic license, the sameshall be confiscated and suspended for 6 months inaddition to the fine. P 1500.00 DriverIf the driver has not been issued an authentic license,he shall not be qualified to secure driver’s license fora period of six (6) months in addition to the fineAllowing another person to use his driver’s license – P 500.00 Driverconfiscation and suspension for one (1) monthUse and involvement of MV by the driver in thecommission of a crime-in case of court conviction, P 1500.00 Driverautomatic revocation of driver’s license.Student Driver operating a MV without being Student P 200.00accompanied by a licensed driver. Driver
  20. 20. Use of invalid/ delinquent/ suspended/ P 1000.00revoked/ fake license, identification card to Driveror permit. P 3000.00 P 1000.00Fake CR, OR, plates, tags or Owner/ tostickers/spurious documents Operator P 3000.00 Violations relative to fraudsOwner/Misrepresenting a copy of a document and P 1000.00 Operator/before the Traffic Adjudication Service falsities Driver
  21. 21. Illegal turn P 150.00 DriverDriving against traffic/counterflow P 2000.00 DriverIllegal overtaking P 150.00 DriverOvertaking at an unsafe distance P 150.00 DriverCutting an overtaken vehicle P 150.00 DriverFailure to give way to an overtaking vehicle P 150.00 DriverIncreasing speed when being overtaken P 150.00 DriverOvertaking when left side is not visible or P 150.00 DriverclearOvertaking on a crest or grade P 150.00 DriverOvertaking on a curve P 150.00 DriverOvertaking at a railway grade crossing P 150.00 Driver Traffic Violations
  22. 22. Overtaking at an intersection P 150.00 DriverOvertaking between “Men Working” or “Caution” P 150.00 DriversignsFailure to yield to the right of way P 150.00 DriverFailure to come to a complete stop at a through P 150.00 DriverstreetFailure to come to a complete stop at a stop P 150.00 DriverintersectionFailure to give proper turn/stop signals P 150.00 DriverIllegal right turn P 150.00 DriverIllegal left turn P 150.00 DriverFailure to stop motor vehicle and apply P 150.00 Driverhandbrake when unattendedCausing an obstruction to traffic P 150.00 Driver