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Evaluation q2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2 - How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. • During our media A level course, we had to make a music video, a webpage and a dig-pack. I wanted to have a theme of London throughout all three of these, therefore, I used images from the music video and images that I had taken during filming for my webpage and my final digi- pack idea. This meant that I had a theme going throughout everything I have worked on this year and it meant that they all linked with each other. Also, throughout all three, I used dark images, however, they all had bright lights and they stood
  3. 3. • The genre of the song that we chose to make a music video to is indie hip-hop. We were able to reflect this genre in the music video and we ensured that our ancillary tasks complemented it as we used images from the video. Even though our music video was mainly performance based, it was also slightly narrative based as the song is about a traveller in London and we used that theme throughout the music video, webpage and digi-pack, therefore, it complemented the genre.
  4. 4. • The concept of synergy did not provide any problems when creating our music video and the ancillary tasks as we had the same theme running throughout all three which meant they could all link together without there being any problems.
  5. 5. • I made three designs for my digi-pack so that I had more than one option for my final digi-pack. Having three ideas meant that I could use a range of the images I had taken and then I could put them on to the digi-pack and decide which one I preferred for my final idea. By doing this, it meant that I had more of a choice for my digi- pack and it meant that I could get use out of all my images and then I could see which ones looked the best as a digi-pack. For the two ideas that I made that were not my final idea, I had only used four images, whereas in the final idea, I used five.
  6. 6. This would be the image forThis is my second where the CD goes. I chose this image as it is a view ofdesign for my digi-pack. London Bridge which demonstrates where we filmed and it is an eye- catching image of the view. IFor the first ED SHEERAN decided that the CD wouldpicture, I decided go here as it is an imageto use this image that will still be seen evenof Tayla, as it when the CD is covering itshowed the artist as there is such a big viewhimself and also a of London in this image.view of LondonBridge which The City The A Team This would be the backlooked good as a Drunk cover. I chose this imagefront cover as it is U.N.I as it is another picture ofeye-catching and Grade 8 Wake Me Up Tayla, which meant thatdemonstrated Small Bump both the front and backwhere we filmed This cover involved an imageour music video. I Lego House You Need Me of him. I included a list ofincluded Ed Kiss Me all of his songs from hisSheeran’s name Give Me Love recent album and I did itand put it in white This image would be the inside image. It in white writing so that itso that it stood is an iconic sign of London. During the matched the front cover.out. video, we used many iconic signs of I also added a barcode London and we wanted London to be our as it is the back cover of theme throughout, therefore, I believed the digi-pack. that this image would be appropriate for the inside image.
  7. 7. I used this image for where the CD will go because it isThis is my third design an image of the artist in the video walking towards thefor my digi-pack. bridge. I liked this image for this place on the digi-pack because even when the CD is in, you would still see London Bridge and when the CD is not in, the artist would be seen which is the theme of this digi-pack. I decided to use this image as my front cover as it shows the artist in a shot from the This image is an image video. I decided ED SHEERAN of the artist singing in that for this idea I Piccadilly Circus. I would have the The City decided to use this for artist in every The A Team the back cover as it Drunk picture on the U.N.I shows that the artist is digi-pack. I put Grade 8 doing what he does his name in bold Wake Me Up best, singing. I put an Small Bump in white so that it This image of a barcode on stands out to the Lego House the bottom and I put audience. You Need Me the list of song names Kiss Me on the left. I felt that For the inside image, I decided to use a picture of that this image would be artist looking into the camera. I felt that this would be good to use as the a good image as it would make the audience feel as audience could interact though he was looking at them. This image shows the with it as they know artist looking quite powerful as the people around him him for his singing and look a lot smaller than him making him look dominant. his voice.
  8. 8. I chose this image for the back cover of my digi-pack as it is a really clear picture of the views of London I chose this image of theThis is my Bridge. Throughout the digi-pack I wanted dark underground sign for one of thefinal design colours with the bright lights and this image portrays inside images because I felt that well. I then added the list of songs in white on thefor my digi- right hand side with the barcode underneath as it that it fit well with the theme Ipack. stood out and you could still see the view even was going for of London as it is though the words were there. I then put Ed Sheeran’s an iconic symbol of London name along the top in white so that it stood out as and was used throughout the well as the view still being on show to the audience. music video. Therefore, I used this picture as I felt it was perfect for the theme I wanted for my digi-pack.I chose this image for the inside of For the front cover, I chose thisthe digi-pack where the CD would picture which is a close-up of For the second insidego. I chose this image as I wanted the artist. I chose this as it was image, I chose this image ofthe theme throughout the music the image of the artist that stood Regent Street where therevideo, webpage and digi-pack to be out the most and as it was the were all of the ChristmasLondon and all of the lights in front cover, I wanted the artist to lights and people. I choseLondon. Therefore, this picture of be in the image. I then put the this to go with the theme asthe billboards at Piccadilly was name across the top of the well and the colours fit wellperfect for this theme as it was very image in white as it stood out as there were the lights andcolourful and eye catching. I thought there and it was eye-catching the image was quite darkthat when the CD would be in the for an audience. This image fit which is what all of thecase, a lot of the image will still be well with the theme as there other images were like.seen as it is very busy and colourful. were lights in the background and it was quite a dark image.
  9. 9. This is my finalwebpage design Throughout the website I had a dark background with white writing which is similar to the digi-pack so that it stood out. I also used images from the music video which links to the digi-pack as well as the video as they were the dark images with lights in London which is the theme which I used throughout everything. I also included links to different pages on the website and I added latest news and upcoming tour dates for fans to see. I wrote his name quite plain in white writing so that it stood out and was the first thing that people saw. I also added links to his YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages so that fans could follow him and I also added a link to buy the song ‘The City’ which is the song we used for our video. I added his Twitter account at the bottom of the website and added a few of his fans tweets as fans like to see that they’ve been noticed by an artist. I also did this in white writing to continue the theme throughout the webpage.