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Careers presentation

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  1. 1. What our staff say
  2. 2. Career Development
  3. 3. Graduate Recruitment
  4. 4. Agriculture, food & farming •Supply Chain Specialists •Policy & Economics Specialists •Livestock Specialists •Farm Mechanisation / Infrastructure Consultants Crop & Soil Scientists •Crop Physiologists •Experts in Weed, Pest & Disease Management •Soil Scientists Modellers •Chemical Exposure Modellers •Modellers with understanding of biological processes Environment & Ecology •Environmental Fate Specialists •Aquatic Eco- toxicologists •Arboriculture Surveyors •Senior / Principal Ecologists Planning & Land Use Consultants •Senior Planning Consultants •Landscape Architects Vacancies Aside from the vacancies on our website, we are always recruiting in the following areas:
  5. 5. Benefits